True love never dies ( Different ff) Episode 6

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Scene 1
At Ragini and Swara’s house.
Swara gets up as Ragini calls her for breakfast. She sees her reflection in the mirror and gets a little horrified. She sees a girl sitting on her bed,with red and swollen eyes while her hair looks as if somebody had been wrestling with it. As swara gets up to freshen up she starts felling dizzy nd den a severe headache comes with it. Somehow she gets ready and goes for breakfast while Ragini gets a little tensed looking at her.
Ragini: did you sleep well?
Swara: don’t know.
Ragini: swara don’t waste time for him.He doesn’t deserve your concern.
Swara did not reply anything and continued eating. After they finished there breakfast Ragini tried to talk to swara but it seemed as if she was lost in some other world,but while leaving ragini felt that swara’s mood had changed.
Ragini: swara,is everything ok?
Swara: yes ragini. I m fine.
Ragini: shall i give you a lift?

Swara: that won’t be necessary.
Ragini felt tensed,
Ragini: what are you planing to do with him?
Swara:(determined) nothing much if he gives me a meaningful reason.
Ragini: nd if he doesn’t do that then?
Swara: lets see what Il do with him then.
Swara looked at Ragini and gave her a faint smile and then they left.
At college.
Swara entered her class and started searching for sanskar. When she couldn’t find him she straight away went to Shirsha.
Swara: Shirsha do you know where’s sanskar?
Shirsha:(surprised) noo, but why are U asking?
Swara: dats not important. Do you know someone who might know about him.
Shirsha:(points at Neha) she might know.
Swara: thanx
She den comes to Neha who was sitting with her soo called cool group,and asked her about Sanskar.
Neha: why the hell are U asking about him?
Swara:(irritated) gawwd, just tell me where is he?
Neha: why should i tell you?
Swara got very irritated when suddenly a girl from that same group named Ayesha,who was famous for her foolishness said,
Ayesha: re swara,why are you wasting your time by asking her. Sanskar never liked Neha…den how the hell will she even know where he is.
Neha glared at Ayesha while without wasting a second swara went from there and tried to search sanskar. But it was no use. He did not come to college that day. Swara had thought that maybe he’ll come to meet her at the cafe. But no,he never came. That day was the 2nd day when she again felt lonely on that road while returning to her sweet home. Swara entered the house and found Ragini wearing her spec’s and reading newspaper.

Swara: ragini you shouldn’t read newspaper at this time. It might affect on your eyes.
Ragini: hmmm…wait Il give the dinner.
Swara didn’t reply and went to freshen up. After that as soon as she sat on the chair of her dinning table ragini’s train of questions started.
Ragini: did you meet him?
Swara: no.
Ragini: why not?
Swara: he never came to college.
Ragini: why he didn’t come?
Swara: how would i know that.
Ragini: did you call him?
Swara: yes…his phone is switched off.
Ragini: isn’t that strange?
Swara: gawd knows, now a days many strange things had been taking place with me.
Ragini: swara are you in love with him?
At dis swara stopped eating. This was quite a tough question which has been there in her mind since morning. She looked at Ragini who was eagerly waiting for her answer.
Swara: i don’t know.

Ragini: but swara you have to know. Its complicated. And if you think that you do love him then we will find him even if he hides in hell.
This was the first time when they had this sort of a weird conversation. Swara didn’t know what should be her next move.
Swara: i don’t feel like eating ragini. I think i need a little bit of rest. Good Night.
Ragini thought of stopping swara but then allowed her to go.
Ragini: (in mind) she needs some time alone. I hope that she gets ok by tomorrow.

Scene 2
Swara is on her way to her job center (which is a coffee shop). It has been 4 days since all those incidents had taken place in her life. They had tried hard to reach him, to contact him but it was of no use,so they left hope. She was again back to normal with her emotions,but still she knew that in one corner of her heart he was still present. That Stalker. Her Stalker.
She was busy thinking about all these things when suddenly a short boy came and stood before her, blocking her way. The timing was quite bad because if swara had not stopped herself from taking the next step then they might have bashed.
Swara:(irritated) heyyyy, what is dis? Why are you blocking my way?
That boy: O sorry sorry.
He gives her a foolish smile and steps back. Before swara could speak further he starts introducing himself
The boy: hello! My name is chota chetan. But everyone calls me chotu. I am Mr.SANSKAR MAHESHWARI’S special assistant.

His name as if starts echoing in her ears again nd again. She doesn’t get a clue about what to reply. All the emotions rush through her heart at the same time. Anger, happiness. At last she speaks.
Swara: who’s assistant?
Chotu: sanskar maheshwari,your frnd.
He gave her another foolish smile.
Swara: where the hell is he?
Chotu could see the concerned look on swara’s face and was shocked
Chotu: well he he…
he took out something from his pocket and gave it to swara. It was her hanky with her initials S.G. She looked at chotu appalled
Swara:(almost on the verge of crying)why are you not telling me where is he? How is he? Why did he leave me? (she holds chotu and shakes him) why? Why?
Chotu gets tensed at her condition and feels bad.
Chotu: well sanskar dada told not to inform you where he is but it seems that i should do it.
He looks at swara and gives her a confused look.
Chotu: do u seriously love him soooooo much.
Swara: YESS, I DO.
Chotu smiles innocently and tells her to come with him. They sit in a XUV car and leave for City Hospital.
Swara:(confused) City hospital??

Chotu:sssshhhh don’t ask anything now.
Swara feels restless she starts sweating as a bad thought comes in her mind. ‘what happened to Sanskar that chotu is taking me to hospital?’ ‘is he alright?’ ‘gawd plzz don’t do anything bad to him…please Durga maa.’ She prays when suddenly the car stops and chotu asks her to follow him. As she follows him they go inside the hospital and comes before room number 301. Swara could feel that some bad news is already waiting for her,and so she had already started crying. Suddenly they saw the doctor coming out. Swara couldn’t stop herself and asked,
Swara:doctor what happened to Sanskar?
The doctor gave her a confused look and then looked at chotu questioningly. Suddenly chotu said
Chotu: she’s sanskar dada’s best friend.

Doctor: being a best friend you don’t know what happened to him.
Swara doesn’t answer and blankly stares at the doctor while still crying when the doctor says
Swara gets the biggest shock of her life. The doctor leaves from there when Swara breaks down and falls on her knees and continues crying and dats when she could relate everything. Those last wishes, precious memories, moving on in lives, the hospital, his dreams. Suddenly anger swipe’s through her mind and she gets up she pushes the door of his room and goes inside. She sees Sanskar lying down covered with a white bed sheet. She looks at his face while he gets shocked.
Sanskar:(still shocked) swara,what the hell are you doing here?
Swara:(still crying) you idiot, bastard,what happened to your promise? You had promised not to leave me then what is this? You had said that you love me,then why are you leaving me like this?
She stops and holds his hand. Sanskar starts crying too but doesn’t say anything.
Swara: if you wanted to leave me soo faast then why did you make me fall in love with you.
At this both of them break down. She comes closer to him and hugs him. He hugs her back. After sometimes they were interrupted by the nurse.
Nurse: ma’am plzz leave,its times for his chemo.

Swara looked at sanskar. She was still crying.
Sanskar: please just a moment nurse.
Sanskar signaled swara to come closer to him. As she did it he gave her a light kiss on her lips and said
Sanskar: please forgive me swara. I never wanted you to fall in love with me and that’s why i never spoke to you till the last 2 years. But as i got to know that this is my last month i thought of at least being frndzz with you.
He stopped to look at swara and wiped her tears.
Sanskar: swara plzz forgive me and it doesn’t matter if i die coz Il always be there with you, in your heart. Never change swara,always be the same and i am sure you’ll be the best lawyer of Calcutta.

He kissed her on her forehead.
Sanskar: never cry swara because il keep watching you from there.
He pointed his finger to the sky.
Swara: please sanskar don’t leave me like this.
Sanskar: who said i m leaving you. I told you, Il always be there by your side, in your heart.(plastering a fake smile) now please give me your million dollar smile.
Swara didn’t reply.
Sanskar: please swara, please fulfil my last wish of this day.
Swara cried but still tried to give a smile. She hugged him tightly and kept her head on his chest. Unfortunately the nurse came.

Nurse: sir its getting late.
She instructed some of the servants to shift him to the other room. Swara held his hand tightly when they were separated by the nurse. As swara came out she found Ragini standing there. Swara called her name and broke down while ragini tried her best to console Swara…
At last they went back to home but both of them did not have there food and they both couldn’t sleep. Swara’s reason was quite clear but Ragini’s reason was not the same. She was worried about swara as she had red in the newspaper the other day that a girl committed suicide as her boyfriend died out of some accident. She knew that Swara was strong but even then this time she was not sure what might swara do next.

To be continued…
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