True love never dies ( Different ff) Episode 2

Guyzz…i m really really sorry for whatever happened last time…nd sorry Neha…i think telly update got confused with the same title nd dats y dey gave my(kavya’s) story as episode 8…i m really very sorry for all those confusions nd thanx to many ppl for reading my ff nd liking it…actually that was just the first episode of swasan…again sorry for the confusion…i hope that this doesn’t happen again…soo my story is not what Neha writes…its having swara as a student/waitress,sanskar as a rich,hot guy nd ragini as a good,calm school teacher

Scene 1
The scene starts with swara standing on their college terrace ,shocked by whatever sanskar had said. But before she could react sanskar had already left. When she came back to her senses it was already dismissal time,so she knew dat it was no use searching for him. She came down when suddenly she found Shirsha looking at her. Shirsha seemed to b quite frightened,but before swara could ask her anything suddenly Shirsha came nd hugged her
Shirsha:where were you Swara? I got so worried about you? U did not even inform me? Where were you?
Swara was surprised to see tears coming out frm Shirsha’s eyes
Swara:Shirsha don’t cry dear,i m fine. I just went to the terrace to get some fresh air.
Shirsha:I m not crying for u idiot
Swara was shocked…she got disgusted…seriously what a cool frnd she has got
Swara:(still angry) then what r u crying for?
Shirsha:Euro dumped me,she paused…that is also bcoz i m not as beautiful as Neha
Swara:what?…how ridiculous,that idiot…wait Il take revenge for this,i swear. U should never believe a these ‘creatures’. They are brainless nd emotionless things on Earth.
Swara stopped her lecture finding Shirsha nd some of the college students staring at her.So swara consoled Shirsha nd promised her to take revenge.After this she left for her par time job.

Scene 2
In the coffee shop
As soon as swara entered the shop, she was greeted by her sweet manager but this never cheered her mood. She was still thinking abt the photo sanskar had when suddenly her manager asked
Manager:what happened dear? U look tensed,is evrythin okay?
Swara:yes mam,i m perfect
At dis Swara showed a thumps up and left
She went nd started to take orders when suddenly her co-worker Pari came to her and whispered
Pari: Hey Swara see that person sitting in table numbr 14 is continuously staring at you
Swara turned to see who was it when suddenly she got another shock
It was Sanskar sitting in that table and giving her a faint smile. Swara was speechless not because he came till the cafe but because she was frightened about what will happen when she’ll leave the cafe…nd walk to her home…ALL ALONE
Pari:Swara you do one thing go and ask him to give order
Swara:(almost screaming) Why Me?

Pari gave her a confused look nd that’s when Swara realized that right now she was the centre of attraction. Swara calmed nd asked Pari again
Pari: Its your job to ask for orders nd all that’s why
Swara:But… She could not find any reason for not taking his order
Pari: cummon Swara why r u reacting like this? That’s what you have been doing for so many months. Taking orders
Swara:ok fine Il do

She couldn’t understand how to approach him because she felt quite awkward now as she found him still staring at her. But even den forgetting all these she atlast went to his side
Swara:what would u like to order (sarcastically) SIR?
Swara gave him a confused look. She turned around to look at Pari who signaled her to ask him again…but this time swara got irritated h and asked
Swara:what do you want?
Sanskar gave her a sweet smile nd replied
Sanskar:I want you Swara.
Swara didn’t answer him. She got pissed off at this as all the emotions started coming to her mind at the same moment. She was surprised,confused as well as angry nd upset. She turned around to leave when suddenly sanskar held her wrist…swara was caught by surprise at this move by Sanskar
Swara:what sort of a behaviour is this?

Sanskar looked at her nd then stood up…
Sanskar:sorry, but i never meant to hurt your feelings. As they value a lot to me.
And then leaves. For a moment Swara feelt a liitle concerned for him but her anger won over that emotion. And so as usual she left for home at 10pm,but this was the first time aftr 2 years when she didn’t find Sanskar following her. Although she feelt a lonely but again thought of all the things that took place and got angry again.

To be continued…

Ppl i hope that you will accept my apologies…nd sorry again Neha…i don’t knw if this time too telly updates would do the same confusion or not but i hope that you all will have no props to understand my(kavya’s)ff nd Neha’s ff…hope that you all will like it.

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