True Love (5 Star Couples) – Character Sketch


Hello everyone… This s misbah here??
This s my first ff…
And this ff contains of 5 couples☺


(AN: so guys if u don’t lyk rocky n sesha.. plz suggest a gud guy for sesha… )


Raj malhotra n rashi malhotra: mom & dad of 5 daughters…

Sonakshi malhotra: a good girl.. she s a nutritionist… Studied in London.. now lives in India..

Anika malhotra: a crazy n fun loving girl.. she s gud in dance.. she lives in USA…

Swara malhotra: a sweet girl… She s very interested in music n songs… She lives in Australia..

Shivanya malhotra: a cute girl.. she s very interested in arts n drawing.. she lives in France..

Sesha malhotra: a nyc girls.. she very interested in beauty.. make up.. wanna become a model.. she lives in new york.. (pet name: siya)

Sona,anika,swara,shivanya,sesha(sasss) r sisters…


Manish n mora malhotra: brother of Raj…

Maya & Mahi: daughters of manish n mora…

Aman & amar: sons of manish n mora..

Dadi: mother of Raj n manish… Loves his family alot…


Pinky mehra n shakti mehra: mom & dad of 5 sons…

Dev mehra: a business man.. lives in India n helps his dad in business…

Shivaay mehra: a business man.. lives in new Zealand… An arrogant man..

Sanskar mehra: a cute flirting man… One side business n girls.. lives in malaysia…

Rithik mehra: a handsome n a gud man… Lives in Singapore.. a cute n nice man..

Rocky mehra: a flirting man like sanskar… Studying.. but only flirting with girls.. no interest in business…

Dev,shivaay,Sanky,rithik,rocky(dssrr) r brothers.. have a gud bonding..


Tej n jhanvi: big brother n Bhabhi of shakti..

Laksh n ragini: son n dil of tej n jhanvi.. married 7 years ago..

Diya: daughter of laksh n ragini…

Ishita n ishika: daughters of tej n jhanvi… Studying in college lyk Maya n Mahi..

Rohan n rehan:sons of tej n jhanvi… Studying in college lyk aman n amar…

Kalyani mehra: dadi of dssrr n pikti n tevi..


So guys how s d character sketch…

Plz tell is rocky is better for sesha or someone else.. reply in comments box…

Plz comment…. So that I can write chappy 2…..

Plz…. Silent readers it’s a request plz comment in character sketch…. N register members u also plz do comment????

Till than bye✋?…

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  1. Muthash

    It seems interesting. But too many characters. Hope we will get an understanding in to the story and the characters once the episode begins….?

    1. Misbah4

      Thanks muthash..

  2. Akshita

    Hey it’s really complicated plzz reduce the number of characters otherswise it’s really nice?❤️

    1. Misbah4

      Thanks.. I m sorry I can’t reduce d character ?

  3. Unaiza fathima azhar

    Beautiful…. Post soon instead of sesha and rocky u may have arnav and khushi or avni and Neil or karthik and naira….plz plz plz choose one from this humble request from me

    1. Misbah4

      I m sorry.. but ya I can’t let sesha character.. but ya plz say neil or arnav or karthik for sesha..

  4. Awesome and nice dear

    1. Misbah4

      Thanks febi?

  5. Phoniex

    So many characters

  6. Soujanya


    1. Misbah4

      Thanx saujanya?

  7. Lauren

    Lotzz of characters…..I got confused dr…instead of sesha n rocky I would suggest uhh Neil n avni.. but it’s really very interesting…go on n post nxt soooooooon

    1. Misbah4

      I m sorry?? I love adaa dear ?? but ya I wil put Neil n sesha.. if there s no problem fa u?

      1. Lauren

        Np dr….even I love adaa….

  8. Gayathri.visu

    Nice.. But so many characters. And TejVi are supporting, ShInky are main characters? Anika Malhotra sounds good!

    1. Misbah4

      Thanks gayu? shinky r main characters​ as mom n dad? tejvi r supporting characters… May b u have a no problems in it?

      1. Gayathri.visu

        Its ok dear. I don’t have any problem.

  9. Fffan1234

    Interesting. But instead of Rocky and Sesha use Arnav and Khushi

    1. Misbah4

      Thanks fa Ur suggestions.. will say in 1 chappy?

  10. ya it was nice but on the place of dev or sonakshi use Neil and avni plzzzz …

    1. Misbah4

      I m sorry I can’t put avneil in d place of devakshi.. sorry??

    1. Misbah4

      Thanks Anu??


    I like this espectially the charators of nagin shivanya rithik and shesha and rocky but i dont want rocky

    1. Misbah4

      I m glad rohil tat u lyk it? yea btw I too don’t lyk rocky? bt I don’t get a better guy fa sesha??? yea u say tat which guy will be best fa sesha????

      1. HiruCutie12

        It can be Rudra??

  12. Please remove rocky and pair Shesha with Karan wahi or Gurmeet chaudhry or vivek dahiya

    1. Misbah4

      Will say in 2nd chapter.. as I have give choices in first chapter?

  13. You can pair her with Sharad malhotra also

    1. Misbah4

      Ok ishu☺

  14. Alekhika20



    Its awesome but very complicated

  16. Suggestion
    Rocky Should be with shivangi
    Shivanya & Shivangi are Twin Sisters & Are Look-Alikes
    Shivangi Loves Rocky while
    Shivanya Loves Ritik ?

    1. Misbah4

      Will say in 2nd chapter☺

  17. Neha_Pheonix

    Many characters ….but nice…

    1. Misbah4

      Thanks alot?

  18. Sesha is sooo gud plz don’t get her out…

    1. Misbah4

      Ok? I will not remove her..

  19. Sesha with shakti arora
    Loving pair…
    All characters name are very tuning…ha..

  20. Its interesting. I’m also trying to submit an ff on five couples but I don’t know how to. How did u manage to submit it on more than one show?

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