My True Love an ff by Rena (Part-6)

Hi guys I am so sorry for being late hope u like this part plz plz comment

Shivika has shared tnnheir good news with the family and all are excited for the baby
One month has actually finished
2 month
Anika is passing through her morning sickness
Shivaay don’t know what to do he was terrified more than Anika
Anika rushed to the bathroom
Shivaay called the whole oberois shouting
Shivaay:mom badi maaaa dadiii
Pinky:Kya Hua shivaay why are u shouting
Jhanvi:come let’s help Anika
Om:god it so tough to become a parent
Ru:bhaiyaa for us Anika bhabi child is enough
Om:yes Shivaay ki halath Dekho
Shivaay was carefully seing what Pinky aunty is doing so that he can help her next time
Anika came she was iritataed becz of the sickness
They all left

Shivaay rushes to bathroom he helped his wife
2 month finished all the sickness has come to an end
It’s the time for nightmare for Shivaay
Anika used to wake him up on midnight to eat something Shivaay couldn’t even get proper sleep
On night
Anika:Shivaay Shivaay
Shivaay: Kya Hua anika
Anika: Shivaay I need red forest ice cream and velvet cake
Shivaay :baby there is not a Dish called red forest ice cream
Anika: I said I ness it if I said then there is a Dish called anything
Shivaay: o.k dear anything for u and goes closer
Anika: ice cream and velvet cake she shouts
Shivaay is disbelief leaves from there
Shivaay knocks om’ s room for 15 minute and finally
Shivaay: on what is red forest ice cream and velvet cake
Om:what the Shivaay are u mad just look what is the time
Shivaay: plz help me
Om: come let’s call that rudr also
They went to rudr room
Shivaay and om called him many times
Rudr:No jao ya ha se.i want to sleep
I’m pours water on him
They also drag rudr
Rudr:ahhh what is ur problem u are Shivaay Singh oberoi make anything and give her
At last they three make and goes to anika and gives her Anika was happy and she sleeps even without saying thankyou
Rudr: bhaiya if I ever marry n.a. don’t get yr wife pregnant
Om nods his no:No no

Months passes like this with anikas increasing anger she used to throw Shivaay our out of the room sometime pull into the pool
Anika:shivaay I hate u for making me in this condition after ur baby comes don’t even dare to come close to me she pushes him out of the room
At last the time has come Anika was taken to hospital everyone was tensed and exited
Nurse:Mr oberoi beti Hua hai
Everyone was happy Shivaay went inside and all of them everyone was fighting for taking the baby
Om;I am her Chachu let me take her
Rudr:then what do u think I am mama give me
Dadi: what name have u decide
Anika Abuja and Shivaay smiles together and says :shivika
Shivaay looks at anika:I still believe in true love and that’s u

The end

Thankyou all for supporting me in writing this ff
And I also that sanchi bcz I got some ideas from her for this episode plz comment with love Rena bye take care

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  1. Awesome

  2. Ashlyn.G

    Wow…Happy ending…..just loved it…

  3. Aww…that was so cute..bechara shivaay…reading the last line my smile got wide…will you be my friend Rena ?

    1. Rena699

      Yes aashi and thankyou

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    Nice one dear

  7. Superb…

  8. Awesome end

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    Nice one dr…..

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    That’s nice Rena di..

  11. Ahsana98

    sorry Rena for not commenting your os I taught you changed. I mentioned my reason for that . I like last episode of your ff. It was a nice story dear. l like it. Shivay believe true love. And anika is his love at first sight. He is propose her in front of the college. But she is rejected his proposal thinks that it was his prank. After so many days anika fall in love with shivay and accept his proposal. After one year they are getting married. After so many month’s their simple of love come in the world, shivika .It was an awesome lovely super duper ending dear. when shivay says looking at anika, “I still believe in true love, that’s was you anika “. It was the sweetest moment of this episode. you justified your title with this story. I really miss you sister. I will come back after my exams ends.
    Where are you from?

  12. Alekhika20

    Wonderful ending

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