This Is True Love (Episode 3)

Kaira FF – This Is True Love / TITL 3

Omg, thanks for all your lovely supporting comments, I love you. Remember, I need to write drama sequences, I can’t show romance every time, but this episode has a sizzling romance of Kaira. Cheers to my third episode!
Link to last episode – episode-2

Episode Starts with Rose in Akshara’s room
While, Naira is taking a shower, Rose enters her room, and gets her phone from her bed, she quickly runs to her room

Rose shares Gayu changing video on Naira phone, and then she adds a unknown contact, it’s actually her extra phone and then she makes a conversation, then goes to Gayu

Rose: Gayu, come here, I wanna show something very important!
Gayu: Yes, what is it?
Rose: Your evil sister, Naira has planned something against you
Gayu: What??
Rose: Gayu, I was looking at Naksh and Tara’s wedding photos on Naira’s phone, cause I wasn’t there, while scrolling down, I was shocked to see this
Rose shows her the vid, also she shows her the chat
The chat is fake btw, it is actually Rose’s, extra phone acc
(The chat said)

Gayu gets shocks and starts crying
Rose: Don’t worry, I’m with you, Gayu it’s not time to cry, it’s time for you to fight! Rose leaves smiling

Karthik calls Naira
Karthik: Hey baby
Naira: Hey hottie
Karthik: You think I’m hot?
Naira: Of course, your sizzling body aaah, can’t wait
Karthik: So you learned how to flirt?
Naira : Omg no, it’s just that I’m too romantic, anyways what’s the plan for tomorrow?
Karthik: I’m sorry, I’m too sick, kk bye
Karthik ends the call

Naira gets worried and runs to Karthik house
Karthik’s room
Naira jumps
Karthik: Baby, what are you doing here?
Naira: Karthik! Why are you standing, you should be in bed
Karthik : ok madam
Naira: Karthik, all day take rest and after you will feel better, then we will hang out
Karthik: Naira, I think, it’s to late now, sleep here
Naira blushes and says: Karthik, wtf! What if someone sees us!
Karthik: Relax, only we’re here!
Naira: But before, marriage
Karthik: Yeah, so? We’re not making babies
Naira: KK
Karthik n Naira sleeps holding each other, Naira grabbed Karthik’s neck and started kissing him, Karthik was amazed! Karthik kissed her too! Both had started kissing!
After 10 mins!
Naira: I think we had enough, let’s sleep
Karthik: But, I’m not yet done!
Naira: excuse me, I started it and I’ll end it
Karthik: ok, anything for you
Karthik n Naira, fall asleep, holding hands.

Next Day…

Day starts with Gayu thinking

Gayu: Something is definitely wrong! Naira can’t do this, what if she really did it? No, I have to clear all misunderstandings. I know she can’t do this, she is Natik mama’s princess.
Naira arrives!
Gayu: Naira, where have you been?
Naira: oh, I was sleeping in the guest room, didn’t know, when I fell asleep
Gayu: oh ok, Naira sit down!!!!!!!!!
Gayu closes the door and gets her phone and shows her the video!
Gayu: what is this! Did you do it?
Naira: What is this video! Didi, tell me the whole story!
Gayu tells her everything that happened
Naira: Di, Rose is lying! She said that you filmed a video of me, changing!
Naira gets Gayu phone, then shows her video!
Gayu: wth! That stupid Rose babhi!
Naira; There must be a misunderstanding!
Someone enters the room and says: There is no misunderstanding, Naira and Gayu!
Naira and Gayu gets shocked seeing Tara!
Gayu: Babhi! What!
Naira: Babhi, sit down and tell us
They all sit
Tara tells her what happened that day!
Naksh enters with anger hearing their conversation and goes hugs Tara
Naira says to Gayu, whispering: let’s go and leave them for a time!
Naksh: Tara, you should not take tension at this time, Rose will be punished!
(some people didn’t like this drama, so I decided to end it)

Gayu and Naira and Naksh and Tara tell everyone about Rose showing them proof! (The videos and the camera’s around the house, she wasn’t aware about) (YASH AND HIS FAMILY STAYS WITH SINGHANIAS)
Everyone believes them
Yash gets angry and throws her out of the house
Naira: Yes, we got justice!
Gayu: so a little party?
Naksh: no, a big party, since Tara is pregnant!
Gayu: Good, idea

That evening everyone starts decorating for the party and Karthik arrives to help!
Karthik: Hello beautiful, what are you wearing tonight
Naira: Shush, Mishti might hear, you know her, she would yell it to everyone that Karthik and Naira are dating
Karthik: Naira, last night was fun
Naira blushes
Karthik: do you mind helping you getting dressed
Naira: of course not
Gayu comes between
Gayu: Karthik, when did you come?
Karthik: oh just now
Gayu was about to ask him for coffee but then Naksh calls her
Naksh tells something to Gayu. Gayu gets shocked

Precap – Naksh and Gayu are worried
A doctor has been called

Why do you think they are worried? Comment down below, right answer will get a shoutout!
Sorry for the short episode!

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