True Love Means….. Os

Life is like a dream for me My Mom and My family is my everything. My world starts with them and ends with them.
After reading so many romantic novels I started to dream about my Prince Charming that he will come and take me in his horse.
But my family is against all this love and all. So I decided that I will marry the man whom my family chose for me but as always we can’t predict the destiny.
I fell in love with my classmate Laksh in my junior college. It was like a magical moment. Whenever I hear his name my heart beats fast and my eyes always search for his glimpse.

But my close friend got to know about my love for Laksh. She is one of his friend.
Swara you should tell about your feelings to him if you fail today you regret for your whole life.
But I had a fear what if he rejects me. After a big battle I have decided to tell him about my feelings. But when I approached him my close friend itself was talking about me and he made fun of me.

Laksh Swara is in love with you Plz accept her.
Come on Swetha don’t you think she doesn’t have the status to match this Lucky and by the way who will be in a relationship with a train always talking….. talking He said and I ran from there and cried the whole day the pain of forgetting someone who made you feel special. It’s like I am killing myself thousands and thousands of time. But we have to move on. And I left from here to states. As Laksh said I am from a middle class family. To uplift our status I have to work hard.
Time passed by and I was in my life year that’s when I met him. Sanskar Heartrob of many Girls but if you ask him…… Wait till now you told about yourself but now it’s my turn.

Life is like a dream only but for me it gave a most precious gift that is SHE. Swara my girl. I am Sanskar actor by profession and girls drool over me but Swara she is quite different.
As states is a new place to me I have arranged a guide to show me the places and that’s when I saw her for the first time.
Swara always maintained a distance from me. Other girls would exaggerate themselves but she is totally different but her eyes always held some longingness.
As God was with me by mistake I got her diary and started to read it. Every single thing which she had experienced in her life till her high school crush who made her cry. The thought of her crying made me mad in anger.
She is from a middle class where girls are made to live in a ring. And till now she is living in that ring. She have few wishes that she wanted to fulfil and I became determined to fulfill it.
We danced in the rain, went for a long drive, in the middle of the night went beach and played, went for scuba diving. She wanted to spent a night in the middle of a forest and that time I have realised that I am deeply madly and completely fallen in love with her where there is no way back.
Swara told me about dream of her Prince Charming and how she thought her mere crush to be her love and how he hurted her. But above all this Swara have a childish heart she is longing to be loved and I have decided to be her Prince Charming but as always this destiny played it’s game while fulfiling her last wish that is to see the city from the cliff I got carried away and hugged her from back. I could feel her shivering under my every touch but then also I couldn’t stop and kissed her.
She didn’t kissed nor opposed me but when she realized she pushed me back and left from there.
After that I tried to speak with her but she ignored me completely which made me go crazy in anger. At last I grabbed Swara to my stay house and confronted her.
She denied that she love me but her eyes couldn’t lie. I know she is afraid of being loved and her family values but if not now then it’s never. Without any second thought I touched her soul and made her my woman. I know she love me and that she proved me by becoming my soul.

Then it’s all went well in our love life and my parents were really happy to see Swara in that they forgot about me but in Swara’s side they were opposing our love and a big drama that they will not get us married as our caste, status etc are all different
As always destiny played it’s game which was in our favor. Swara conceived with our symbol of love and it made her parents to accept us. But since there were many complication I concealed our marriage news till her delivery. I made every possible thing to protect Swara and fullfiled all her wishes during this beautiful period. Becoming a parent is the wish of every couple.

During her last month Swara got a post that her high school is holding a Alumni and she wanted to go. Mom didn’t allow but somehow I convinced her and went to her high school.
Hello everyone I know you all will be confused who is this guy well I am Laksh or you can say business man Laksh. Today I am standing in the place where I missed a precious gift. My Swara whom I missed for a mere dare. We both studied from KG but when we reached our high school I started to get attracted to her.
She is always unique which made me fall for her. Somehow I got to know that she also love me but Swetha her close friend got jealous because Swara loves me and planned very well to separate us and that happened.
I tried but couldn’t reach her it’s been four years since that happened today I hope I will get back my love because once while playing Swara told that if she loves a person she will love him only till her last breath.
While I was enjoying I heard girls are talking about Sanskar the sensation of the year.
Swetha Sanskar got married yaar how can he and till now he have not released his wife’s pic.
Yeah I know because that girl got conceived before their marriage and not to make any complications Sanskar concealed it and announced that he will introduce his wife after her delivery Swetha who is now a journalist told about him.
We saw some guards surrounding our college and Swara entering the hall. I was beyond shock to see her pregnant. Did she moved on how could she ditch me. I sent Swetha to meet her and stood at a distance where I can see and hear them.
Swara what a surprise and Oh My God you are pregnant you didn’t even called us Swetha asked.
It was a private affair only relatives allowed Swara said and I saw a guy coming towards them and hugging Swara from side.
Swara I told you many times don’t leave me and go but see you came inside before me He said.

I saw Swetha standing in shock with her jaws dropped and I just moved to see Sanskar. He is…
Swetha he is my husband Sanskar Swara said which was like a bomb for me. Swetha with a fake smile shakes hand with Sanskar.
I think you are journalist right plz don’t leak about Swara Sanskar said and she nodded.
Today I will confront her. I was thinking in a corner when Sanskar he himself came to me.
You are Laksh right he asked and I nodded.
I know you loved Swara a lot even she but you know we can’t blame anyone of us….. He said and that’s true.

Swara wanted to talk to you she can’t walk often so would come and talk to her Sanskar said and we went to Swara. Sanskar left leaving both of us alone.
Thank You Laksh Swara said and I looked at her.
If you had not rejected me I don’t know where would I be She said.
But what about yourself Swara you said if you love a person you will love him till your last breath I asked her.
Yes Laksh it’s true I thought I love you only and you are my life but when I met Sanskar that moment I realized you are just my crush that’s it but Sanskar he is my true love the way I felt for him it’s totally different from what I felt for you I felt attracted to you but I felt like a new person with him Swara said looking Sanskar. I could feel that she truly love him and above that she is caring their symbol of love.
Sanskar came and gave her juice.

So Sanskar why are you delaying your marriage news I asked him
Because Swara’s family feels that if I announce the news then all will doubt her pregnancy because she was 3 months that time so we kept it a secret Sanskar said and I saw Swara holding his arm little hard and her face is sweating.
Sanskar……. Sanskar…… Its paining…She said and I made her sit.
Swara relax Ok nothing will happen I said and called Regina who is a Doctor.
Sanskar sir can plz connect me to Swara’s doc because seems like it is difficult to get Swara to hospital Regi said.

Sanskar immediately called her doc while he not even a second left her hand.
Sanskar our baby Swara cried in pain.
Gudiya nothing will happen I am here na you plz relax Sanskar consoled her but I could feel that he is feeling Swara’s pain more than her. This what true love right.
We took Swara to the medical room while Sanskar is so tensed to hear Swara’s scream.
It’s OK these are common I said.
I know it Laksh but the way her face turned pale and her grip even now I can feel it I never let her get hurt but today her screams make me feel bad Sanskar said looking at the door.
This moment I realized that I am not the one for Swara like she said I never felt what and all Sanskar feel for her. She is just my crush but Sanskar is the definition for a perfect man.
Soon Swara and Sanskar family came. Seems like Sanskar’s mother is more worried.
I told you na Sanskar don’t take Swaru out you became more stubborn than Swara his mom scolded him.
Annapurna relax its not anyone’s fault for now we have to care about Swara his father said.
A loud scream of Swara’s echoed followed by a sweet cry.
Regina came out with a cute baby all wrapped in a white towel.
Congratulations Sanskar Sir it’s a baby girl Regina said and tried to give the baby to Sanskar.

No… No…. She is so small I will drop her down He said.
Sanskar you are her father for a girl she always finds her solace first in her Father’s arms don’t be afraid His father told and helped him to hold the cute baby who held his white tightly. All the members went inside to look at Swara while I started to leave from there wiping my tears.

Life is really a master mind he knows what to do and not.
Me Swara thought that we are the true lovers but True Lover means he will share your happiness but at the same time will feel the pain of your sorrows also. Most of us doesnt compare between true love and crush which leads to many heart breaks. But today Swara’s broken heart was healed by Sanskar but mine don’t know when will I get my true love.

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    Excellent yaar..though I am a fan of both SwaSan N SwaLak…I really like your Story concept. .that Crush can’t be the True love indeed..Great job..Keep up the Good work?

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    OMG…..!! Wonderful os dear…. Especially Lucky & Sanskaar’s p.o.v’s are amazing….

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  12. awesome…everything happened bcs of purpose….swasan are destined to be together forever…if laksh didnt played that dare…what would happened..thank u laksh for indirectly giving us swasan?

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    omg!!!!!! really i love it dear… yeah many teenagers only feeling the crush but many of it broken their heart trully….uugghhh.. sometime you didn’t realize when your true love come…

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