This Is True Love (Episode 2)

I am glad you liked my first episode, yes Rose will be negative in my story, cheers to my second episode

Link to my last episode –
Episode 1

Episode Starts with Karthik and Naira on the beach

Karthik: Special place, perfect beach, perfect waves, perfect clothes, perfect sunset and perfect couple.
Naira: You know how to make this more special?
Naira holds Karthik and Kisses him, Karthik slowly put his hands around her waist, and they share a kiss.
Naira: Karthik, I actually was dying to kiss you, I never knew, I would ever fall in love
Karthik: Shut up darling, you should’ve asked, girl I would be ready anytime, so what’s your next plan, to make babies?
Naira: What the f**k, Karthik! Naira blushes and runs away
Karthik chases her, Karthik catches her and carries her to his car

Scene shifts to Singhania house
Tara: Rose, you haven’t eaten anything since yesterday, want me chop apples for you?
Rose: Tara, stay away, don’t do this fake drama in front of me
Tara: What are you saying?
Rose locks the door
Rose: You know how your babies couldn’t survive in your stomach? Because, I made you eat some pills

Tara: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How dare you!!! I’m telling everyone right now!
Rose: If you do tell then, your lovely husband’s sister, stupid Naira, I would destroy her!!! For you kind information, if you tell Naira or anybody, anything about this, then I would post this video of you changing, and Gayu changing, hahah, you watch yeh hai mohabbatien right? Just like someone blackmailed Ruhi, I would blackmail you two!
Tara: But why you do this?
Rose: I wanna destroy everyone in this family! You sent my boyfriend to jail!
Tara: Boyfriend?

Rose: Yes, I lied, Jason is my boyfriend not my brother and I don’t love Yash
Tara: How dare you cheated on him, you know how much he loves you! Anyways, Jason had did a crime, he tried to steal from our house, I promise you, you would be in jail
Rose: Haha, never, challenge me, if you put me jail in 15 days then I wouldn’t post those vids, if you take more than 15 days, Naira and Gayu will die also the vid will be posted
Tara: I accept your challenge, shut up and leave my room now
Rose: Also, arrange 55 million rupees for me.
Tara leaves
Tara thinking in mind: now what will I do, I should have faith in Jesus Christ, I’m sure Jesus would do something, and give me belssings (YES IN MY FF, THEY’LL BE CHRISTIANS, PLUS IM ALSO )

Scene shifts to Goenka mansion
Kriti is in her room thinking: What happened to me, I shouldn’t be thinking this, Yash is already married with Rose, and I’m falling for him, I should be shamed of myself.

Karthik’s dadi talks to Manish (Karthik’s dad)
Dadi: Karthik has grown up, it’s time for his marriage
Manish: So early?
Dadi: Yes, tomorrow I will start investigating a girl for Karthik.

Scene shifts to Singhania house
Naira comes to her room smiling, Gayu looks at her
(Gayu and Naira, share a room)
Gayu: Naira, what happened, why are you smiling?
Naira: Omg God, Gayu di, I’m so happy, me and Karthik at the beach…
Naira stopped speaking, realizing what she has said
Naira: Um..Gayu di, me and Karthik did a very good job today, the manager said that, and I’m so happy about that

Naira leaves the room
Rose enters
Rose: I heard you and Naira’s conversation, something is going on between them two. First she said her and Karthik at the beach, then she stopped for 3 or 5 seconds, then she says, her and karthik got a compliment from the manager, something is wrong. I think Naira likes him, do you something, want him.
Rose leaves, Gayu thinks: I think Rose is right, I can’t let Karthik go, he is only mine, I have to make an plan

Sorry guys for the short episode, I hope you liked it!
Do you think Yash and Kriti would be a good couple, comment down below, even idk if Yash and kriti are a good couple or not

Link to my last episode –

Rose makes Gayu believe that Naira has filmed the vid of her changing

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    Very different story …its fab …post next update asap

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    Short but i love it
    waiting for nxt

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    Nice… Waiting for next

  4. Vrushy

    But don’t add much of negetavity !!

    1. NikkiTa

      What do you mean? Can you explain?
      Only Rose and her boyfriend is negative! I want my story to be interesting, but you don’t like it right?

  5. Lasyashree.10

    Nikitha good episode!! Yeah they are good couple…nice thought….

  6. Sethidisha002

    plz keep this mess over and keep kaira together

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