True love never dies ( Different ff) Episode 3

Hello ppl…thank u sooo much for reading my ff…i m really happy with your comments coz i never thought that anybody will like my ff ir not. Ur comments encouraged me a lot and that’s why i m updating my episode 3 fast.

Scene 1
At Swara and Ragini’s house
Swara gets up in the morning as she hears Ragini calling her for breakfast. She goes in the dinning hall when suddenly Ragini asks
Ragini: Swara are you ok?
Ragini: It seems as if something is bothering you for a long time? R u tensed about something?
Swara: no ragini,i m fine. I m just sad about loosing my diary.
Hearing this Ragini gets a little relived as its just the matter of a diary.
Ragini: don’t worry you will get it. Did you search it in your bag or in your shelves.
Swara: ragini i searched it in evry corner of my room,but i never found it.
Ragini: its ok. Its said that if you find something with love then god always helps you to get it. So as you love that diary,u’l surely find it soon.

Swara gives her a faint smile at Ragini’s encouraging words nd leaves after having breakfast.
As she starts packing her bag to leave for college she finds something heavy and hard inside her bag. When she opens it she gets shocked to see her diary. Swara feels soo happy to find it back that she hugs it and asks
Swara: where did you go u naughty diary. After this never try to leave me.
She opens her diary to see if everything was ok or not but suddenly finds a note inside it. As she opens the note she gets shocked. The note said,

Dear Swara,
sorry for disturbing nd irritating you but honestly u look more prettier when you get angry. I had been stalking you for the last two years to know you well. But it didn’t work. So overall i was left with only one option that was reading your personal diary. I know you must be furious after knowing the truth. Its obvious,if i was in your place i would have also done the same thing. But i did this just to fulfill my last wish. So i m apologizing to you for such a big step but plzz forgive me for the sake of a man’s last wish before he dies.
From Sanskar.

At first when she had started reading the note she was sure that she’ll surely kill him dead but those last lines nd those words ‘last wish’, made her confused.
Swara thought “is he going to die?”. But as Ragini called her she removed all this thought from her head nd went to college at least relived that she got her dear diary back.

Scene 2
At college
As soon as Swara enters the college campus she sees Shirsha getting bullied by Euro nd his other friends. Swara gets angry at this and pushes them away from Shirsha while Shirsha comes and hugs her nd continues crying.
Swara: how dare you try to touch her?
Euro: oh really, who’s gonna save her from us?(sarcastically)UUU?
Swara: if that’s what you want. She replies with a challenging tone.
Euro laughs at this and tries to punch her but instead he gets hurt by hitting the wall while swara ducks on time.
Swara:(sarcastically) ouchhh…OMG baby, did it hurt.

All the girls in the college start laughing at Euro’s condition when he gets enraged nd orders his friends to hurt Swara. As his friends start moving slowly towards Swara finding her with no other way to leave, swara frantically looks around to find something when suddenly she finds a big iron rod beside her. She looks at Euro’s friends nd takes the rod. All four of his friends get shocked to see the rod in her hand nd turns around to run away but unfortunately the college girls surround them while swara bits them badly. After some minutes the principal approaches nd asks swara to stop,but swara replies
Swara: no sir, today Il bit them soo hard that they will remember it for there lifetime nd would never try play with a girls respect.
The principal gets quite surprised to see this new avatar of swara and fails to get any idea to stop her. At last the peons literally drag swara out of that area to stop her. Swara feels a little good by hitting them but doesn’t notice a person looking at all her acts from one of the dark corners of the college with a smile on his face.
While the classes start Swara gets encouraging comments from many girls and also from many of her teachers. Shirsha hugs her and says

Shirsha:thank you soo much swara. U r really my true frnd. I don’t really think that Il ever get a frnd as good as you. I love you Swara.
Swara:awwww…i love you too dear friend.
They share a hug nd start concentrating on their studies. Sanskar smiles at these thinking that today she will be in good mood. During break time Swara searches for Sanskar nd finds him standing near the coffee place. She moves towards him nd gives him a smile. Sanskar gets surprised seeing her over there nd moves back. Swara sees sanskar’s expression nd gets surprised.
Swara:what happened sanskar? Why are you moving back?
Sanskar: i m scared of you
Swara:(shocked) whaat?
Swara:but why? I didn’t do anything to you
Sanskar: u didn’t till now but u might do
Swara:why will i hurt you
Sanskar: it seems like u never red the note i sent you
Swara:(relieved) oooo, for that
Sanskar: yup, i know you’ll slap me hard after reading it.

Swara gave him a broad smile which confused him
Swara:budhuu…i already red your letter nd i m not that angry on you that Il slap you.
Sanskar smiles back at her nd feels relived.
Sanskar: thank god.
Swara: but at first i felt disgusted nd angry…she looked at sanskar… But then i gave it a thought nd understood that its just the simple matter of infatuation nd curiosity which made you do this.
Sanskar just smirked but did not say anything. Then suddenly swara asks him
Swara: sanskar what was the last line about? I mean your last wish nd all. Is everything alright with you?
Sanskar felt quite good to see swara’s concern for him and answered
Sanskar: there’s nothing like that. It was just to get your apologies. Nothing else.
Swara felt a little relived for his answer as she had really been quite worried.
Swara: anyways we can be good friends then. She held her hand out towards sanskar for a handshake for the starting of there friendship. He held swara’s hand as she smiled but suddenly pulled her very close. Swara was surprised and felt her heartbeat go faster. Sanskar came closer to her and whispered,

Sanskar: i like the way u treat me, like a 14 year old boy.
After saying this he moves away to look at her face. Swara opens her mouth but before she could speak anything sanskar places his finger on her lips and gives her a small kiss on her forehead and leaves. Swara stands there like a statue gaining her conscious while still confused about what happened just now.

To be continued…

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