True love happens (DevNakshi) Kuch rang pyar ke, Ep- 3


Scene -1
Dev is angry with Sona as she leaves the place between their convo .
Kitchu enters,
Dev- no one ever dared to do so , how dare she leave bte the convo .
Kitchu enteruptes .
Kitchu – Dev bhaiya , I wanted to tell u something … Actually Mami ji spilled the juice on the file and not Dr Dii. Mami ji ran away as she saw u coming . It’s her fault , Dr. Dii is innocent.
Dev – what ? R u sure?
Kitchu – yes bhaiya , Dr Dii picked the file up to see the damage caused .
Dev – oh no! Maine kya kiya ! I wanted to thank her and instead I scolded her !
Dev is not happy with his behaviour .

Scene 2
Sona is in her room.
Sona – I thought Mr. Dixit is a good person but he’s so rude ekdum obodro! (Terrible Bengali alert) He didn’t even cared to listen to me now I’m not gonna talk to him anyway I’m just the nutritionist I’ll just work no extra talks no nothing.

Scence 3
Sona is still angry with Dev decides just to work no xtra talks nothing
Sona is working in the kitchen.
While Dev comes in.
Dev is trying to strt the convo
Dev- Miss Bose, do u knw where is water ?
Sona – even u knw it’s in the fridge !
Dev – yea right ! So I’ll drink water n go !
Sona – ……….
Dev- btw the kal jo hua…
Sona- Dikhea Mr.Dixit Mai yaha surf Apna kaam Karne Atti hu n I’m doing my work properly , let me just do my work .
N leaves the kitchen asap.
Dev- Miss Bose toh bohut gussa hai !what should I do!

Scence 4
Dev is still trying to say sorry to Sona
Dev calls Sona in his room to discuss the Reports but he actually wants to say sorry .
Sona enters ,
Dev – miss Bose pleAse sit
Sona – Dr Bose
They discuss the reports
Dev – I also wanted to say something about yesterday.
Sona – kahiyae
Nikki comes in n interrupts
Nikki – bhaiya I’m leaving for my fest !
As Dev n Nikki are talking Sona leaves the room .
Dev leaves for the office .

Scene 4
Dev returns n asks kitchu
Dev – kitchu bhaiya , miss bose kaha hai ?
Kitchu – she just left .
Dev (thinks) -I should say sorry asap I dnt wanna extend the matter . She just left I should go n say sorry .
Dev – kitchu bhaiya maa ko Bta déna tht I’m going for some imp work I’ll return soon
Dev leaves

Nikki who’s returning from her fest is walking from the bus stop to her home is surrounded teased by goons .
Sona who’s on her way to home notices Nikki .
Sona – Nikki ?
Nikki- Dr Dii ! Save me please !
Nikki hides behind Sona .
Sona takes out pepper spray from her bag n sprays in the goons eyes
Sona – jldi karo Chalo
Nikki – ha Chalo di
One of the goons comes with wooden stick
Goon – u are gone !
N tries to hit SonaS head !

Nxt Ep – Dev Buys Flowers for Sona.

Credit to: Kriya

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  1. Awww..feel sorry for Dev. Awesome precap

  2. Feeling really bad for Dev….
    Waiting for the next update…
    Precap seems great…?

  3. Feel sorry for dev!and the goons hit sona??oh my is she okay?

  4. I guess that the moment goons r gonna hit sona, dev will come and hold the wooden stick… Our Dev will have the a hero’s entry and will save his lady love Sona and his cute sister Nikki….?

  5. Poor dev….dev wants to apologize to sona…sounds interesting….

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