True Love Is Immortal (Promo)


Hi everyone. I am not at all new here…. but wont be telling you who i am:?? I will only tell u about me after at least 5-6 episodes….. this is just a promo. And guys i have not yet decided about pairs… so u may give ur vote today regarding it… one more thing… if i fail to get a good response.. i will have to end it…
True love is immortal…….

“Immortal” not a big lengthy word but when we come to its meaning it is beyond life and death….. humans are not immortal but their love is….. and i have brought such a love story which cannot die…..

So the promo begins with a boy running on road…. he is very tensed….. has tears in his eyes…. he looks as if someone has beaten him badly….badly injured… is struggling for life… still running for his love….
Boy: dont do anything swara i am coming everything will be alright ..
He, with lots of difficulties goes up with stairs….. he climbed almost 4 floors…. he reached a house……
The gate was opened he went in and found a door closed….
Boy banged the door…
Boy: swara open it swara i am here…. everything will be fine… believe me….
He is ignoring his immense pain…just for his love…..
After many trials he opens the door…
He goes in and sees that swara has cut her hand with knife and lot of blood has flown…. she is in her last moments… the boy goes to swara. He keeps her head in his laps….
Boy: swara swara… nothing will happen to u…
Swara: no… i cant live more… dont worry… our love is immortal…. we will soon get reunited…. i love u .. i love u a lot…..
She said it and then swara was no more… she dies…
Boy: swara…..
He also feels difficulty in breathing… after some time he too dies…….
They both r lying on floor……….

Scene 2
A girl is hanging from cliff….
A boy comes there…
Boy: ragini ragini hold my hand… i will pull u back… dont worry…
Ragini: no idont think i can be saved…. u go .
Boy: how can i go leaving u here…
Ragini: i said na go…
They both are crying… the boy holds her hand..
Boy: ragini pls try to come up.. try ragini.
Ragini tries a little.
Suddenly a man comes with an axe.
Man: so u both think u can go from here. I wi not leave u.
The man beats the boy on his hand through which is was holding girls hand.
Ragini falls down. The man pushes the boy too. They both fall down . Their hands are touched…. they die. They r no more.
Man: mission accomplished…
He leaves…
Both boys and swaragini dies……..

So this was promo…..
Who are the boys???
Why did swara do suicide?????
Why did ragini died..
Who was the man?
What circumstances made this happen:???
Will they reunite????
U will get all answers in episode 1…
Thanks for reading and do vote for ur favourite pairs…

Credit to: ??????????

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  1. Interesting. Plz make it raglak

    1. Thank you. Pairs will be revealed soon

  2. wow….. ???? awesome

    1. Thanks smiley. Ur comment means a lot to me

    1. let’s see what happens…

  3. Interesting…. abt pairs asusal swasan nd raglak for me… beciz it got fixed die SR

    1. thanks for comment .. pairs will be revealed soon

  4. Swasan plzz

    1. thanks for ur vote

  5. Raglak nd swasan plzz

    1. thanks for your vote

  6. kaira swaragini


    1. lets see what Will be the result

  7. Swasan raglak plzzzz

    1. let’s see bresh.thanks

  8. interesting..plz continue..

    1. thanks. I will continue

  9. I just want ragsan as a couple

    1. let’s see who wins..

  10. Swasan n raglak plsssss….

    1. pairs will be revealed soon

  11. ragsan

    1. thanks for your vote

  12. Plzz swasan n raglak

    1. let’s see who wins

  13. ragsan/raglak both are okay

    1. thanks for reading

    1. let’s see who wins

    1. thanks for ur vote

  14. Really awesome intro.
    Pls make it swasan raglak pls pls pls

    1. thank u so much

    1. thanks

  15. Swalak and ragsan

    1. thanks for voting

  16. Swasan and raglak

    1. thanks

  17. Wow…. an awesome .. promo…..
    Want swalak

    1. thanks. nice dp

    1. thanks

  18. Want swasan

    1. let’s see. thanks

  19. please swasan and raglak

    1. thanks

  20. Awesome promo…. Plz make raglak nd swasan couple

    1. let’s see dear

  21. Swasan & raglak hope so

    1. let’s see dear

    1. thanks

  22. awesome promo
    and swasan and raglak plz………

    1. thanks dear

  23. Intresting. Make pair by ur wish but give equal importance to both

    1. thank u . for sure importance will be given to both pairs

  24. Nice promo

    1. tysm dear keep reading

  25. awesome but please please make it swalak and ragsan

    1. thanks for your vote

  26. ragsan n swalk plsss……….

    1. Lets see richa… what majority decides

  27. swalak [;easee

    1. Thanks for commenting dear

  28. I loved it dear. No matter whatever pairs u choose. I am gonna read it

    1. So sweet of u dear

  29. I liked it . Nice promo. Swasan as pair

  30. Omg…. such an intense promo. Hats off yaar

  31. Hats off. Nice promo. Pls continue it

  32. Swalak ragsan plz

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