True love can never be separated chp-6

Recap:Aaryan and maahi engagement is going and aanya went out.

Scene 1
Aaryan was about to make maahi wear the ring just than he gets a call and he picks up and is shocked to know that aanya accident has happened (fb shows that when aanya went out she was lost in the thought of Aaryan and just then a car comes and hits her she fell down all the people gather and they see her mobile and call on the last dialed number fb ends).Aaryan runs to the hospital.All were confused they try to ask him but in vain.

Scene 2
In the hospital
Aaryan went to the reception and ask about the accident case just now the receptionist tells that she is in the emergency room.He runs to the room and sees aanya fro glass on the door and cry.All the members comes following him.Then after sometime the doctor comes and tells that she has lost her many bloods therefore she needs blood so aryan. Ishita and aanya father(ranveer) goes for blood group test g.After sometime they come and doctor also comes and tells that its good news that all the of your blood is matching so who will give?Aaryan tells that I will give but aanya mother and father tells no we will give.Aaryan tells that no I’m young and strong so I will give and doctor also agrees Aaryan moves to go but maahi stops him and tells that why you will give?Aaryan tells just stopped it maahi this is not the time to question and he lives after sometime he come and doctor went inside and gave the blood to aanya.After one hour doctor comes and tells now you can meet her they all went except maahi and khushi.Maahi tells that mom something is there bcoz aaryan had accepted me bcoz I think he loves aanya now also I have to find it.

Precap:Aanya started taking long breath and aaryan calls doctor and doctor comes and check her and all the lines in the machine goes straight the doctor try to give electroshocking but in vain and he tells I’m sorry she is dead…..all are left shocked especially aaryan.

Sorry friends for late update actually I had posted but it was not published therefore I had published once again.
Friends please suggest that I should end this story soon or should take it longer.

Credit to: Deeba

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