True love (epi-3)

Thapki says I know that maa had put poison in my milk .
Shardha says :Oh my dear Thapki are you too stupid or acting to be ..
When ever I did any mischief she helped..
Every thing
She assist me in making everyone against you ..Dadi maa , Bau jee. Preeti,suman.
Everyone …?????
Vasundara hearing everything
Thapki cries (Thapki pyare ki plays)

Shardha thinks (if you have any respect you will leave the pandey navaas by yourself as know you are hurted from the person you love the most )
Thapki goes out of the store room and weeps her tears and says it’s her time she will not leave .
And goes to Shardha and says : “now you wait and watch I take a pledge that in one month I will come in this house with same respect and Let’s see who stops me “and leaves
Shardha says let’s see who will win this war..
Vasundara Comes and says I never believed you did this ,
Shardha :mummy jee wait and watch Thapki will get out of this house that’s why I told your truth
She smiles evilly
Scene shifts too Bihaan..

Bhihaan : where were you chuk chuk garii .
Thapki comes and says I went to temple ..
Bhihaan says oh really I thought you went to take tulsi flower again as you only have this work …
Thapki says think what ever you want I am feeling thirsty.
She walks and suddenly
Bihaan and Thapki heads banged each other and they had an eye interaction.
(Song plays )
When Thapki rubs her head
Bhihaan says why you always hit my head then he sees her wounds on her hands and says
Wait here..
He brings tube and says show me your hand
She says no
Bhihaan says I know you are a mahaan atmaa but show ur hand
She says no I will not

Then Bhihaan says don’t you understand one time what I say
And shout:Show your hand
She shows and he applies on her hand and a song plays ..
Thapki says you are done ,Now goodnight
Bihaan ok good night my twinkle star
Thapki smiles and sleeps ..
On the other hand
Preeti says to suman I feel so awesome when Shardha and sasu maa insult Thapki.
Suman reply her that : one day you will also agree with me that Thapki is a good girl and she can’t do any thing wrong and i believe that it’s Shardha witch who is doing all wrong .
Preeti says : OMG ! What are you saying I will never surmise that Thapki is a good girl ..
Suman in her heart thinking that (my heart says a day will come when you will surmise the same as I )

A girl wearing a beautiful maxii of golden colour when she swirls her long also swirl and that girl says :I love youuuuuuuu Bhihaaaan
Flower were falling and the girl is Thapki
Bhihaan wake up and says :What I sawed me and in love with Thapki I think I am gone mad .
Screen freezes

Precap: Shardha says Thapki too bring water from well and in a small bucket

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