True love happens only once by Jenny (Episode-1)

Hey everyone ! This is my first ff and I am too excited for that so kindly comment your views. Well, I have to tell that this ff will feature two live characters of this site. I got this idea from a ff to use live characters of this site.

Sorry for using your collage as the display pic of my ff Archu. Never mind

The story is quite different. So,
New characters-

Ayan (played by Shah Rukh Khan) (Janvi’ partner as it her favourite)

This will be quite different as Anika, Janvi, Soumya, Gauri and Prinku will be sisters.

And Shivaay, Ayan, Rudra, Omkara, Ranveer are brothers and they love their sister who is Archisha.

They all are in one college.
3rd year students,

2nd year

1st year
Archisha (as she is still a little kid so I think a partner isn’t appropriate for her and I know she will not like a parter too)

Here we go,

The episode starts with 5 brothers playing in a room on 1 bed. Yes, they are Rudra, Shivaay, Adi, Ranveer and Om.

Rudra- It is so fun. Everyone is thinking we are sleeping but the truth is something else.

Adi- Yeah. And our Jhagga Jasoos is on duty.

Shivaay- But she has her own condition for doing this.

Om- Yup. I have to cook noodles for her tonorrow morning and Ranveer.

Ranveer- And I have to install all the detective movies she wants from me.

Shivaay- Demandful girl !

Om- But she is the best sister and I can do anything for her.

All others- We too

Suddenly a girl comes rushing in and says.

Archisha- Bhaiya.. Everyone has woke up and they are coming here only.

Rudra- What !!!! Do it quickly guys.

Shivaay shuts the laptops and put they below the bed. Ranveer takes out the TV plug. Om keeps all the dishes and but them in the drawer. Archisha and Rudra switch off the lights. Archisha hops in the couch and puts a blanket on her. And all the brothers sleep in their beds.

Pinky, Tej, Shakti and Janhvi come in the room and switch on the light.

Pinky- I said na Jethani ji thats all will be sleepings.

Tej- You were right.

They switch of the lights and go away. Rudra wakes up without seeing and shouts- Say how good actors we are.

Ranveer also wakes up- Yes rudra..

Shivaay and Om wake up too. Hang god they didn’t found us.

Adi wakes up and goes to switch on the lights.
And holding the door he says- Haha.. Let’ rock the party.

Shivaay signals him to see on his left.

Adi- What are you doing Shivaay ? Why are you signalling to see there. Don’t you have a mouth. Speak up bro.

Suddenly Adi feels a hand holding his ear and gets a shock when he looks on his left. All the parents were standing there only. (Boom! ??)

Pinky- I always hads a doubt on you alls. See my Archu. She is sleeping and you all are making disturbances.

Rudra looks at Archisha sleeping on the couch.

Om- But maa.

Ranveer- She is not sleeping. Wake up naatakbaaz.

Shivaay goes to her – Wake up Archu..

Archisha(being really sleepy) – Plz bhai. Only 5 minutes more.

Tej- She don’t even knows what is happening.

Shakti- Yes.. Don’t blame my innocent child.

Janhvi- Yeah. And for you brothers, No mobile, no Tv and no Playing for 1 week.

Om- Mom.. This is not fair.

Rudra- Yes mom. Give her the punishment too.

Janhvi- Enough Rudra. She is innocent.

Adi- She, and innocent !!

Pinky- I will sees you all in the morning !!

The adults gather all the electronics exept Archisha’s laptop and go away.

The brothers go to Archisha and take her blanket. But, she was sleeping peacefully.
They all smile seeing her sleeping in a cute way and go away. Then, they all hear her laughing and turn.

Archisha- Haha.. I made you all a fool.

Adi- Ugh. Because of you, my phone is taken away. Now how will try her number and talk to her !

Ranveer- Her ?
Shivaay- Who ?
Om- When u met her?
Rudra- Paraya dhan !!
Archisha- No guys ! JANVI !!

Adi (dreamingly)- Yes, Janvi.

Precap- The Singhaniya sisters are intruduced. Adi’s love at first sight with Janvi. Soumya is Rudra’s type. Shivaay likes Anika’s business skills. Om to learn new skills of painting from Gauri. Priveer’s first meet. Archisha to be order by her brothers to do friendship with Singhaniya sisters.

Sorry for using your collage as the display pic of my ff Archu. Plz don’t mind. This for today. Hope you all like it ?
Take care. Cya

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  1. Nice epi….

  2. Loved it dear. please continue soon. Waiting………….

  3. Superb plot yaar.??
    I do have a request,please do give EQUAL IMPORTANCE TO ALL JODIS unlike the show, specifically omri, rumya, priveer are always avoided in the show?

    Waiting for your next post??

  4. Sam-99


  5. Nice one dear..

  6. JanviSingh

    Ommmmmmmmmmmgggggg…. Jenny….
    This is such a cute gift sweetheart….
    I really luvd it…..
    I can’t thank u enough for writing this story…
    Thank a lot dear….
    N the story is superbbbbb…..
    Luv u dear….?????

  7. Jenny3

    Well.. I wanna make a confession. The plot was given to me by Archu. And the character of a new sister was given by her too. The fact is, that my cutie didn’t knew that she would be the sister. Love you Archu

  8. Vincy

    Awesome dear



  10. it was amazing jenny….update soon

  11. Intresting story line Jenny…… waiting 4 nxt

  12. Alekhika20

    Loved the updt

  13. Amayaa

    Awesome fabulous wonderful outstanding excellent amazing superb GAZAB . ……………………… At present only this words ringing in my body I liked it so much that I didn’t read it once but twice nd thrice also ???
    Actually I didn’t liked it but loved it ???
    I m pleased much by de bro sis bond ???
    Just wow ???
    In Anika bhabhi language it is khirkitor ???
    Archu di must go mad after reading this ???
    Her happiness beyond everyone’s reach ???
    Please post de next 1 soon ???
    I m eagerly waiting for it???

  14. Archisha

    That was so awesome di ???. I am now in love with my character and I am so notorious ??. Well, I love that you understood and didn’t gave me any partner. Thank you. Love you alott ???

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