True love can never be separated chp-1


Hi friends this is my first fanfiction so plz support me

One girl and a boy are shown eating ice cream .The girl is aanya and the boy is aaryan.They are already girlfriend and boyfeiend .They love each other a lot even their family had agree to their relationship and their engament is also done.But their is a villian in every story so here the villain is a girl name maahi who is aanya’s cousin sister and her chacha and chachi’s daughter .Maahi is also in love with aaryan and she wants to snatch aaryan from aanya because she is jealous that aaryan loves aanya so much.Aanya,aaryan and maahi are studying in the same college.All the girls of the college are dead on the smartness and beauty of aaryan and all the boys are dead on the beauty of aanya and all girls wanted to become the girlfriend of aaryan and all boys wanted to become boyfriend of aanya.Aanya and aaryan love story is famous all over the college.Their is one boy in the college whose name is Sam.He loves aanya very much and he anyhow wanted aanya in his life.

One day when aanya mother tell her to go and ask maahi mother that will she go the shopping with me today.Then aanya went to maahi’s house which is on a little distance from her house .All are rich in this story.She was searching for maahi mother just then she went through the room and hear that maahi was telling her mother that I love aaryan very much and I anyhow want him in my life.Her mother tells that you know that he loves aanya than how will you get her back.Aanya was shocked that her sister was also in love with aaryan she thinks that as she is my younger sister I have to see for her happiness and I will talk to aaryan about this.

Scene 2
Aaryan house
Aanya tells aaryan every thing and aaryan is shocked .He holds aanya and tells that how can u say this as u know that I love u.Aanya tells that I know but I want my sister to be happy always.Aaryan but aanya I can’t do this.Aanya tells that I know but for my sake will you do this.Aaryan is confused .

Precap:Maahi comes to aaryan home with her proposal of marriage and aaryan mother is shocked as she loves aanya very much.

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Credit to: angilla

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  1. Hi angilla story was nice dr…. buf onething sacrifices and all plz dont take this things dr….

    1. Hayathi can u please explain me in detail I can’t understand what u tell and I’m not angilla I’m actually deeba by mistake I had written angilla

      1. Ok deeba. Aanya is going to sacrifice aaryan because of maahi i am right….. plz dont make any sacrifices and all..

    2. Hayathi don’t worry this sacrifice will be really interesting in this sacrifice only you will see many romance and love

  2. The start was good but dnt show this marriage and shadi sucks

  3. I agree with hayathi. . . Me 2 dnt lyk wen som1 do sacrific ther true luv. . .

  4. Dr very Gud story plz continue nd when will u post nxt part

  5. Ya Dr plz continue it is very Gud story when will u post nxt part
    Nd plz continue your swaragini ff also plz deeba I like your ff very mch

    1. I’m sorry anu but I’m very much busy that is why I ad stopped my swragini and thapki pyaar ki ff and I decided to write a common love story.

  6. Nice names and wonderful story …

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