True Love (5 Star Couples) – Chapter 3

Back with my 3rd chapter… Sorry fa late update…

So let’s start?

Sona: no one s coming.. except Annie??

Maya: don’t worry.. Di..

Mahi: don’t talk with them..

Maya: yes.. yes.. don’t ever never talk with them?

Sona: as u guys say?

Time skips to morning…

Sona was sleeping…


Sona rubs her eyes?

And takes d call?

Sona: hello…

Anika: hello Sony..

Sona: why did u call in morning.. u r also not coming to my marriage like others(yawn)

Anika: no.. no.. aisa nahi hai.. I had come to India… I wil reach home at breakfast..

Sona(shock): what.. u have come India.. suddenly…. U..(stops by anika)

Anika: ha.. ha.. Baba.. I had come..

Sona: thanku???

Anika:itna taareef mat Karo? i will come.. c u … Tata✋✋✋

Sona: bye… (Cuts d call…)


Anika cuts d call n saw a taxi…

Anika(loudly): taxi.. taxi..(and runs)

Just then some goes to d taxi…

Anika: excuse me.. I was shouting taxi.. taxi…

Man: sorry.. I had come first?

Anika: ooooohh… I was late bcoz of my tons of luggages ??

Man: I m sorry.. it’s ur fault…

Anika: ooooohh… See u don’t have heart ?. If u have heart u wil not let an young girls with tons of luggages till parking??

Man: yes.. I don’t have heart ?..

Anika(sees her eyes): your eyes.. kanji eyes.. u don’t have heart idiot… Don’t fight with me..

Man: what is kanji???

Anika:that blue eyes.. I mean cat eyes…

Man:how dare u to say me a ganji eyes…

Anika(laugh): I said kanji.. not ganji??

Man: u know u r laughing in front of shivaay Singh oberoi..

Anika: yup.. I m standing in front. Who says I m in back.

Shivaay: uuuuuu???

Anika: yesssssss yesssssss yesssssss?

Shivaay(sees driver): plz.. drop me in oberoi mansion…

Anika: ooooohh hello… I says I will go first…

Shivaay: driver I will give u extra money?? drop me first..

Anika: o.. I had buy many chocolate n toys.. I will give it to u all.. so that u can give gifts to ur kids.. actually ye sir gives you just money.. I m giving u foreign chocolate n toys..??

Shivaay: dekho..

Anika: dekhliya? ab suno…

Shivaay: I have a urgent meeting.. (go driver): drop me..

Anika gets angry.. sees a water bottle in drivers hand..

Anika: acha.. jaaao…

Shivaay (smiles): ok…

Just then splaaaaaash???????

Shivaay face become wet..
Anika smirks..

Anika: driver.. I said unku yahaa se jaao.. taxi me nahi..

Anika opens d car door..

Just then shivaay hold her hands n makes her close..

Anika: leave me.. leave me..

Shivaay: tumhe itna aasaani se jaane nahi doonga..

Anika: dekho.. its paining..

Shivaay: suno.. it’s not paining for me?

Driver sees them fighting..

He starts d car n goes..

Anika n shivaay gets shock..

Shivaay leaves anika..

Anika: o.. driver driver..

Shivaay: driver… To Gaya?

Anika: it’s all bcoz of u.. if u have not come.. I cud not have been happen..

And sees down..

Gets shock to c?
Her phone broke..

She reminds…

When shivaay catch her hand n makes her close.. her phone falls??

Anika gets angry ????

She sees bottel again…

Splaaaaaash ????????
Splaaaaaash ????????
Splaaaaaash ????????

Shivaay gets more wet n saw anika..

Shivaay: uuuuu?

Anika: first s fa fighting with me?
Second because of driver gone?
Third bcoz of broking my phone ?

Anika leaves with her luggages…
In angry…

Shivaay takes her phone..

Shivaay: khanna car send karo.. air port me?

And then
Threw her phone…

@ Malhotra mansion..

Every gets happy seeing anika..

Everyone were talking…

Anika gets happy to c her family…

They were teasing sona too??


Anika(thinks): I will not spare u Billi.. wait..
Billu ji.. wow.. anika nice name for that billu.. I mean billu ji??

PRECAP: devakshi engagement

Sorry fa small update…

Next wil be longer??

Plz read n comments ??

Till then bye ??

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