True love breaks every obstacles (Episode 2)


recap:abhi gains his memory back, liplock of abhigiya and a death shock to purab

it starts with abhigiya breaking their kiss due to the sound of someone knocking the door.

sarala:pragya open the door!

pragya: sir vo ma…… (abhi kept his hand on her mouth )

abhi:am i a sir for you!

pragya: (she doesn’t know that abhi gained his memory back)sir i your pa then how am i to call you sir. more than that i am a culprit for you so that i lost that right too for calling you by sir. but trust me me sir i didn’t do anything sir.

abhi:(gets irritated by the fact that she is not saying the truth even now and shouted)then why did you allowed me to kiss you damn it…! if i am not meant for you idiot?

hearing abhi’s voice sarala who was banging the door stoped knocking started to listen their conversation as she realized that abhi regained his memory back.

pragya:( got stuck by the sentence:if i am not meant for you)sir…… vo abhi…….. (she too realized the fact )

she doesn’t know what to do she immediately pulled him into a hug knowing that he is her suniye. abhi too hugged her back tightly indicating the even he won’t allow air between them here onwards.

sarala who was listening their conversation from outside

sarala: abhi!

hearing this word both came to reality and pragya opened the door with a fear thinking what her mother will say

pragya:maa.. (immediately sarala passed her & hugged abhi with tears )

sarala:my son is back to his mother! maa.., janaki.., pragya.., see my son is back.

beeji & janaki came hearing her voice came to pragya’s room and they to realized what is happening and all were happy.

abhi: ha ma where i will go leaving you all, actually you only planned to go away from me without trying to explain me! (he was angry at the core, but cooled down by a single hug by his mom)

sarala:(crying )sorry beta.!

then abhi got blessings from his rockstar granny and janaki ma. after that sarala, beeji and janaki left out! giving privacy to our love birds.

abhigiya hug each other in which the all their worries will vanish

the screen shifts to the shocking face of purab because of the view in front of him.

that was an apartment where two girls are tied in a chair. their stage was more horrible and aliya was shouting to them.

as true lovers can regonise each other even at any terrible state. purab regonised the one girl was our bulbul as his heart beat rises.

purab thinks whether that is my bulbul, whether she is alive but how? how did she come hear? who is the another girl. his thoughts was broken by shouting

aliya:(shouting and laughing ) i have good news for you both oh sorry! good news for me not for you actually its as sad news for you both. ok i dont want to you wait any more. the news is your lovely sister is in jail because of me, do you know no one can do anything now.

purab who was listening all this waiting for the right time to save them.

girl1:(laughing) you have done a great mistake aliya by sending pragya to jail. you remember how their love started right! its only because your act that you have created video to betray pragya di but the reaction was opposite. even now you did a same mistake!

aliya: (slapped her)oh just shut up it wont happen like that.

girl1:you dont know the power of love. it will break every obstacles.

aliya: even if it happens i dont worry! then she too will acompany with you hear, in my world of hell. mind it purvi..!

yes the girl is purvi. actually after the kidnapping drama purvi tried to find the real culprit and she found that was aliya. but before she could bring out the truth. aliya kidnapped her.

aliya who watched the another girl who was still silent for the first time hearing about her sister’s state without uttering a word. she goes near her.

aliya:oh! miss bulbul is still so quiet after hearing about your sister. what a surprise.

bulbul who cant hear any other voice as she could hear only a heart beat of her love, life and everything. as she could regnonise purab’s presence.

bulbul: purabbb…..!

hearing her voice purab felt a pain in his heart seeing his love in this state.

hearing purab’s name by bulbul

aliya:slapped her hard! how many times i should tell you, dont utter my purab’s name. he is only for me.

purab couldn’t control his anger and holds his fist to control his anger

bulbul without giving attention to aliya or to her slap as she she couldn’t feel anything other than his heart beat.

bulbul:purabbb….! ! …purab is hear.! my purab is hear.! i could feel his presence. i am sure he is hear as i could hear his heart beat.! purvii…..

purvi:di are you sure! is he hear….?

bulbul:i am damn sure that he is hear..!

hearing her statement purab eyes left a lonely tears as he comes to know even she can regnonise him.

aliya:noooo! he is not hear. or else i would have felt his presence not you….! (shouted)(interrupted by a voice which gives a shock to everyone. yess ofcourse it’s our purab)

purab:only loved ones con regnonise each other heart beat aliya..!

screen freezes with hugging of abhigiya and shocking face of aliya, purvi and smiling face of bulbul.

precap: surprise………….
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