True love can never be separated chp-3


Recap:Aaryan agree to marry maahi and maahi and her mother came for maahi proposal with aaryan

Scene 1
Aaryan comes downstairs and he is shocked to see maahi .Aaryan tells that mom what happen .She tells that they had came for your proposal.Aaryan tells than what is wrong tell them yes .Aaryan mother is shocked and maahi was very happy and he hugged aaryan.
They went home and tell we will come soon.Aaryan mother tells that what had you did .You lpove !aahi and your proposal is also fixed with her even you are her fiancee.He tells relax mo and go.

In the college
Maahi tells everybody that aaryan is marrying me and he is leaving aanya.All congratulate her and aanya comes and all questions her as to why aaryan left her.She is silence just than aaryan comes and tells that no one will question aanya.Maahi comes to aaryan and tells that let them ask dear why you left her.OK OK OK let me answer you all she comes with aaryan to all the girls and boys she stand in that position that aaryan is just beside aanya.Maahi tells that aaryan doesn’t like aanya because she is not as beautiful as me.Aaryan gets angry.Maahi goes to aanya tells her that if aaryan had accepted me than there is no work of this ring in your hand.She snatches the ring from her and aanya got hurt with that and tears comes from her eyes .Aaryan see that she got hurt and she move forward to tell something to maahi bit aanya holds his hand and he doesn’t go.

Scene 3
All the friends of Sam tells him that aaryan had left aanya and accepted maahi so this is the best moment to propose aanya.Sam thinks for a while and tells that now no one will stop me and aanya to become one.

Precap:aaryan and maahi engagement ceremony is going and aaryan was about to put the ring in maahi hand just than he gets a call and he is shocked to hear and mobile fall from his hand.

Credit to: Deeba

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