True love can never be separated chp-4


Recap:aaryan agree to marry maahi and in the college maahi insult aanya and Sam decided to get aanya.

Scene 1
At aanya house

Aaryan mother(naina)and aanya mother (ishita) were sitting they were discussing about the matter ishita tells that how can they make such decision when they love each other more than their life.Naina tells that yes let us call them and ask .Ishita calls aanya and naina calls aaryan.
Ishita:what had happen?why you made such decision.
Naina:yaa and aaryan why you agree to marry maahi when you love Aanya and she is your fiancee. I know that you had only tell something to aanya that is why she made such decision.
Aanya:No aunty its not like that aaryan has not told me any thing I had made this decision
Ishita:aanya you why you had taken this decision
Aaryan was about to tell something but suddenly aanya tells that
Aanya:Actually mama I had one problem that’s why and please don’t ask me my problem please.
Just then maahi and her mother(khushi)comes and they greet very one.Maahi sees that aanya was standing beside aaryan she get jealous she goes and stand in between aanya and aaryan.
Khushi:I had came here because I’m thinking that we should do maahi and aaryan engagement soon so that I will be satisfied that aaryan will marry maahi.
Naina:But why so soon?
Aaryan:Let it be mom if we have to marry one day than why to wait for engagement we will do engagement tomorrow.
Aanya was upset but she went from there .
Khushi:so sweet aaryan.
Maahi gets very happy and aaryan went from their.

Scene 2
Engagement day

Aanya comes out from bath and sit to get ready she was wearing pink lehenga she remembers all her moments with aaryan she thinks that today aaryan will be of someone else.She get ready and comes down her mother tells her letsgo to aaryan house.

Scene 3
Aaryan house

Aaryan was waiting for aanya to come
Aanya comes he was mesmerized with her beauty .Aanya comes and stand near the stage.She was having eyes full of tears she’s think i can’t see all this.She went out and was walking on the roadside.

Precap:aaryan gets a phone call and he was shocked….

Credit to: Deeba

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  1. May be aanya ka accident hua…. is it right dr

  2. I jst hate mahi, y cant she atleast respct aanya as she is hr sis. . . Feelng vry bad 4 aryan. :-/

  3. aanya shld realise how much imp is aryan in her lyf and stop dis engagment

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