True love never dies ( Different ff) Episode 4

Thank you soo much frnds for reading my ff nd commenting…as i had said that Il finish this ff soon but i don’t think it can end in 5 episodes or not so frnds chillax coz i m sure you will get to read about some cute moments shared by sanky nd swara…nd thank u again for reading my ff. Your comments grow up my confidence nd soo plzz donot forget to leave your comments.

Scene 1
The story continues with Swara standing in the canteen while almost in a shocked mode. She sees sanskar leaving the canteen nd tries to call out his name to stop him,but then she stops as she thinks that, that might make her the COA. She looks around to see if someone has really seen what just happened,but got relived to see everyone minding their own business and so as usual after the college she leaves for her job but today she had a broad smile plastered on her face.
As soon as she entered the cafe every one greeted her as even they could understand that today her mood was cheerful. So without wasting any time she started doing her job,bringing customers,showing them there tables nd taking orders,so by the time it was 7pm the cafe was totally full. When suddenly another person came in,so Swara went and showed him table 14 as that was the only table left. But suddenly Pari came and informed the man that he’ll have to wait as that table is reserved. Swara thought of arguing with Pari as no body was sitting there and dey can easily have another order,but Pari gave fake smile to the man nd dragged Swara from there.
Pari: swara that table is reserved.
Swara: i knw but we can use it for now. After this man leaves we will clean it well and keep it as it is.

Pari: no swara we cant do that.
Swara: but why? Why shall we do loss of this cafe.
Pari: i don’t have an answer for your why but i do know this much that the guy who was staring at you last day is the one who reserved that table and he has given soo much money its more than what you will get by serving 100 men.
Swara:what? Sanskar did this?
Pari: wow Swara u knw his name? After whatever happened in the cafe you both went for a daaaate or what???
Swara: o cummon Pari,its nothing like that. We are in the same college.
Pari:(excited) wowww…really?
Pari starts to speak something else when suddenly the manager calls her. But after knowing this all swara starts wondering if these all are related to that ‘last wish’ which he had written in his note. Even after all this things she waited for sanskar to come in the cafe as he did come for soo many days or maybe months or mayybee years,but sadly he did not come this time. Swara couldn’t understand why she felt so restless,she was worried if something happened to her new ‘mayybeee friend’. But this didn’t stop her from working well.
As she finished her job and came out from the shop,she suddenly found a person leaning on the wall and smiling at her. He was wearing the same jacket that her stalker wears.
Swara:(surprised) Sanskaar??
Sanskar gave her another smile.
Swara:what are you doing here?
Sanskar: just came to give a compony to the KARATE KID.
Suddenly both of them started laughing at his small joke.
Swara: nd who’s that ‘karate kid’?

Sanskar: obviously you.
Swara:(still smiling) me? How cum?
Sanskar: well after watching u beat Euro’s friend everyone in the college will say that you are a karate kid.
Swara smiles at him.
Swara: ok den, plzz accompany this small Karate kid.
They again share a laugh and start walking. On there way they chat about each others likes and dislikes nd many other stuff.
Sanskar: u know swara i have got a big dream of opening a hospital to cure cancer. Over there only cancer specialists will be present and it should be the best hospital where every cancer patient will be cured properly nd they’ll get the opportunity of leading a good nd normal life.
Swara looks at him when he speaks these. She could see in his eyes that he was really adamant about this. She felt really happy that his dream soo good, even after coming from such rich family he thinks soo much about others.He is soo different. She smiles when suddenly Sanskar sees this and gets confused
Sanskar: swara are u listning?
Swara:(caught by surprise) hm…ya ya, but if u want to have a hospital then you could have taken science nd gone for medicals. Why did u take humanities nd came for law?
Sanskar: some wishes are never fulfilled.
Swara got confused at this.
Swara:(still confused) parents forced?

Sanskar: no no,not at all.
Swara feels that they should change the topic nd suddenly out of excitement she says
Swara: i missed you yesterday.
Sanskar looks at her in surprise when swara covers her mouth nd regrets for expressing her emotions like dis. Sanskar smiles at this and starts teasing her.
Sanskar: woww…really?
Swara:no, i mean yes,re no no…uff
They share a small laugh.
Swara: actually its a yess,i did miss you yesterday. All my life i had been staying alone with my sister Ragini. I never saw my parents as they had died in an accident when i was of 1 year and over here we were new as we shifted to Kolkata just 2 years back but you were always following me. At first i felt scared but afterwards it felt normal nd maybe ok bcoz i knew that somebody is with me on this dark and creepy road, ya maybe you were not near me but it was as if you were protecting me nd walked me to my home everyday. But after these 2 years yesterday was the first day when i felt a little lonely.
Swara looked at Sanskar now, he was listening to her very attentively and then suddenly he cupped her face nd said

Sanskar: don’t worry swara…I PROMISE I’LL ALWAYS BE THERE WITH YOU.
Swara smiled at this and feelt good.she keeps her hand on his nd says
Swara: i know you will always follow me.

Scene 2
On the road
Swara looks at Sanskar’s side when she almost shouts
Sanskar turns around to find the ice cream parlor. He asks her if she wants to have an ice-cream to which she nods. So he goes nd brings two choclate flavoured ice-creams nd start continuing there chat again.
Swara: how did you know that choclate is my favourite?
Sanskar: ur diary helped.
At this they smile again and start walking while Sanskar continues staring at her the whole time and swara enjoys her treat nd goes on talking non-stop. At last she suddenly asks him
Swara: achaa sanskar, why do you like MEE? I mean u should be liking some hot chick. After all you were always the hot topic among girls.

Sanskar: swara. Love doesn’t see faces nd all. I think it totally depends on faith. It just happens. Same with me. The first time i saw you speaking for women empowerment in a debate i felt as if we have some connection. Then i started following u, ur love for those orphans nd your childish behaviours. Your critical point of view about each and every boy or maybe ‘those brainless creatures’, your confidence, your nature nd all everything made feel that that….
He tensely looked at her. She was waiting for him to finish when suddenly they heard the church clock go ding dong. As swara saw the time she was shocked.
Swara: o my god its 12 now.
She got nervous nd started fumbling
Swara: o my god what will i do now, ragini will kill me, the other days i reach by 10:30pm nd today its 12. Ragini might be waiting for me, what shall i do? What shall i do?
Sanskar shakes her and asks her to calm down nd says He’ll help her out. They walk to her house together when suddenly Swara finds Sanskar continuously sneezing.
Swara: allergy problem.
Sanskar: sort of. Cold things are not allowed.

Swara: what? And you had a ice cream just now. Have you lost it?
Sanskar:(sneezing) i wanted to keep this as a great memory.
Swara again gets confused nd offers him her hanky.
At first sanskar denies to take it but then swara forces him and he accepts it. Sanskar sees S.G stitched in one of the corners of the hanky nd smiles. As they reach her house swara finds ragini standing on the door step and looking here nd dere. Swara calls out her name nd hugs her,as sanskar approaches them.
Ragini: where the hell were you? I got so tensed. I called you soo many times but you didn’t even pick up the phone. You could have at least given me a call. You are roaming around with an empty stomach,have you lost your mind swara? Do you want to be sick?
She suddenly stops as she realizes that there’s a third person listening to them.
Ragini: who is he?
Swara: he is my frnd, Sanskar.
Ragini looks at him.

Sanskar: Hi!
Ragini:hmm, (she turns to swara and says) you said you don’t have a boyfriend,den who’s he?
Swara: diii…he’s just a friend.
Suddenly Sanskar interrupts them nd says
Sanskar:actually swara got late for me. I wanted to have ice cream nd all dats why. So its not her fault.
Ragini looks at swara while swara stares at Sanskar in disbelief that how swiftly he lied.
Ragini:(to sanskar)but you should take care of your nd your frnds appetite right?
Ragini:forget it…come inside nd have dinner with us.
Swara: yes yes…plzzz sanskar come inside.
Sanskar: am sorry but some other day, mom nd dad must be worried.
Ragini: ok den take my scooty.
Sanskar: its ok i have my car waiting…so ok den good buy…
Swara:(happily) byyyy?, take care, see you tomorrow.
Ragini looks at swara nd smiles wickedly.
While they have there dinner Ragini observes Swara smiling for no reason.
Ragini: u know when do people do these mad things?
Swara:what mad things?
Ragini:smiling for no reason.
Ragini: when they fall in love.

Swara:(busy eating nd engrossed in her thoughts) Oooo,achaaa. Who did it by the way?
Ragini: UUU,you idiot.
Swara:(confused) mee? When did i do anything nd what did i do?
Ragini: right now. Right now u were just smiling.
Swara: that doesn’t mean i m in love.
Ragini: o really?
Swara: yess.
Ragini: then who was that guy who was taking your side????
Swara: ragini he was just a frnd.
Ragini:(wickedly) ya ya frnd frnd…listen i have got experience with all these nd i know.
Swara:what do u know?
Ragini: that this is just the first stage nd den your story will start.
Swara: acha?really?
Ragini:(cutely) yesh.
At dis swara goes and tickles ragini and they both start laughing hard nd then finish there dinner and goes to bed.Swara lays down but stays awake till late night remembering sanskars words nd all the fun moments she spent with him.she doesn’t understand why she thinks soo much abt him…Is dis what is called LOVE, no no its just Infatuation or maybe something else too…?

To be continued…

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