True love never dies ( Different ff) Episode 7 (the end)

Hellloooo ppll…????…i m sooo sorry to make you all friends cry for the episode 6. This episode is the end. Ppl plzz donot forget to comment even if you all hate me for writing such a sad story. I hope that after getting 30-40 comments Il feel happy and write another ff. Or maybe continue my previous ones. Thanx a bunch for leaving your comments and again sorry for making you all people sad but ya this time i m serious if i don’t get your comments then i wont be able to write another ff and your Kavya will be lost. So plzzzzzzzzz comment?

Scene 1
The episode starts with showing After 5 years. A girl is standing near the window looking outside when someone comes and keeps a hand on that girl’s shoulder. She suddenly says Swara.
Swara turns around to see Ragini giving her a wide smile. Swara too gives her a smile and continues looking outside.
Ragini: what are u looking at swara.
Swara: them.
She points out to two sparrows and tells ragini to see the cute couple. Ragini peeps through the window and see the birds chirping nd having a sweet fight in there language. Ragini gets teary eyed and moves back to look at Swara.
Swara: aren’t they cute?
Someone else from the other side replies
‘yes they are.’
Swara turns to her other side to see Shirsha standing with a wide smile plastered on her face. Swara turns back too see the sparrows and den dey keep silent for sometime. After a long silence ragini says
Ragini: swara i wanted to say you something.
Shirsha corrects ragini and says
Shirsha: actually we wanted to say you something.
Swara turns around to face them,while ragini continues
Ragini: swara we want you to move on in your life.
Swara gives them a confused look.
Swara:(confused) well i think i have already moved on. Look at me, can you see me crying or something?
Shirsha: no no, not like that. By moving on we mean we…
Ragini: we mean that you should find a life partner for you.
Swara gets surprised.

Swara: who said i m alone. Sanskar is always there with me, in my heart.
Ragini: swara dats something else. We mean you should get married now.
Shirsha: yes if you don’t marry now then no body will marry you as you’ll grow old. Now you are 26,its perfect time for a girl to get married.
Swara: STOP. No body will speak anything.(she looks at ragini) This is the 7th time you both have been irritating me with this same topic.(she looks at Shirsha now) and you. If you are soo interested in these marriage’s and weddings then why don’t you go and marry your boyfriend.
Shirsha:(blushes) yes we will get married very soon.
Swara opens her mouth to speak something when they are interrupted by chotu.
Chotu:(panting for breath) swara didi, swara didi.
Swara: calm down chotu.
Chotu: swara didi, the doctors are asking for you. Everyone has arrived for the inauguration.
Swara: inform them that i m coming in 5minutes.
Chotu: ok didi.
And so he leaves. Swara looks at Ragini and Shirsha nd warns them not to break this topic again.

Scene 2
There’s a big great private hospital shown with the name ‘SS HOSPITAL’. The front yard is crowded with doctors,ministers and reporters from many channels. When suddenly chotu comes and orders every one not to block the way and everyone makes space. Then a black Hyundai Amaze comes and stops while the door opens and a lady comes out of the car. She’s wearing a royal blue anarkali. All the people standing there congratulates her and wishes her. She comes in front of the hospital’s entrance and searches for a scissor to cut the ribbon. Chotu comes there running.
Chotu: swara didi,here,the scissors.
Swara smiles at him and cuts the ribbon while others clap. She turns around to look at the crowd and smiles. While many of the reporter’s rush to her.
Reporter: mam being the best defense attorney you suddenly opened a big cancer curing hospital. Can we know the reason?
Swara: it was a dream of some one special of mine.
Reporter: mam why is the name of the hospital SS, why is it not SG as per your names initial.
Swara: well that’s something you all wont understand. (she gives a sweet smile to the reporter) and no more comments.

As soon as she says this chotu starts making space for her so that they can leave. They sit in the car as fast as they could and leave from there. After sitting in the car swara asks chotu to give her each and every information about all the doctors and den looks back at the hospital. She smiles but gets teary eyed too. Chotu sees this and keeps his hand on hers. At this swara wiped her tears and give him a sweet smile.
Swara: achaa chotu, uncle aunty must have been upset with you right? As you left them and came here to work for me.
Chotu: re no no didi, dey got very happy when i informed them that Il work for U.
At this swara smiled and hugged him while he too hugged her back.
Swara: thank you chotu, for staying by my side.(and saying this she kisses on his cheeks)
Chotu:(blushes’) its ok didi.

Swara looks outside and orders the driver to drive them to the orphanage near Howrah. As soon as they went inside all the orphans come running towards Swara and hug her. She handed them there gifts while many of them started playing with chotu. Swara told them many stories and stayed there till 4:30pm. After that she instructed chotu to stay with them and wait for her while she went near the Bhagirathi nadi. It was the sunset time and the river looked beutiful, while swara walked beside it. She turned back and found another set of footprints on the mud just beside hers. She smiled at this and said
And so she turned around and started walking again as the water came and kissed her feet’s several time and went back again.

And dats where we find that , it doesn’t matter if you are very far from your loved ones, ur souls will always be inseparable IF it is true love nd soo TRUE LOVE, NEVER DIES.


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  1. I litterally have a big, big clump in my throat right now!!! I think tsunami is going to come because of my tears….. It was a really really nice ff, but why did you kill Sanskaar…?? :’-( :’-(

  2. Its good but swasan r separated from one point of view and together by heart swara is alone living for both seriously love is not only to be with each other its something which has no boundaries and limitations sanskar will always live in her heart

    1. it was emotional n awesum

      neha plss u r the writer of true love never die plzzz upload it’s episodes I miss it so badly

  3. Yarr I like this ff very much awsm

  4. Hey kavya…t ws nice…bt yr y did u kill sanskar……t ws really shell shoockng fr ur readerzz..anyway t ws jst an ff…nd u sucessfully conveyed ur msg dat TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES…:)

  5. It’s was solo sad…. Made me cry… But anyways it was Ausome… Waiting for another amazing Swasan ff.. But plzzz don’t make that one sad

  6. ur story is wonderful

  7. Awesome yaar!!! This time I was not able to control my tears…….I just loved this ff…though it had a sad end but still it showed all those emotions which just cannot be expressed by words…..fabulous yaar and a unique one….I want u to come back with another ff…..waiting for another unique story written by u…..plz keep writing……

  8. I loved it.u again made me cry .amazing ff.i wish it never ended.

  9. There r somany ffs but only few r there , which r able to touch heart and dear your ff is one of the them.i am satisfied with the ending.i personally dont like scenes larger than life , like love could cure blood cancer.Thanks to u that u didnot showed such scenes. waiting for you next ff.hope u will come soon with another great flick.

  10. I cant stop crying! “I KNEW, YOU’ILL NEVER STOP FOLLOWING ME, SANSKAR” that dialogue killed me. Hafs off

  11. I just love it kya pls continue writing your old ff swasan a true love never dies

    1. Actually kaviiii i m not the writer of “true love never dies swasan” ff…neha is the writer of that one?

    2. You can go in my first episodes link and find her ff’s link….well maybe. I m not sure

  12. Rina Sivaguru

    Thank u kavya for awesome ff…. There is stories which didnt have a happy ending… It’s just the matter of sad or happiness…. Its all depend on the person how they want lead the life….. Even some people are not mean to be together but they are living in the memories which they had together like swara….. She is living the both life…. Sanskar and swara’s life….. Tq ….. For the wonderful ff….

  13. Emotional nd mind blowing

  14. awesome yar.. loved ur fan fiction ..

  15. Incredible ff bt without sankyyyyyy its ok. Wt a dialogue I knew sanky u vil NVR stop following me. Hats off to u

  16. Its awsome…. Nice concept … U made sanskar die still swara heart sanskar there…. So true love never dies name justified …

    1. Kavya ur ff is awesome yaar.I am a silent reader of ur ff .I love ur ff from first day. It’s very emotional and heart touching yaar. Swasan are made for each other . I am sure they meet in another life.becoz true love never dies.plzzzzzz star another ff of swasan.

  17. I haven’t read previous episodes but seeing the word end I read this and it was so touching,u have conveyed Swara’s POV superbly,and the last part,too good.

  18. Very lovely and touchable end hats off to you…

  19. OMG…I am still crying..I didn’t comment on Last epi but I read it just now..and both the last are heart taking episodes specially the last para where she says u will never stop following me and yaa they didn’t get United but their soul will be always together and yaa plz come back with ur another lovely ff..
    But what is the name of ur previous one??

    1. This is (sort of) my first ff….???thank you soo much shabrin for loving my ff

  20. Actually I’m not able to express my feelings in English…so I am writing it in Hindi….bahut amazing tha….kuchh ff aise hote hai jo itte lambe hote hai pr dil ke close nhi hote and kuchh ff aise hote hai jo chhote hote hai pr dil ke karib hai….ab tk sirf silent reader thi but today I am not able to stop myself…and ha please isse age continue mt krna kyuki aage likhne se iski purity khatam ho jaaegi kuchh chijo ko drag nhi krna chahiye ….start a new ff if u want to start.

    1. Don’t worry Neha i wont drag this ff any more. This is the official and unofficial end of this ff

  21. The ff was wonderful .. I will miss you dear .. Pls come with an another ff

  22. It is very good and most heart touching define what is true love . come back with a new story

  23. It was beautiful and heart touching ff. Thank u so much . Pls make more ffs

  24. Oh very emotional epi .

  25. for the frst time I am having tears while reading ff… really kavya u made me to weep… and u dont knw, tears still flowing frm my eyes through my cheeks while cmnting… I dont knw whats I am cmnting…. its really hrt touching… love it.. and yeah true love nvr dies and last para, I knw sanskaar u nvr stop following me is bst part ever.. I imagined that and yeah hav tears again..

  26. nice and emotional

  27. Kavya i must say…its tragic ending indeed…but as there is TRUE LOVE…i wl say its THEE BEST N HAPPIEST ENDING TO DEDICATE TO TRUE LOVE…i must say…YESS…TRUE LOVE NEVER EVER DIES…

  28. I’m a silent reader of ur ff………but today I couldn’t control myself on commenting your ff…….it is the first ff of swasan in which I cried from the core of my heart……..u r amazing writer and ur story is awesome……’s a humble request plz come back again with another ff of swasan and in that ff plzz don’t seperate swasan

    1. Thank you Nisha and ananya…well Il try my best to write another swasan ff but first i would like to finish my raglak one….so lets see?

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