True Love happens (DevNakshi) Kuch rang pyar ke , Ep-2


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Nikki ( DevS sis) is excited about her dance fest which is tomorrow she goes to the kitchen to have an apple .
Sona- wow nikki u having an apple? I mean u prefer unhealthy food.
Nikki – I have been eating this since a while Coz of my dance fest tomorrow.
Sona – dance ? I love dancing , I have won certain competitions too.
Nikki – wow di, will u help me if I need help?
Sona – of course I will.
Nikki – okay , I got to go I need to practice my partner would be on his way.
Scene- 2
Nikki goes to Dev for help as she gets a notification tht his partner couldn’t make it to the practice session.

Nikki- bhaiya will u help me ? I need to practice my routine but my partner couldn’t make it here.
Dev – how can I help ? I’m busy I have to do work .
Nikki- bhaiya I knw u won a gold medal in dance comp too, n now u giving excuses I dnt wanna talk to u .
Dev- Acha thike hai I’ll try, but tht was long back , but u don’t get angry.
Nikki – oaky let’s start.
Dev and nikki starts to practice but couldn’t as doesn’t knw the moves , nikki wants someone so tht who can dance dance with Dev n she can Teach him the moves . Suddenly Sona comes in with milk .
Sona – nikki here’s ur milk this will help u to maintain ur diet.
Nikki gets an idea to pair up Sona n Dev for dance.
Nikki – di ,u promised to help me,I need ur help please dance with bhaiya to so tht he learns the moves and practice with me ! Please?
Sona – but, …..
Nikki – no but, u promised !
Sona – okay!
Dev and Sona dance in a romantic song .
(While dancing)
Dev – Miss Bose , aap Jesi bhi hai , u dance really well.
Sona – Thanksz ,u too are dance really well.
Dev- Thanksz .

Both simile n share eyelock movements n Title track play in background.
Nikki claps and Dev and Sonakshi who are lost in each other’s eyes gets interrupted.
Sona – Chalo nikki I have to leave maa must be waiting for me .
Dev – I too wanna make imp calls we’ll practice it later .
Both leaves.
Nikki – they both look great together .
Dev and sona in their own rooms thinking .
Dev- Miss Bose, was looking beautiful, today!
Sona – Mr. Dixit danced really well .
Both are lost in each others thoughts .
Scene- 5
Early morning .
Nikki’s car broke down Infront of a park .
Nikki – I’m getting late driver bhaiya I have to reach there is 10 mins .
Driver- I’m sorry but it will take more than 30 mins to get repaired .
Sona sees nikki as she was jogging in the park n comes to nikki.
Sona – what happened nikki?
Nikki – Dii my car, I have to reach to the college in less Thn 10 mins I dnt know how will I go.
Sona – dnt worry I’ll drop u !
Sona drops nikki to her college , nikki is impressed by Sona n her helpful nature she thinks her to be a perfect girl .
Dev calls niki.

Dev- where are u ? Are u okay? Driver informed me about the car?
Nikki – bhaiya cool down Sona di dropped me .
Dev – Sona ? Why didn’t u call me .
Nikki – I had no time she’s so helpful she helped me when I need the most , n bhaiya I’m fine but now I have to go for dance practices, bye.
Dev- okay.
Dev feels like thanking Sona for her gesture .
Dixit house
Sona – Mr. Dixit ur juice
Dev – please keep it near the files (while taking on phone)
Sona – okay.
Sona leaves as she keeps the juice .
Mami is waking by the table n by mistake spills the juice on the files as she wasn’t aware of the juice .
Kitchu- aree Mami ji, Apna kya kiya?
Mami- Maine Nhi kiya .
Sona enters

Sona – what happened kitchu bhaiya ?
Kitchu – Mami ji spilled the juice on the files .
Sona picks ups the file
Dev enters .
Mami leaves the hall asap.
Dev- miss Bose apne yeh kya kiya?
Sona – Dr. Bose for u! N Maine Kuch Nhi kiya .
Dev scolds Sona n doesn’t even listen to her.
Sona- I did nothing . U can even ask kitchu bhaiya , u think I did it ? I’m leaving .
Sona leaves the hall.

Nxt Ep- Nikki is surrounded by goons and is in trouble.

Credit to: Kriya

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