hi guyz keira here may be sm of u know me well im writer of tashan e ishq fanfiction, im backkkkkk mr(its of swaragini), how can be a person like u (its also of swaragini)love starts from crush.
may be i wont be regular but vil give u my best.
so this ff starts where manik leaves nandini fr dhruv.
lemme tell u smthng
alia and dhruv wete already in a relationship but didnt told any1 dhruv had a crush on nandini but its was over. and fab 5 and nh3 perform ed their performances and both were awesm and both were winners after thatanan breakup happened. dhruv called fab4 nandini and navya. nandini and navya r gd frndz of dhrulya they made them realise that they lv eachother. at that navya and kabir were also in relationship. kabir is not a gay and no raghav drama along with abhi alsi not has cancer their relationship is also known by evry1and during breakup of manan nandini told manik that dhruv lvs alia bur he didnt believed and said do u think i vil believe u along with how can u believe manik malhotra vil love a commoner middle low class girl like u………miss nandini murty
scene 1 in college hall dhrya call manan mukbhi kavya
evry1 gathers overthere
dhruv:- i know u guyz have not expected but me alia r in a relationship at 1st we brokeup cz alia thought i lv nandini but i had a crush on her i explained the situation to alia and cleared the misunderstanding betwen us thnk u sooooooooooooooooooo much nandini if u werent present that i dont think that we would be 2gether now. and plz dont beat me i thought to surprise u.
kabir takes his drum stick and beats dhruv on head mukti beats him with guitar manik was standing like a statue he difnt knew wt to do and how to do his eyes were tuning red due to pain he was trying to control his tears.
kabir: mukti we r beating him but alia and nandini were equall participants alia gulps hard nandini tries to smile but failes evry1 starts tickling alia except manan when it turns out be nandini’s turn she ran having tears in her eyes . that time manik ti runs behind her but she disappears.

a small twist

so guyz done with it. so how was the intrp lemme know through cmnts and dont worry nabdini vil not easily frgv him.

Credit to: KEIRA


  1. Jasi

    Nice yaar usealy every one will start the ff at the last episode of kyy but u have started in the middle its very nice and very excited next episode plz soon

  2. Roma

    Awesome, wowwww lovely episode loved it very very muchhhh, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.