My True Love an ff by Rena (Part-5)

Hi guys I am soooo sooooooo sorry for being late I hope u will forgivee and like this episode

Shivaay and anika had been now very close to Each other they loved each other very much
The tour has been wonderful

Anika in call: shivaay where are u in am waitinga for u
Shivaay: oh my dear one min i will be there
Shivaay comes with his bike it was a Harley Davidson
Shivaay hugs anika
Anika: let’s go
They go with eachother to collage every day now they reach in park as it was a holidaytoday

Anika hugs shivaay from back
Shivaay: oh why do u want me to go every day with you
Anika: oh so u I don’t like coming with me then it’s fine I will go with nakul
Shivaay pulls Anika by her waist and they are very close now
Shivaay: don’t u dare do that u r just mine how can I think of leaving me ahhh the one who takes u every where the one who love you the one who take care of u Anika how can I say that
Anika: oh my god it was a joke my dramebaaz
Shivaay: then also u will have to.bear an punishment kiss me
Anika: ok and goes near him and Shivaay close ur eyes and he runs
Shivaay: anika wait and goes behind her
These love birds are always like this and then theyarried each other one year later

Shivika room
Shivaay arrives from office and he freshen up and looks for Anika and find her near the pool
Shivaay hugs her from back and kisses her neck
Anika: shivaay how was ur day dear
Shivaay: it was good I cracked an important deal
Anika: ok congratulations on the deal
Shivaay: he was yr day
Anika gives him water
Anika: it was good and by e way I am having a baby
Shivaay: oh congratulations on the baby

And then he understands and ask what a baby
Anika:ha Shivaay a baby u k ow what a baby is right??
Shivaay :anika I know what a baby is this means
How can u have a baby
Anika: oh then u I made me like this right u differ
Shivaay: anika this means we are going to bcome parents
Anika: no Shivaaywe are gonna become grand parents
Shivaay :ur joking
Anika: shivaay come on don’t irritate me
Shivaay: Anika today I am very happy when will our baby come I can’t wait
And they kiss each other

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    Awesome and I love crazy stories❤

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  4. SamSun

    It was short ?.
    It was so cute!!!!?????
    Shivika and their small own world filled with joy, so sweet. I completely loved shivaay’s reaction. I was laughing imagining that scene!!!
    Are u ending this? Is this the last part? I hope not. Pls don’t end it!!!

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  6. Nikita_jai29

    Sweet and cute update dear..

  7. Dhar

    Cuteness overloaded ??? awesome episode ?

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    Wonderful part

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