This Is True Love (Episode 4)

This Is True Love FF – Kaira / TITL
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Episode Starts with Gayu entering Naksh’s room
Naksh: Gayu there is a big problem!
Gayu gets tensed and says: What!
Naksh: Tara feels something moving inside her stomach
Gayu: Don’t tell anyone, elders will get worried, let me call the doctor!
Naira and Karthik hears this and enters: Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!
Naira: Gayu di, call the doctor fast
Karthik makes Tara drink water
They all get worried
Doctor arrives and checks Tara
Doctor: Happy news, the baby started moving! But still, take care of her!
Karthik tells Naksh that he wants to talk to him in private
Naksh: Yes, Karthik what you wanna say?

Karthik: look don’t get me wrong, you know what the doctor said right? To take care of Tara
Naksh: Yes
Karthik: I think, you should not go to work until, your baby is born, Tara needs you
Naksh: I think you’re right, thanks for your advice
Naksh and Karthik hugs each other

Naksh goes to Tara and holds his hands and puts it near his heart
Naksh: Do you want to do this party?
Tara: No..I feel tired
Naksh: Ok, we will have it, tomorrow instead, you rest for now, I’m here with you
Naksh kisses Tara on her lips

Scene shifts to Kaira in kitchen
Karthik holds Naira from back and says: I love you
Naira: I love you too! Doesn’t mean, you follow me everywhere!
Karthik: ok fine, one kiss only!
Naira kisses Karthik on his lips
Naira: ok Karthik, now gi

Naira is crying in her room, Karthik hears and comes
Naira hugs Karthik
Karthik: Darling, what happened?
Naira: I failed! For dance academy

Karthik also starts crying
Karthik: Don’t cry, I’m with you, just wait 1 more year
Naira hugs Karthik tightly
Karthik and Naira kisses
Karthik: Naira come to my house, please, you will be safe there! You will feel better
Naira agrees

Next day..both families are arrived
Naira: Papa, I’m going Goa, for 1 day for dance academy!
Karthik: Sir, I’m going to London, for a meeting for my dad!
Natik: Ok then, Karthik and Naira leave for the airport, you might be late
Karthik and Naira leave

Tara: Naksh, hurry up, you will be late for office
Naksh: Chill, I’m staying here with you
Tara: But…
Naksh: Nothing but..I won’t leave you anywhere
Tara hugs Naksh

Kaira reaches Karthik house
Karthik: This is your future house, liked it?
Naira: Yes, but I like you more
Karthik: You just wait here, I’ll go and take a shower
Naira: I wanted to take a shower too
Karthik does a naughty smile
Karthik: Let’s shower together then

Naira blushes hard
Naira: Fine, but I won’t take all my clothes out
Karthik: ok, I buyed this bikini for you, wear it, you will look s*xy
Naira agrees
While Karthik takes shower wearing his shorts and shirt
Naira comes wearing a bikini, Karthik is amazed!

Naira comes and rips his shirts
They both hold hands and starting kissing each other
They help each other, with scrubbing body with soap
Naira: Your body is so soft, it’s only mine
Karthik: Sure
They get out the shower
Karthik gets a towel and dries Naira
Karthik blushes

Naira: Why are you blushing Karthik?
Karthik: I buyed a night dress for you!
Naira blushes and says: Karthik, will you be shy after marriage too!
Naira: ok, let me change
Karthik holds her and says: Your not going away from me, Madam, I will help you get dressed
Karthik helps Naira gets dress, his hands wear touching her soft body
Karthik and Naira go on bed

Kaira holds each other
Naira: Karthik, your the only one for me, I love you. Whenever I’m with you, you make my stress go away, baby I love you
Karthik: I love you too my sherni, promise you will never leave me?
Naira: I will never leave you!
Karthik: If both of our families don’t allow for our marriage, will you run away with me?
Naira: Yes of course, I can’t live without you, living with you feels like I’m in heaven and without you feels like hell
Karthik: Naira, do you think we should tell our families about us?
Naira: Yes, but after Bhaiya’s baby, Babhi is the one who can make our family understand our love for each other! Because she went through this with Bhaiya
Karthik: I stil, imagine our wedding

Naira: Where do you think, we should get married?
Karthik: We should get married, where we have met each other!
Naira: Yes, the beach
Karthik: That is very special to us, you know that
Naira : Yes, the best part was when how you accidentally, kissed my lips softly and slowly
Kaira falls asleep

Precap: Nakshtara romance, Kaira romance
Sorry for the short episode, it like 12 am or something it way later than that, tomorrow is also my, cousin brother’s wedding

Q. What is the title of Kaira’s background music?

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  1. amazing epesiode i loved it i hope u enjoy ur cousin brothers wedding btw there are 2 bg musics for kaira yahan waha hai tu and chu kar gayi teri chuhan i think???

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    Lovely part

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    Lovely!! Loved the kaira romance …very well!! It was just amazing keep writing waiting for ur next ☺

    Kaira’a title song name is yahan wahan hai tu

  4. AnikaSaini

    Its yahan wahan??
    Earlier was khayal tera jagata hai
    Hmmmm…cmg back to the episode it was amazing ????
    Post next asap

  5. Title song is Yaha waha hai tu ………..

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    song us yahan wahan dear.


  7. Can do better…. not satisfied….

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  8. Hales ff is good than yours I’m sorry to say this

    Try to improve

    1. NikkiTa

      Hpw, can I improve?

  9. Sorry as I’m commenting late bt believe me it was so romantic I just luv :-)!

  10. AnikaSaini

    When will u post ur next episode dear….waiting☺☺

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