This Is True Love (Episode 6)

Kaira FF This Is True Love/ TITL
Hey guys, omg this is my 6th episode! Cheers to my 6th episode!

Episode starts with Gayu and Naira face calling with Karthik
Naira: Karthik, tera muh, kal, dekhna layak tha
Gayu laughs and says: ha, pehli baar
Naira: bichara Karthik

Karthik: tum, hote kon hoi, yeh sab bolna vaale?
Gayu: hum hote hai, Naira and Gayu, the cutest girls in the world, or tum the dumbest man in the whole world.
Naira: Karthik, ki eyebrows
Gayu and Naira laugh so hard

Karthik: acha, dekho sab ladki ko mujhse se prem ho jata hai! Dekho, kitna handsome hoon main!
Gayu: tumari looks se nahi hua tha, tumari acchai se hua tha, ab to nahi dikhrahi hai yeh acchai
Naira: Karthik kya tumhara, eyebrows bachpan se aisa tha?
Karthik: Gayu, tum toh meri best friend ho, main toh sapne me bhi, nahi soch sakta ki tum aisa kar sakti hooo

Gayu: ok, don’t use these, dialogues in front of me, it ain’t gonna work dude! Main ladki waalo se hui hoo, to ladki ki hi side loongi
Karthik: Ok bye beautiful ladies, going to office!
Karthik leaves the chat
Gayu: Nair, yeh galat hai
Naira: Di, kya galat hai?
Gayu: chup chap, baitho yaha pe!
Naira sits
Gayu: Karthik, did so much for you, he also forgave you when you doubted on him! He made you close to mami! You should do something special for him!
Naira: ya, you’re right, but what?
Gayu: I don’t know, don’t ask me
Naira: But I’m so unromantic, please give me an idea!
Gayu: ok, go on a coffee date with him!
Naira: ok, what about restaurant? Haven’t eaten noodles in ages!
Gayu: shut up, you are going on a date with him! Not to eat noodles, I think coffee date will be more cute!
Gayu: ok Naira, you need to look perfect tonight, let’s go shopping!
Both of them leave for shopping!
Gayu: Omg, this blue dress is so cute! Even Karthik likes blue!
Naira: Yes, baby ko pasand hai blue, but I hate it
Gayu: baby?
Naira changes the topic!
Naira: What about this dress! (link to the dress how it looks like – )
Gayu: omg yes, it’s perfect
While they were going, some goons came and attacked them
Gayu: koi, bachao!
Naira: Plz help us, come and help us
That time Karthik came and started hitting the goons
Naira called the police and the goons got arrested
Gayu: thanks Karthik, ok we may leave

Evening time..
Gayu: Ok Naira, you look perfect now, go down Karthik would be waiting for you
Naira leaves

Karthik: Looks, at her and she gets amazed!
Naira thinks: Karthik itna handsome bhi lag sakta hai!
The both leave!
Karthik sits at the front of the bike, Naira sits at the back holding him
Karthik: Naira, tum bahot hi jada, beautiful lag rahi ho
Naira: You’re also looking so cute!
Naira holds Karthik tighter
Karthik looks at Naira from the side mirror of the bike
Naira: Karthik, driving pe dyan dou!
They reach to the coffee shop
Karthik: Naira, I love you

Naira: I love you too, so much!!!!!
Karthik: no, I love you more
Naira, no, I love you more
Naira leans towards Karthik and kisses him on his lips.

Precap: Karthik kisses Naira, after they turn around and gets shocked.

Hey, guys sorry for the short episode! Well it is 3:56 in the morning, in NZ, so I want to sleep now, so kk bye! Hoped you like it!
Q. Who was it?
Q. Should Gayu get a better person and romantic than Karthik? (you guys forgot to answer this question in my last ff, plz answer)

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