True Love happens (DevNakshi) Kuch rang pyar ke , Ep-1


I’m also one of the first time fan fiction writers, please do comment for suggestions and reviews.
Dev is a self made business tycoon n loves his family n his mom is God for him .
Sonakshi is a nutritionist working for Dev in his house for his mother , she’s a middle class girl.

Dev’s room
Dev – kitchu bhaiya juice lana .
Sona comes in with a glass of juice as kitchu bhaiya is out to bring vegetables.
Sona- Mr.Dixit , here’s your juice !
Sona closes her eyes as soon as she see’s Dev not wearing his shirt Coz he was getting ready .
Dev- Miss Bose , what are u doing here?
Sona – Dr. Bose ! N kitchu bhaiya is out to buy vegetables so i bought u juice , I’m keeping this here on the table please have it .
Sona goes out from his room .
Dev- Miss Bose bhi Na Bina knock Kare hii aa jati hai. No manners at all .

Breakfast table
Dev – Miss Bose butter please.
Sona – Dr. Bose n no butter bad for health
Sona to Ishwari
Sona – aunty ji , aapka Khana !
Ishu- beta Aaj toh ek Pratham khane de (let me have one Pratha!)
Sona – no aunty ji it’s bad for u now .
Dev – maa Dr. Bose is right .
Ishu- okay.
Dev leaves for the office

Scene – 3
Dev returns from the office while he bumps into Sona who’s leaving for home n she falls but Dev catches her They share an eyelock moment
Dev- be careful Miss Bose.
Sona is still in his arms
Sona – Dr Bose for you .
As she manage to get to her own feet n picks up her bag.
Dev – Dr Bose okay?
Sona – not okay . U should see n while walking
Dev – u bumped into me .
Sona – u did Mr. Obodro.
Dev- no Bengali Dr Bose .
Sona – Watever
N leaves

Sona in her room
Sona thinking abut Dev n what happened with him today .
Elena SonaS sister
Elena – kii holo? (What happened )
Sona- nothing just thinking about Mr Dixit.
Ellena In teasing way ..
Elena – ohhhhooo! Kya baat hai?
Sona – nothing he’s so rude at times .
Ellena- like u aren’t sometimes , u 1st impression is doesn’t always shows the real person.
Sona- yea maybe
Ellena – I think we should sleep now I’m very sleepy
Sona – yes right me too.!

Nxt Ep- Sona and Dev dances in a party on a romantic song .

Credit to: Kriya

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  1. Its short and sweet… Try to add ur own flavour and make it slightly different from the original track… Overall a good try… Waiting for your next episode… And ya thanks for just keeping dev and sona’s scenes… Try to keep more of their scenes… Thanx…?

    1. Thnksz , I’ll make it more imaginative n different. Thts y I kept it short n sweet so tht of the response is good I’ll write further.
      Sona n Dev scene are priority for me .

  2. All the best dear, my first episode was also so similar to the story, but in next episodes I added my imagination. You can also do good.

    1. Thnks✌?️

  3. Nice one..carry on

  4. It’s very nice di!its just that it doesn’t seem too original,try adding your own rang in it !i know it will be another amazing story!all the best!!❤️?

    1. Thanksz so much dear!✌?️

  5. Amazing start up…with cute nok jokk….I like that u gave us only devakshi scene’s

  6. Nice starting…PR kuch esi story banao jisme Dev sona KO bohot hurt karta ho…I mean ‘hate to love journey’.I hope u understand. Plzz…overall good..& thanks?

  7. Very nice more DevAkshi scenes like this one

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