True love can never be separated chp-7


Recap:aanya accident has happened.
Scene 1
In the hospital
Aanya tells that aaryan listen to me carefully that please marry maahi she loves you a lot.She speaks to everyone in such a way that she is about to die.Suddenly she starts staking long breaths and aaryan gets worried and he cals the doctor .Doctor comes and checks her and he gives her electroshocking but no response was seen and all the lines in the machine go straight everyone gets shocked .Doctor tells I’m sorry she is no more .Everyone was shocked especially aaryan.Aaryan hold the doctor with his collar and tells what do you want by no more she can’t leave me.Naina tells aaryan to leave the doctor he leave and cry very much and tells how can you leave me aanya when you know that I love you so much just then his tears fall on aanyan and she opens her eyes.Doctor gets shocked and tells that this is a miracle really a miracle.Everyone gets elated and aaryan kiss on aanya forehead.Doctor tell that they can take her home tonight and aaryan tells that you all go and I will bring aanya home all go.

Precap:aaryan and aanya gets romantic in the room and later aanya tells aaryan that I don’t love you.He gets shocked.

Friends sorry for short and late update actually I’m busy .
Friends please tel me my shortcomings so that I can improve it.

Credit to: Deeba

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  1. Plzzz yaar dont sacrifice ur love to someone because we have only one life so enjoy always… that to she is going to sacrifice her love with a arrogant egoistic girl it cant happen

  2. Ohh plz aanya don’t do dis again..dis is ur 2nd life..n u revivd again only bcoz of aaryan’s luv….

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