True Love Is Immortal (Episode 1)


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As u all read in promo swaragini and sanlak dying……so to know what happened.. we need to start from very beginning.
My story starts from a small house. 2 girls live there. Ofcourse pur swaragini lived there. So guys u can understand that they r not very rich… they r middle class…. they have lost their parents… and r living alone…. they have a cafe in which they work and through which they earn a living.
Its raining out… a girl comes out and shouts…she is our ragini..
Ragini: shona its raining …. come out …
Saying this she steps out and feels the rain ……
A girl (ofcourse our swara) comes out running….

Swara: wow ragini…. toh lets get started…
Ragini: yes shona…
They both run out and stand on road… people r running to escape from rain…
Ragini: shona first rain…
Swara: and lots of happiness…
They start dancing…on song cham cham…
Aftet rain stops..
Swara: oh… it stopped..
Ragini: no problem shona… btw.. we r late … we need to rush to cafe…
Swaragini goes in and get ready for work…….
They r in cafe….
Suddenly a car stops in front of the cafe. A boy steps down… he is our laksh..
Swara: laksh… yahan..
She goes to him..
Laksh: so shona ..surprised..
Swara: of course.. how come u here… .
Laksh: vo bhai was not at
Swara: ok ..i understood..
They laugh…
Swara: aao chalo andar…

Swara: ragini see who came here.
Ragini: kaun h shona… cant u see i am workinh.
Laksh: shona why do always ur sister boils in anger.
Swara: laksh we have same situations regarding siblings.
Laksh and swara laughs.
Lakah gets a call.
Lakah:…bhai ka phone.
Swara: chill .. he is not here.
Laksh picks the call.

Laksh: bhai
Sanskar: laksh where r u. I found that u r not in office.
Laksh: vo i came to drink coffee.
Sanska : u must have gone to that girl’s cafe. How many times i have to tell u that she and her cafe dont match with our standard.
Laksh: but bhai she is my best friend.
Sanskar: what .. how can a rich boy and middle class girl be friend.
Laksh: but bhai..
Sanskar: i said na come back..
Laksh: ok..
He disconnect the call.
Laksh: swara i need to leave.
Swara: ur bhai is calling.
Laksh: u know him na..
Swara: no problem chill…. bye will meet soon.
Laksh: very soon.
Laksh: bye ragini…
Ragini looks at him and with a weird expression.
Ragini: bye raeeszade.
Swara: ragini.
Laksh: leave her… bye shona.

He leaves.
Ragini: shona. Stay away from such rich people
Swara: di everyone is not same. Its just his brother sanskar. I hate him . Such an egoistic man.
Ragini: ok leave it . Lets go back home.
At sanlak mansion.
Sanskar: what was this laksh. If u wanted to have coffee. U must have gone to some 5star hotel..
Laksh: i went there to meet…
Sanskar: shut up. U know na she is not a good girl. Her company is not good.
Laksh: no bhai . She is my bestie.
Sanskar: i am telling u last time stay away from them.
Laksh was scared of his brothers anger.
Laksh: ok.
Sanskar realises that he has scolded him enough. Although sanskar is little strict but loves his brother a lot.
Sans: ok now sorry

Laksh: its ok.
Sans: what do u want.
Laksh speaks dramatically: bhai aapko lagta h mai aapki respect kuch maangne ke liye karta h u broke my heart bhai.
Sanskar: shut up nautanki.
Laksh: ok ok i need to go.
Saying this he runs to his room.
Sanskar: i have to do something of that swara.

Precap: swara and sanskar’s fight….

Hope i get same response as my promo …

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