True love can never be separated chp-5

Recap:Aaryan and maahi engagement is going and aanya went from there.

Scene 1
Aaryan was about to make maahi wear the ring just then he gets a call he picks it and he was shocked to hear that aanya accident had happened and she was shifted to city hospital(fb is shown that wjen aanya went out she was walkong on the road amd a car comes and hit her she fell down and public gather one !an saw her mobile phone and last dialed number was of aaryan therefore he call him fb ends).Mobile fall from his hand and he ran from their .All were stopping him but he went.

Scene 2
In the hospital
Aaryan goes to reception and ask where is aanya the nurse tells she is in the emergency room. He rushed to emergency room.he went inside but the doctors send him out.He sees aanya from glass on the door he then goes to reception and call naina and tells everything she was shocked and she with all family members comes to hospital.Maahi comes running and hugs aaryan and ask are u OK?Aaryan angrily tells that nothing has happened to me and accident have happened to aanya.The doctor comes and tells that they can meet her.They all went inside except maahi and khushi.Maahi tells that I think that something big is wrong between these two because when aaryan love Aanya so much than why he had came to me.On the other side all went inside and aaryan ask aanya are u fine.She tells yes .She tells that please aaryan listen to me carefully that you have to marry aanya for me and always take care of yourself.Aaryan and all were confused why she was telling like this just than aanya started taking long breathe aarwas worried he pressed the bumper button and call the doctor he tells aanya nothing will happen to you in with you.The doctor came running.

Precap:All the line goes flat and doctor checks aanya with electroshocking but no response.He tells that I’m sorry she is no more…..

Credit to: Deeba

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  1. What aanya was no more oh god plzzz dr dont do like this

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