True love (epi-2)

Hi I am Mishal ? Its my second episode hope you like it ..
Bihaan plodding and thinking again about Thapki .
Scene shifts to Thapki ..
Thapki in store room finding mobile then the door gets secured ..
Thapki got agitated and panic that what happen and who is coming ..
It was Shardha who was coming Shardha and Thapki staring her…
Scene Shifts to Bhihaan..
He summoned Thapki and got strained and thought where is Thapki as whenever he comes she is fade ..
And says “Not one thing is Wrong everything is wrong”
Thapki sees Shardha and says I am finding your phone but it is not here ..
Shardha says are you finding this ….
Thapki gets astonished ..
Shardha says I acted that my phone is strayed but it wasn’t..
Actually I wanted to tell you something

Shardha: Get Out from this house why are you troubling us , Dhruv,mummy jee, Bua jee , Dadi maa.
Always you create burdensome in our life’s.
Thapki says you also know that you are the one who did mischief in the house , I know maa needs me so I won’t leave the house till my last breath.
Shardha:Maa who says she cares for you she don’t even things for you ..
She thinks you as her rival.
Thapki cries..
On the other hand Bhihaan.
Bihaan goes into the stable and suddenly Thapki’s muffler sticks in his hand and then he says chuk chuk gari stuffs always gets stuck with me when he detach the scarf .
He remembers Thapki and his old memories with Thapki plays (khamoshiyan back ground plays ) ,he gives a simile.
On the other hand

Shardha says I am not the solo who did all mischief but my partner is mummy jee.
Thapki gets astonished.

Precap:Vasundara hearing Thapki and Shardha conversation..

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