True love never dies Episode 1

Friends here is the first episode of
True Love Never Ends!!!
I hope you will like it!!

Episode 1

Early morning..
Episode starts with a big bungalow of Maheshwari mansion.. An old lady entering to Maheshwari mansion!! and she saw a women (Parineetha) doing an Aarti in front of God..
She joins the prayer..

After the prayer!!
Pari is shocked to see her..
Pari: (happy) Ma!! When did you come??? Adharsh?? See who came??

Pari takes blessings from the old lady..
(She is non other than Annapurna)
Annapurna smiles and blesses her…
Pari: Maa come.. Have breakfast!!

Breakfast table..
Adharsh saw his ma!! After 18 years.. He became emotional and hugs her!!

Adharsh: Ma!! How r u?? He takes blessings from Annapurna..)

Annapurna: (shivering voice) I’m good beta.. I’m very hungry!! Challo lets all have breakfast together..

They all smile….Pari serves breakfast for both Adharsh and Annapurna.. They all talk for sometime..

Annapurna: pari beta!! Where is my grand son?
Pari: Maa!! He is in his room…
Adharsh: Varun!! Varun!!… (He calls him with so much of happiness)

Varun: dad!! I’m coming!!

Adharsh: Maa!! I’m very happy, after many years you are going to see your grandson.. And I’m sure you will be happy seeing him..
Annapurna smiles..

Varun room:
He gets ready, he wears his casual blue jeans with White Tshirt…
He gets call from his friend Rahul..

Varun: Rahul I’m coming!! Just give me 10 mins!!
Rahul: Varun!! Come quickly!! Those arts students had trapped some of our science batch…We need to help them!!
Varun: what??? Wait I’m coming!!

He cuts the call… Nd takes out his bike keys and rushes out…
He comes down…

Annapurna gets shocked looking at Varun… Her eyes are filled with tears…

Adharsh goes near Varun… Nd keeps his hand on his shoulder…

Adharsh: Maa!! Here is your grandson.. VARUN SANSKAR MAHESWARI!! And Varun she is your dadi!! My mom!!
(His eyes are filled with tears)

Sanskar is shocked to know that his Nani is still alive!!

Annapurna gets emotional.. She goes near him and touches his face with lots of love..

Annapurna: My beta!! Adharsh!! Is this really true??? He looks same like our Sanskar!! my son Sanskar!! (She caresses Varun)
Oh god!! I can’t believe this… My son came back!! (She cries soo much) my son!! (She kisses him)

Pari: (crying) haa ma!! Sanskar always used to say me!! Bhabi.. If Suppose I die.. Il come back again as ur son!!… Nd today it happened really!! He is our Sanskar Maa!!

Varun is still confused with their talk.. Nd he feels soo bore of their sentiments..

Annapurna takes out a chain with a half S pendulum…and puts on him…

Annapurna: (shivering) I will call you Sanskar!!……And this is very precious chain beta!!…This is an incomplete chain.. Another part of this symbol is missing.. But my Sanskar loves this chain so much!! Please don’t take this out!!

Varun: (he simply nodes yes)

Varun: dad I need to go.. Shall I?
Adharsh: haa Varun!! Take care!!

Before going he takes blessing from Annapurna….. hugs pari and kisses her!!
Varun: MA!! Bye…
Pari: bye Varun.. Come home quickly!!

Scene 2
In some colony…
A girl is shown… She is very tensed.. As it was her first day in her college!!
She’s in bus… She is non other than Ragini…

Another girl sits with her…her name is ravali…

Ravali: hello!! Are you fresher??
Ragini: yes!!
Ravali:which branch??
Ragini: arts !
Ravali: woww dats great!! Even I’m arts!! And because ur arts I’m not ragging you okay!! ?
Ragini: (relieved) Thankyou!! But I don’t understand this… What’s difference between science and arts!!!

Ravali: see… We all love our college.. But
We all strictly follow one rule that is… We have 2 different groups.. That is science and arts!!
Science students captain is Varun aka Sanky!! He is very daring, very attitude.. He will tease everyone.. You should be very careful with him.. He loves his science batch…He will do anything for their happiness!!

And our arts students captain is Laksh
He is bit calm compare to Sanky!! very kind hearted!! But he hates Sanky so much!!

They both are enemies…
So the group was divided to science vs arts!!
science batch choose music as theur interest!!

And arts students choose dance as our interest!!

Every month will have a competition.. It may be in music, studies and all.. We need to win it!! Dats it!!It will be fun

Nd if science student doesn’t have interest in music.. He or she may leave the music but they shouldn’t dare to enter the dance floor…
Same with arts!!

That’s the strict rule by our captains!!

Nd don’t worry… You can enjoy so much! But don’t dare to talk with science students okay??

Ragini: okay!! ?

Scene.. 3

Arts students are ragging science students..
Sanky…Watches them and fumes with anger…

He signals the Freshers to run and follow me!!
Nd he signals same to his friends… His friends gets the plan nd they smile…

Arts were ragging science students..Sanky winks at the Freshers…. As soon as they see him.. They run along with him..
Arts were confused they run back of them thinking they are escaping!!

They all run back of him… Nd Sanky enters his den!!!
Arts batch are shocked to see Sanskar in the den!! And they try to run.. But they were rounded up by group of science students…

Arts students were trapped!! Nd they were locked up in the den!! As a punishment!!

All his friends hug Sanky and Freshers thanks him.. He signals Freshers to leave And they left…

Rahul: Sanky!! Ur really an hero man!! You saved them!!
Ajay: Sanky!! By d way we have a concert!! Let’s practise!!
(And suddenly he notices the locket)
Ajay: Sanky!! Where did you get this locket??
Sanky: oofff!!! my grandma gave it me!!
Ajay: but the locket is incomplete?
Sanky: I don’t know about this and please leave it!!

As their walking arts and science students comes face to face!!

Sanky looks angrily at Laksh!! Nd Laksh looks angrily at Sanskar as he get to know that his friends were trapped!!

Laksh: guys tell them not to think that they won!! Even we will get the chance!!

Sanskar: (teasingly) guys even you tell him… After getting the chance… Tell him to speak these words!!

Laksh gets angry… Nd he holds Sanky shoulder!!

Sanky gets angry and holds his collar…

They both have an angry eye lock!!

But their friends stops them and takes them from that place!!

Scene 3

Annapurna goes to her room… And cleans an old pic..
Pic consist of Sanskar and Swara!!
She gets emotional looking at Swara!!
(She touches her pic and speaks with her)

AP: to get back his love Sanskar came back to this world!! And where r u Swara??
I know you love Sanskar more than anyone !! I know you can’t leave him alone.. Nd I even know Swara that even you came back to this world to get back your love!! But when will you come infront me!! I want to see you Swara!!
(She cries holding the pic… Nd remembers Some of their moments)

Flash back:
AP and Sanskar in the room.. Suddenly power cuts!!

They hear someone shouting!!

AP: (smiles) Swara, beta come up!!
Sanskar: (smiles) oh god!! Ma she is very scared!! Wait il go and get her!!

Sanskar goes down At that time Swara comes running and hugs Sanskar!!
Sanskar: (laughing) Swara!! someone told that!! They r not scared of darkness!!
Swara: (full sweating) ha Sanskar I’m not scared of darkness but I’m scared of bhoots!!

(She hugs him more tightly)

Sanskar laughs and hugs her back!!

They both go to the room… They all talk and spend sometime!!

Sanskar looks At Swara and AP laughing… He stares at them lovingly!!
He keeps his hand on both of their shoulder..

Sanskar: Maa I want you both to be like this forever!! You both are my life Ma!! I love you both soo much!!
He hugs both Swara and AP…
Swara and AP both are happy… Swara and AP looks at each other…smiles…Nd kisses his cheeks tightly…saying we love you too Sanskar!!! Sanskar smiles and trio share a beautiful hug!!

Flashback ends!!

AP cries recollecting their beatiful moments!!
She smiles I know Swara…
True Love Never Dies… God is there!! He will never seperate true love!!
But Where are you Swara!! Ma wants to see you!! Comeback soon beta!!

Scene 4

Somewhere in outskirts of Mumbai!!

A girl is dancing in her house… And all are appreciating her dance!!
(It’s our beautiful Swara (Shona))

Shekar: Shona!!! Get ready!! You need to go, ur train is at 6:00… Nd Shona!! Be careful.. Tomorrow you should join in ur college!

Shona stops dancing!!
Shona: papa!! Il miss you soo much!! (She hugs him)
Shekar: miss you too Shona!!
Shomi: Shona!! Here is ur dinner packet!! I’ve kept everything ready!! Eat properly…
Nd she takes out her gold box… And she takes out a chain..
(Shona looks some thing which is shinning)
Shona: Ma what’s this?? (And she takes out its a locket containing S.. (A complete locket for the chain Sanky is wearing)

Shona: Maa wow this is beautiful?? Can I take this?
Shomi: Shona!! This is not ours!
Shona: then?
Shomi: 18yrs back.. One girl fell from top of the cliff!! At that time I was 9th month.. And I’m going to hospital for checkUp…we are shocked to see that girl dead… We tried to take her to hospital but she was dead… She has this locket in her hand… We kept it with us so that we may get any clue of that girl!! But till now we dint get to know anything about her!!

Shona: soo sad mom!! May be this locket is very special!! Can I take this with me?? Plz..

Shomi: okay Shona!! Take this…
(She looks at the locket and keeps it safely in her bag)

Shona leaves to Kolkatta…

Scene: 5

Sanky angry…and scolding his friends

Sanky : guys why did you leave me?? Today I would have give that Laksh a tight slap!!

Ajay: chill sanky!! We already trapped arts students!! Now leave it..

At that time Sanky friend Rahul is talking with his girlfriend since 3 hours…

He goes near him and takes the mobile and switched it off!!

Rahul: Sanky what are you doing???
Sanky: how can you talk that much time yar!! Your crazy yar!!
Rahul: this is love Sanskar!!
Sanky: bulshit!! See I don’t trust this love and all..
Rahul: all will be saying like this.. But everyone changes when they get a girl..
Sanky: no way!!

(They all have some fun teasing each other)

Episode ends

Shona gets down the train… Sanky goes to railway station to pick his friend…
While they were passing Shona dupata flows an Sanky face…
Nd Sanky heart start beating!!!!

So u think their hearts are connected??
How will the love bloom between them…

All are asking me to write all the 3 concepts.. So now I got a new plan to mix all three stories in one story!!!

It’s a different story… Please do comments!!


Credit to: Neha


    • Neha

      It’s a story if rebirth!!

      Swara and Sanskar is the past story.. You will get to know abt them later!!

      Varun (look a like of Sanskar) is the son of Adharsh… Adharsh is the elder brother of Sanskar

      Shona (look a like of Swara) is born somewhere to Shomi and Shekar…

      Now will they both meet? Will they past realises they love??
      This is the story

      I know it’s too filmy.. But thought to write differently?

  1. trishika

    So neha what have you decided will you continue with your hug changed me or just finish it ? You write amazingi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t finish your hug changed me so soon please

  2. Dolly

    I love ur ff like hell is really awesome neha ..I am wordless to describe your ff ..loved ur way of expressing ..loved it a lot ..I am very curious to read the next ff..that fb was really emotional and nice .love u a lot neha ..such an awesome and amazing writer lately ..keep it up and post another fast waiting..for next part ..update fast…thumbs up??

    • twinkle

      It’s reincarnation story
      Swara and Sanskar again born as Shona and Varun!!

      Varun is the son of Adharsh…
      What happend to Swara and Sanksar in the story.. wI’ll get to know in coming episodes

      Did u got it?

  3. Lata

    It was very good yaar…. I was a little bit entangled in the story itself being little emotional. I hope that u’ll upload the next part very soon πŸ™‚

  4. Neha ir just awesome i loved ur story so so much In it there was a funny moments as well as some sad moments and ya how beautifully u create the flashback which is very gud and u explained anpurana feelings i can feel or u can i can imganinig ur story
    its beautifull . i don’t know wat i m speaking but its all true keep it up

  5. vaishnavi

    Wow yaar awesome u mixed all stories …its really good idea really superbbb ….dat arts n science grps nd fer fighting frm dye movie nd swara nd sanskaar cming back again is frm magadheera movie r8 ….so I guess ur mother tongue is telugu…….but ur mixing of stories is superbbbbbb…..

  6. Likhitha

    Hahahahahahaha….. I’m sorry Neha..But I couldn’t stop myself from laughing after reading the first epi…It is just awesome…I love it..Actually I love the combinations that u have done..See that arts vs science concept from movie sye I guess…Laksh and Varun playing Nithin and Sushaanth roles(roles in movie) and ragini in place of genelia…nice….and rest all the scenes also I find them somehow related to many movies….Old Annapurna telling true love never fails and believing that they would meet one day…and half locket… and shomi pregnant during accident and varun sanskar just looks like sanskar(Om shanthi om) …And varun doesn’t believe in love initially but he gets some signs when he meets shona( related to Magadheera or Manam)….whatever…Whatever u want, u imagine but make a good story line πŸ™‚ I’m waiting for next episodes…But reveal the flashback soon…What happened to sanskar and swara? Why did they die? And why shekhar and shomi are in mumbai?…Whoa..I’ll stop here…Otherwise there would be no end to questions…please update soon πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Neha

      Haha Yaa ur right I just took sye movie as the concept but I changed the concept!!
      Nd thanks for liking it!!
      It really means a lot to me!!

      You can read my FF’s in Facebook too

  7. Adithi

    Oh wow.. Really wonderful imagination.. I love it.. But make clear that who is Laksh and where is sanskar’s brother Laksh and all that..

  8. Nice honesty speking im fed up of reading swasan ff but at the samevtime i like ur story
    pehli hi bar mein dewanna kr diya.
    gud carry on and upload next part as soon as possible

  9. sonu

    neha i want to ask u that ,u r posting true love never dies here so now will u stop posting it on fb or will continoue

  10. pallavi

    hello neha di, ur ff is really awsmm, hv read ur ff on fb. Endless love , your hug hv changed me n dis one all r really awsmm, or i mst say all 3 r bst of all oder ff i hv read. just luv ur imagination, πŸ™‚

  11. Meghs

    Ur stry is really gud.. Mash up of movie that arts vs science … Oh shanti om punarjan stry .
    Really loved it ..

  12. Anna

    Can I ask you this story giving imp to swasan …if no den wat abt ragini and lakshs past and their family??? Eager to know that…plz say

    • Neha

      It’s a Swasan FF..
      Nd ya il concentrate on raglak too…

      But Laksh and Ragini are not related to past..

      They are related to present

  13. priyanshi

    OMG!!! it was rocking …. its really so difficult to execute a reincarnation story … i loved it

  14. poo

    hey i had the same concept of rebirth in my mind n i was abt to upload it too ,but u already uploaded it , sad :C but its k , ur story is good πŸ˜€

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