True love never dies ( Different ff) Episode 5

Seriously thanx a lot for commenting friends nd all those really surprised me as i found u all to be soooooo much in love with swasan. Il try my best to write and end the ff faast. Plzzz frnds don’t worry chillax. Lets see what happens in the climax ?. But on the other hand i was really very very happy that soo many frnds did appreciate dis ff. Thanx a lotzzz for your comments. And plzz plzzz comment because if you all comment then only Il update the next episode fast.?

Scene 1
The next morning swara gets up all fresh fresh nd with a wide smile plastered on her face. She looks at the Sun and starts joking,just like she used to do in her childhood.
Swara: Hi! Suraj Mamu. What’s up? Today you got satisfied with your wife that’s why you’re shining so brightly na? Ha ha ha ha… Swara Gadodia knows everything.
She goes and freshen ups nd goes to the dinning hall for breakfast. Ragini gets shocked to find Swara getting up soo fast,she gets to understand everything when she sees Swara smiling.
Swara: good morning my lovely rags.
Ragini:(confused) Good morning swara. (Whispering to herself) This girl is gone now.
Ragini:nothing,nothing. Can you help me with preparing breakfast?
Swara:(casually) re why not. Is dis something to ask. U should have ordered me.
Ragini gives her a sweet smile and dey both prepare there breakfast. While having breakfast ragini suddenly says

Ragini: i m happy that my old swara is back again.
Swara: i never left you.
Ragini: but you had lost your million dollar smile.
At dis swara gets emotional and hugs Ragini.after that they leave.
At college as soon as Swara steps inside the college premises suddenly she finds Shirsha running towards her with a frightened look on her face. Shirsha comes to swara nd starts panting for breath, after sometimes she asks her to come with her as fast as she can.
Swara: but where and why?
Shirsha:swara just come with me. There’s no time to waste.
Swara gets worried. She follows Shirsha and reaches there class and sees the class room door closed.
Shirsha: open the door swara.
Swara: why r U not opening it.

Shirsha: don’t waste time swara.
With this she pushes swara inside when suddenly the whole class shouts
Swara gets shocked to see this sight. The whole classroom was decorated with balloons and colourful stuffs. Her pictures were also present mostly with Shirsha. Swara found some of her favorite teachers standing and smiling at her while there was a big cake kept on swara’s table. Swara turned to Shirsha and asked her to pinch as she couldn’t believe that this was really happening. Shirsha laughed at this and pushed her further inside the classroom when suddenly a balloon burst nd all the glitters fell on Swara. Swara was speechless. She couldn’t understand that why were they suddenly celebrating her birthday. For the last two years only some of her frnds nd her favorite teachers used to wish or gift her then suddenly this. She looked at the teachers doubtfully when one of the teacher told her to come and cut the cake as everyone was eagerly waiting to eat it. So she plastered a smile on her face nd cut the cake. Everyone was happy,while many of them clicked pictures with her nd others danced in some music,but swara was confused so at last she asked

Swara: Shirsha,who informed you all about my birthday.
Shirsha:(giving a wide smile) u wont believe this swara,but you know the smartest,hottest guy of the college SANSKAR MAHESHWARI came nd informed everyone.
Swara was shocked nd so she could form all the links. In the first year of this college Swara had found some boys decorating the class room for a girl named Neha’s birthday.Why? Because as per them she was the hottest girl of this college,nd every guy wanted to be in her friend list. That’s why she had found it quite nice nd had wished for it in her diary.
Swara:(in her mind) sooo,its his work.
She started searching for him in the crowd when suddenly she got another shock. Neha Bagaria,that soo called hotty of the college suddenly approached her.
Nisha:(while shaking swara’s hand) Happy birthday honey.
Swara: thank you.
Nisha:well we were quite shocked to see Sanskar coming and informing about(she suddenly pointed her finger at Swara,as if swara was some disgusting garbage) YOUR birthday.
Swara rolled her eyes at this.
Suddenly out of the blue Neha asked

Neha: who’s he to you?
Swara got surprised at this. What is she supposed to answer now. She got a little tensed and suddenly said
Swara: my sister knows him. Dats all.
Neha just stared at her for a while and left. As soon as Neha left,swara felt a little relived and started searching for Sanskar again, but unfortunately she didn’t found him. In one side she was happy to find soo many gifts and surprise son her birthday but on the other side she was sad as she couldn’t find him and he still didn’t wish her. So as per the routine she left for her job after the dismissal but not with that same energy or mood she had entered college.

Scene 2
At the coffee shop
Swara was doing her as usual work and was happy to at least find her co-workers wishing her. They did not throw a party for her but there wishes and there gifts were more than enough. Swara was waiting for Ragini to wish her as ragini always wished her at that perfect time when she was born,that’s 7:15pm nd soo it was already 7 when suddenly her phone rang. The call was from an unknown number but this time her true caller did not work. It just showed from West Bengal.

Caller: Happy birthday princess.
Swara gasped at this fimiliar voice. A smile spread on her face.
Swara: sanskaaar. Where had you been the whole day? Why didn’t you come to college?
Sanskar: can you plzz come outside for some moment swara. Plzz.
At dis swara looked outside and found sanskar standing just on the door way.
She excused herself and went outside.
Swara felt soo happy. This happiness was not usual for her. She never felt this happy before. She suddenly went and hugged sanskar. Sanskar smiled at this and hugged her back. After some minute suddenly swara’s phone started vibrating and so they broke there hug. Swara found Ragini calling nd got super happy again.
Swara: Helllooooo
Ragini: Happy birthday cutieee pieee
Swara: thank you raginiiii
Ragini: are you enjoying your day?
At dis swara looked at Sanskar and replied
Swara: yesss, i m enjoying a lot.

Ragini: ok Il talk to you later nd your gift is due ok?
Swara:no props. Ye to gharka mamla hai.
Ragini: ok love you sweetie.bye.
Swara: love you too. Bye.
After ending the call she looked at sanskar with a warm smile. But for some reason she found him looking dull nd tired.
Swara: hey r u ok?

Sanskar:(giving a fake smile) yes,i m perfect.
Swara:but you don’t look like you are.
Sanskar never replied to this and came closer to her. He took out a small round thing from a polythene bag and gave it to swara. Swara looked at him and thanked. Suddenly out of the blue sanskar pinned swara to the wall and came closer to her. Swara got confused at dis and blankly stared at him while he resisted his urge to kiss her.
Swara:(tensed) is everything ok sanskar?
Sanskar moved back when suddenly swara found tears in his eyes.
Swara:(tensely) sanskar why the hell are you crying?
Sanskar: boys don’t cry?
Swara: o plzz do you think i m blind.Please tell me the reason sanskar.
Suddenly sanskar took out a note from his pocket and handed it to swara.
Sanskar: swara plzzz don’t read dis note right now ok?
She noded.
Swara: den when shall i read it?
Sanskar: afterwards.

After this sanskar turned around to leave when suddenly swara asked him
Swara: sanskar why are you behaving so weirdly today?
Sanskar turned around to look at her when she suddenly found tears rolling down his cheeks,but before swara could ask him anything else Sanskar came near her and gave her a tight hug as if he’ll crush her right there and suddenly whispered

Swara got shocked. She didn’t react to it. She was clueless about what to do next. She had never dreamt of someone telling her these words. When suddenly sanskar broke the hug and left. Swara had called out his name to stop him but he didn’t even turn around and sat in his car to leave. Swara got confused with all these. Everything happened so suddenly. Afterwards while working she thought that she could have told him that she too likes him a loot but then again she got confused due to the tears she saw in his eyes. She knew that maybe they had not known each other for many many years but she could read his eyes and see d pain too. ‘but what is it that he’s trying to keep a secret’. This time she could not work properly so left for her house a little early. After reaching home she got busy with Ragini. She informed her every single A-Z when suddenly she remembered about the note sanskar had given her while Ragini continued teasing her about sanskar and her love story. So as soon as they both finished there dinner swara and ragini went to swara’s room nd both of them started reading the note.

Dear Swara,
I know after reading this note maybe you’ll start hating me,but sometimes you have to go through bitter truths. Il never forget all those precious seconds i had shared with you. The moment you bashed with me in the auditorium, the cute moment when you had screamed like a baby for ice-cream. Those moments when i was near you but you had no idea about my presence. You know the happiest moment in my life was when you had said that you missed me. Maybe the way i approached you for friendship was wrong but i hope you know i am not that good at flirting and all. I know i had promised you something but sometimes god doesn’t allow you to keep those promises. So just remember one thing please move on in your life swara. Just forget these moments and move on. Maybe you were correct it was just my infatuation and curiosity and nothing else. Please forget all those nonsense things i might have said to you and please forget me because even il try to forget you.Good bye.
From San….

Swara found those words blotted. She was shocked.
Ragini: what is he trying to say?
Swara: i don’t know.
Ragini could understand that Swara was on the verge of crying so she kept a hand on her head to console her.
Swara: Ragini, why is he emotionally blackmailing me?
Ragini:(confused) well i don’t think this is called blackmailing.
Swara starts crying.
Swara: see he has written that forget me and all that. Those were not just nonsense things for me those were great memories of my life.

Ragini:(consoling) i know swara. Plzz don’t cry for this mad man. I mean who does this. At first he has written that he’ll miss you nd den he’s telling you not to miss him,idiot kahika.
Swara wiped her tears now and said
Swara:(determined) u just wait and watch sanskar maheshwari what Il do to you tomorrow. (she turns to ragini and says) Il go and ask him that what does this letter even mean.
Ragini consoles her and they both sleep together. While on the other side someone looks at the moon and thinks ”IF TOMORROW COMES”

To be continued…

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