My True Love an ff by Rena (Part-2)

Hi guys thankyou so much for ur love and comments so here goes the episode

Anika: where did u learn this shayaru
Shivaay :it comes to mind after seeing u
Anika:idiot u will regret for loving me
Shivaay: I still love u
Anika:I am warning u
Shivaay: why
Anika: I don’t believe In love
Shivaay: but i believe in love nd I
Anika: mat kar itni mohabbat aye dil
Pyar ka dard seh na payenga
Toot jayenga kisi din apno k hathoon se
Kisne todda yeh bi kisise keh na payenga
So I don’t believe in love
Shivaay: I Will make I believe in love my dear

They reach a restaurant and everyone are waiting for food
Shivaay is starring at anika
Shivaay: how beautiful it is
Shivaay: when I see u I can’t see anything except u
Anika smiles a little
Shivaay: I wish to see ur face in my whole life anika
Rohit:me too tanvi
Sidh:I can do anything for ur smile
Girls together :idiots
After eating there is some ice cream on anikas face
Shivaay:in ur fa e
Anika what

Shivaay: comes closer And wipes it
Bg tune of ae dil hai mushkil plays
Anika Animal was about to buy slips into shivaay s arms
They were staring at each other
Tanvi:ehm ehm
Anika stands up and goes
Come let’s go
Malika:this time we girls will go in one car no excuse
Tanvi:Ya if we are going with I we will get mad
Anika: hm
Anikapov:something is there about him why do I think about him do I no anika no what rubbish are u saying

Back to collage
Teacher: students we are going to tour the places are first we go to munar then after 3 days StU there we go to goa and then we go to swisterland there y will stay for 10 days so that I all will get chance to visit the the compacompanies and understand business
Everyone are excited
The tour is day after tomorrow and tomorrowu I have leave to get it things ready and pack everything
Everyone :yaaaya
In this collage everyone are rich so tbe tour will also be according to their status everyone are business man children so as they are learning mba business hope u liked it and plz comment with love yes rena



    Dear Rena…, it’s was an awesome episode 👌👌👌 .Thank you for including munnar is one of the tour place .Munnar is the one of the beautiful place in Kerala . But I didn’t visit that place. Today episode was super. I’m waiting for their tour and romance. I’m waiting for your next episode. update soon. 😘😘😘😘😘

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