This Is True Love (Episode 1)

Kaira fanfiction – This Is True Love / TITL

Episode Starts with Tara talking to Gayu

Tara: Gayu, you’re the strength of our family, whenever we get down, you’re their for us, your support has always made us understand, how to move on, in life.
Gayu: Babhi, why are you saying this, I should say thank you, you guys made me a part of this family, I can never forget that, btw, why you’re saying that, is everything fine?
Tara: It’s just that…..I’m pregnant!!!
Gayu: ..omg you must be kidding! OMG, does Naksh bhaiya knows?
Tara: Yes, but we’re afraid
Gayu: Come on Babhi chill, you need to move on, what happened in the past doesn’t matter, it shouldn’t ruin your future
(Tara was pregnant 2 times, but the baby wasn’t able to survive)
Gayu: Babhi come, let’s go announce this news to others

Gayu and Tara announces Tara’s pregnancy news
Everyone gets glad hearing it, Natik jumps up and down, Karthik arrives
Naira smiles
Karthik: Hello sir, can I take Naira to a meeting, it’s about dance academy
Natik: Sure
Gayu: I’m also bored, do you mind if I come?
Karthik: Um..Gayu, I’m so sorry, Naira’s dance manager won’t allow you.
Gayu: Next Saturday, please help me with my designing
Karthik: Sure, I will try my best to help you, These 3 months are very important for Naira
Kaira leaves

Gayu gets sad, goes to her room and cries
Gayu: Why do I feel like their is something going on between them, I think I’m the one who’s thinking wrong, I know Karthik loves me, only me, we’ll be together soon, very soon

Karthik: Naira this is not right, we lied about the meeting, ok where do you want to go for our date?
Naira: Karthik, bhaiya and Tara Babhi use to go chup chup ke, they are such a cute couple! Anyways we just lied about today’s meeting, next Saturday is an serious meeting, we have to attend it
Karthik: Btw your looking hot
Naira blushes
Karthik: I feel so sorry, saying no to Gayu saali
Naira: Saali?
Karthik: Yes, after our marriage, my best friend would turn into my saali
Naira smiles and says: Karthik shut up, we are not getting married now

Karthik and Naira reaches at the beach
Karthik: Naira, this is where we met each other, let’s sit and remember all our good memories here
(Memory of Kaira) ♡
[Karthik, Naira bump into each other, Karthik, Naira falls on each other, both had an eye contact, Karthik lips accidentally touched Naira’s lips, Karthik slowly helped Naira get up, Karthik and Naira got into a fight, lol nok jhok]

Gayu and Rose are hanging out
Rose: Gayu, tell me your favourite memory with Karthik
Gayu gets shy and tells her memory with him
(Memory of Kayu)
[At that same day, (where Kaira met) Karthik was boating, he saw a girl drowning, he quickly jumped into the water, he carried Gayu all the way to his boat, Later then Naira apologized to karthik, Naira said the sweet word: Thankyou Karthik for saving my sister life, Karthik got amazed hearing that, Karthik in mind: wow first time in life someone said thankyou to me ]

Rose: That means he is the superhero of your life
Gayu: Yes
Rose: Karthik is only only only only yours, don’t worry, you’ll get married soon lol
Gayu: What does lol means?
Rose: Umm it means ‘love only love’

Umm..I hoped you enjoyed this episode, ok question of the episode?


Karthik and Naira share a passionate kiss. Rose blackmails Tara

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