True love can never be separated chp-2

Recap:Aanya decided to talk to aaryan about his and maahi marriage.

Scene 1
Aaryan house
Aaryan:aanya its enough this is my last decision that I will not marry maahi bcoz I love u and i will just marry you.
Aanya:OK so listen my last decision.I will not marry u.
Aaryan is shocked
Aaryan:I will not !arry anyone if you will not marry me.
Aanya:please aaryan try to understand.I love my sister very much
Aaryan:You mean that you love your sister not me.
Aanya:no aaryan its not like that but maahi loves you very much I had seen in her eyes
Aaryan:you love maahi so much than why maahi doesn’t love you why she betray you by loving her sister love, her sister fiancee ,her sister to be husband and most important I’m maahi’s jiju than how can she love me.
Aanya:aaryan maahi is not at fault if she loves u because loves happen automatically.I think she loves you more than I love u.
Aaryan:Just stop it aanya its enough.
Aanya:aaryan please will you do this for me I will not ask for anything else after this.
Aaryan was in confusion and tensed.He thinks for a while.
Aaryan:OK aanya but just for u I will do this but I have some conditions that after marrying maahi you will never force me to move our relationship further and u will always be in my life as my love.
Aanya:I agree to your first condition but in second condition I will be your love but not more than that we will do.
They get emotional and hugs each other tightly and cry.

Scene 2
In aaryan room next day
Maahi and her mother had came and aaryan’s mother welcome them.They sit and maahi’s mother tell that we have came here with the proposal of maahi for aaryan.Aaryan’s mother was shocked just than aaryan comes downstairs and is shocked to see them.

Precap:Aaryan tells that he accept the proposal.Maahi gets very happy and hugs aaryan

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Credit to: Deeba

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  1. anya only can see her sister’s lv towards arya..she didnt think abt aryan and his feelings..i dnt like anya

  2. Hmmm… the story just started. …let see how the twist and turns make it to our hearts….so far it’s nice

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