True Love…. Chapter – 4 The meeting

Scene aditya’s room

Aditya was sitting on his bed looking at his phone

He was holding his phone in his hands.

Looking at someone’s photo and soon it got visible that it was ishana’s pic

Aditya POV

you know what!! i don’t know I really like your company I like to be with you all the time. You are just perfect!!! I still remember when I met you for the first time

POV ends

Aditya’s mom – aditya…..go n sleep its 11 o clock

Aditya smiles and kept his phone on his side table removed his specs and lies down.

Scene ishana’s room

Ishana’s POV

Aditya is so sweet. He is just perfect!! We have lot of things similar and that’s what make me enjoy his company.

POV ends

Ishana thought looking at a photograph of aditya

Ishana’s mom came upstairs – (angry) i knew that you were not asleep just look at Natasha she sleeps at 9:30 i know you were chatting from your friends!! right!? ayan is also slept (scolded ishana)

Ishana – okk!!!

Ishana lies down angrily

– mom never understands me i was studying not chatting why don’t she understand all these things why she always takes me wrong.

Scene-Aditya in his bed remembering how ishana and he met 5 years ago


(A\N this flashback of ishya is ishana + aditya = ishya😝is when they were in 5 th standard.)Flasback

5 years ago

Sun was rising, It was around 5:30am birds were humming songs of love,it was the Day when two souls collided.

It was normal day for both of them,

At school

Scene : Fifth standard ishana’s class

Swapnil( class monitor) – STOP!!(yelled) Please Keep quiet class (cried)

“No use, they wont,”Ishana said putting her books into her bag.she was wearing her school uniform. And her hairs were in a high ponytail.

Swapnil – you know them very well, as you were the class monitor last year.

Teacher enters.

Students together – good morning mam, may god bless you.

Teacher – Good morning class, sit down.

Teacher taught them Science.

‘Lunch bell’

All children were howling and talking.

Teacher – Ishana, can you please call Divyanshi from 6th B

Ishana – yess mam…..

Ishana knew that there will be lot of crowd and rush outside yet she agreed.

Ishana’s POV

Now what i’ll do…..anyways I have to call her…..

POV ends

Somehow Ishana went to 6th B and told Divyanshi to go to Sandhya mam.

She was coming downstairs still there was lot of rush.

Scene: stairs Ishana and Aditya were coming downstairs

Someone pushed Ishana and because of that she collided with Aditya

Aditya – Can’t you see and walk!! He yelled.

Ishana – its not my fault, can’t you see there is a lot of rush. Someone pushed me and I collided with you…….

Aditya – Whatever!!!

He passes by with an ignoring look.

Ishana also went with “what the hell” look.

That was the first and the last time when they talked to each other in 5th grade. But they were unknown with the fact that THAT THEY’RE MADE FOR EACH OTHER.

Flashback ends

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    No need of thanks dear. I really like this story. Another awesome chapter yet again. I know what Ishana goes through, my mom is the same. 😭😓 Loved it.. 😍 Post the next part soon. Eagerly waiting for it.

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