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Its morning and Krishna wakes up…she thinks saiyyam today is Valentine’s Day!! I will tell you my feelings today!!! She sees the time and says oh no it’s so late today…I’ll quickly go change…she goes to the washroom when saiyyam enters with some files…he goes through them and then checks the last file…his face turns sad and eyes get teary…he thinks krishna I love you a lot….i thought you loved me too but last night I found out that you can never let anyone take yuvaan’s place in your heart…not even me…I did bad with you krishna…I forcefully married you…I guess I was the only one who started falling for you….but today I will give you the best valentine’s gift…I love you krishna!! He leaves and Krishna comes out….

She thinks why is saiyyam not in the room? Where is he? Today is valentine’s day and he should be with his wife which is of course me…she thinks and ignores the thought for some time and goes towards the dresser to get ready….she grabs the manglasutra, the vermillion, and her bangles…she says saiyyam I will confess today….after all today is the day for lovers….she smiles…
Other side yuvaan wakes up and baby is seen getting dressed…she is about to put her vermillion when yuvaan stops her…he says you don’t need to keep this marriage anymore….we are over so you don’t have to put the vermillion….she feels hurt with his words and says but sometimes having some memories is good for yourself…she leaves yuvaan in thoughts and leaves filling her hairline with sindoor…he thinks what did baby mean? He ignores the fact and says anyways I’ll go gift krishna the thing I brought for her….he goes to his cupboard and takes out a baby pink sari with golden borders and thinks I hope you love this gift krishna….

He takes the gift to her room and thinks hmmm I’ll set it down so she can see it…if I give it to her she might not take it…he puts the gift down and leaves the room…saiyyam enters and looks for krishna…he doesn’t see her and heads out but stops noticing the big green box wrapped…he thinks who put that? He walks to it and takes it…Krishna enters at the same time and sees the box in his hand…she thinks saiyyam got that gift for me? She goes to him and says saiyyam? He comes out of thoughts and looks at her…she smiles and says uh act..actual…actuall….actually saiyyam….he stops her and says krishna hurry up I don’t have time…she sees him and thinks what happened to him?

She looks at the gift and says is this for me? he looks at the gift box and thinks not me but maybe yuvaan…krishna smiles and takes the gift box…she opens it and finds the baby pink sari yuvaan got…she is surprised seeing the sari saiyyam got for her…she hugs him and says saiyyam thank you so much for this gift!!! She hugs him tight while saiyyam thinks not me Krishna but yuvaan…he breaks the hug and says why are you thanking me? She looks confused…she says for the gift…he says what gift? I didn’t get you any gift…her smile fades…she says this sari…he says oh please not me but yuvaan gave it…she is shocked…she thinks why did yuvaan gift me on Valentine’s Day?

She says oh…but do you have anything? He recalls the gift he got for krishna yesterday but thinks not to tell her…he says no…she feels sad…he sees her and thinks sorry krishna but for your happiness I have to do this…don’t worry I have something big planned for you and that will be my valentine’s gift for you…he excuses himself and leaves…she thinks saiyyam got nothing?
She throws the sari and leaves the room…skipping the day…now it’s night time…krishna is seen in the room fixing clothes when saiyyam comes behind her…he sees the papers in his hands and says uh krishna….she turns and says yes? He says can you meet me at the terrace in 5 minutes? She thinks hmm so saiyyam knows how to surprise me too…she smiles and says sure…he fakes a smile and leaves…krishna thinks now I have to gather courage and confess to him….she leaves after 5 minutes and reaches the terrace….she is shocked seeing the decorations….
In front of her was a candle light dinner set up….behind it was a screen with the moon so close to her….there were curtains all over the place and flowers on the floor leading the way….she was overwhelmed with all the decorations….she thought hmm so this is saiyyam’s gift for valentine’s day…not bad….she enters and looks for saiyyam…she sees him with his back facing her…she goes behind him and hugs him from the back…she says saiyyam thank you for all of this…I knew you wouldn’t forget today’s day….you know I have been wanting to tell you something since last night but I never got the chance….today I will tell you…saiyyam turns and krishna looks down…she slowly looks up but is shocked seeing the person…she says yuvaan…?
Yes it was yuvaan not saiyyam…she moves back and says what are you doing here? Yuvaan says krish I want to say something…he gets on his knees and says krish I know I did wrong with you….i chose baby over you and that was my biggest mistake…I am really sorry krish but this time I am truly in love with you…yes krish I don’t know how but I just started loving you…krishna’s eyes are filled with tears…he says krish today is valentine’s day so I thought to do this small surprise for you…and I want to ask krish if you don’t mind then will you give your other half of your heart to me? I really love you krish…she is shocked…she moves back….

She looks to her right and sees saiyyam standing…he walks to her teary eyed but doesn’t show…krishna says saiyyam? Yuvaan gets up from his knees and sees him…krishna says saiyyam you called me to the terrace but you weren’t here…saiyyam takes a deep breath and lets it out…he says because not me but yuvaan called you…he told me to ask you to come…krishna is shocked…saiyyam walks to krishna and says I have to say something…she thinks hopefully it’s his feelings…he looks at yuvaan asking him if he can speak to her….yuvaan nods…saiyyam turns to krishna and says krishna today is valentine’s day…it’s when two people confess their feelings and give them a gift…krishna thinks saiyyam just say it already…he says well I also have a gift for you but before that I want to say something…krishna nods
He says firstly I am so sorry Krishna…she says for? He says for forcefully marring you, keeping you in this unwanted relation, and treating you bad…he says I know I did wrong with you and I’m sure you probably hate me for it…but I don’t know krishna…I don’t know when I started falling for you…yes krishna I love you…I really do…krishna is so happy from the inside and saiyyam continues speaking and says but unfortunately you don’t….krishna is shocked…he says yes krishna I know you still love yuvaan and I’m so stupid to think that you may love me back when ever since from childhood you have always loved yuvaan so how can I take his place?

Saiyyam walks to yuvaan and pats his back…he looks at krishna and says yuvaan will keep you happy krishna…I want that too…I want my love to be happy with her love….today is valentine’s day…he walks to her…it is when two people become one…happy valentine’s day krishna….she is shocked…she thinks no saiyyam no I love you too!!! Saiyyam takes out some papers and says krishna for valentine’s day couples usually give each other rings, roses, flowers, chocolates, letters, etc…but I….i will gift you something you will remember forever and you will stay happy with….krishna looks confused and says what? Saiyyam says yuvaan…Krishna stumbles and yuvaan smiles…

Baby is standing far hearing everything…she thinks because of my mistake I lost yuvaan forever…I couldn’t even tell him that I started loving him…she cries…saiyyam says and I have one more gift for you…krishna is speechless…he forwards the papers and says your freedom….krishna is hell-shocked…she thinks no saiyyam please….saiyyam gives the papers in her hands…she opens it and is shocked to see divorce papers…she thinks no saiyyam I will not lose my love…especially my “true love” saiyyam turns around and cries…krishna is speechless…saiyyam can hardly speak but says I have signed it…now you can too so you can be with your happiness pointing towards yuvaan….krishna wipes her tears and holds saiyyam’s shoulder and turns him making him face her…
She says so you want me to sign the papers? He nods…she says okay….saiyyam feels hurt when she replies okay…she takes the papers near his face and says look saiyyam I am signing it…she moves the paper close to his face and tears it into pieces….saiyyam, baby, and yuvaan look on shocked…see I signed the papers…saiyyam says krishna…why did you do that? You had a chance to be with your love…your true love….krishna gets so mad at this duffer and hits on his chest multiple times saying really? My true love? Did you ever ask me how I feel? Did you ever bother knowing what I want? She keeps hitting his chest making him move back towards the railing….krishna continues and says did you ever ask me who I want to be with? Huh? Did you ever ask who I truly love?
All three look on shocked…saiyyam says why do I need to ask? You love yuvaan….she gives him one last push but this time harder and says no you idiot…she holds his collar and pulls him near her face….she says I love you….saiyyam I really love you…I want to be with you…forever…please saiyyam don’t leave me….she cries and moves her lips towards his and kisses him hard…he is shocked first but then reciprocates…she breaks the kiss and says yes saiyyam I love you…you are my true love saiyyam…he gets happy that krishna also loves him…he pulls her into a tight hug and both are lost in one another’s embrace….yuvaan thinks krishna really loves saiyyam? Then who am I to come between them? He leaves the place and finds baby in their room packing bags…
He says baby? Where are you going? She says my work is done yuvaan….i should leave now….she goes but he holds her wrist and pulls her back….he says how can you leave me? She is confused…he says you love me right? Then how can you leave your love? That to on Valentine’s Day? She is shocked and surprised…she says it means you forgave me…he says I forgave you long back but I couldn’t tell you…she hugs him tight and says I love you yuvaan and this time truly….yuvaan hugs her back and says I know and I will give you one last chance…she is really happy…he picks her up and puts her on the bed and both get intimate….

Other side kriyyam are still hugging….krishna breaks the hug and says saiyyam let’s go to our room…saiyyam is surprised but does what krishna said…both go to their room and lock it…krishna goes towards the cupboard and says saiyyam I was planning something special for our valentine’s day so I’ll be back and show you…he stops her and says wait krishna…before you go I have a gift for you…he goes to the cupboard and takes out a small box…he opens it and shows her the diamond ring he found at the mall for her…she is surprised…he takes it and looks into her eyes for permission for him to make her wear it…she nods happily…he puts it on her finger and kisses her hand…she sees saiyyam and kisses his cheeks and says thanks saiyyam…I’ll be back….he nods and thinks what must it be that krishna planned for me? After a few minutes Krishna comes out wearing a seductive black dress coming above her knees…

She stands against the door in a seductive way…he moves his eyes and sees Krishna and is shocked…he says wow! Krishna you…you look hot!!! She blushes and says hmmm thank you honey!!! He raise one eye brow up and says hmmm honey and all huh? He walks to her and she walks to him…he slides his hand on her waist and pulls her closer…she wraps her hands around his neck and says how do I look? Hot? Or something more? He moves closer to her and says if I tell you then you will blush so much…krishna comes near his ears and says then say it…I want to see what all you can say…he pulls her closer and says sure? She says hmmm I want to see what all you can do…he says if you come this close to me in such a short dress looking hot and s*xy then I will lose my control…she pulls him closer and whispers in his ears then lose it…lose your control…I want to see how much you can do….
He slightly moves back and sees her face….he says hmm someone is romantic….she blushes and turns around but saiyyam holds her from her belly and pulls her near him bumping her back to his chest…he moves her hair on one side and leaves wet kisses on her shoulders…he slides one side of the sleeve down and kisses her shoulder up to her neck…she breathes fast and turns around hugging him tight…he lets his face rest in her neck kissing her….she feels currents in her body…she moves back and pushes saiyyam on the bed…she gets on him and opens his shirt…she kisses his neck and chest and he turns her over…he opens her zipper and removes her dress….he leaves kisses on her belly and she enjoys his touch……he moves down to her legs and kisses her up to her thighs….he separates her legs and kisses her inner thighs….he moves to her middle and kisses her right in the center…she jumps up a little and lets out a small scream…he says sorry…she says it’s okay saiyyam…he pulls her bottom wear down and takes his pants out…he enters in her and she moans in pleasure…she lets out a scream meaning she wasn’t a women anymore…she was a complete women…she was now joined with saiyyam…she enjoyed his touch and he kissed her belly…he moves back up to her neck and kisses her neck…
She grabs the duvet and covers them….she turns him over and rests her head on his chest…he holds her from her waist pulling her close to him and both fall asleep in each other’s arms
Song in BG play
Meri kismat ke har ek paane pe…mere jeete ji baad marne ke…mere har ik kal har ik lamhe me…tu likh de mera usey…har kahani me saare qisson me…dil ki duniya ke sacche rishton me…zindagani ke saare hisso mein…tu like de mera usey…aye khuda aye khuda jab bana uska hi bana…aye khuda aye khuda jab bana uska hi bana…screen fades and lights dim…

A girl around 5 years is seen running and a small boy around 4 years running behind her…he says didi please give me my ice cream back….the girl says no khush….you catch me….he says aditi didi please….she runs but collides with a man….she says daddy!!! The person is revealed and it is yuvaan….he says princess why are you troubling khush? He is your brother….khush says exactly mamu tell didi to give me my ice cream…saiyyam comes and aditi says mamu tell khush to let me have this ice cream….saiyyam says khush beta let aditi have it…she is your sister na….krishna and baby come and says no! no one will get it because your mamma’s will get it….krishna snatches the ice cream from aditi and both baby and krishna eat it…aditi and khush look at saiyyam and their mouths hang open and together say “lo agayi do do moti’s” (look the two fat ladies are here) krishna and baby pout and complain respectively to their husbands hawww saiyyam/yuvaan this is what you teach your kids….yuvaan and saiyyam let out a sarcastic laugh and say no honey them two are just speaking nonsense….khush and aditi giggle and says haww mamma daddy is lying….they run away leaving yuvaan and saiyyam with the two angry wives….they say I love you to their wives and baby and krishna laugh….kriyyam and yuvay hug and screen freezes on their happy faces with the two kids next to them



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