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True Love (5 Star Couples) – Chapter 1


Hello every1… Misbah s back with her 1st chappy of her first ff😍😍

(AN: Plz read authors note at last of d chapter)

So let’s start..

It was a beautiful morning .. a girl s shown n a
designer lehenga with a beautiful diamond set
of hearings n a necklace… She was looking almost beautiful😚😚

She was feeling very nervous😯😶😑

Someone comes n

Rashi: sona.. u r ready..

( It s sonakshi guys😁)

Sona: yes mom… Aaa.. lll… M…. Ooooo….ssss… Ttt….

Rashi: don’t feel nervous😛

Sona: ok mom…

Rashi: u r my brave daughter😏

Sona: yes mom😀

Rashi: if u felt nervous then wat wil the boys
family thinks😮

Sona: I don’t know… Mom😒

Rashi: ok.. leave it.. u r really looking very pretty☺☺

Sona: thanks mom😎

Rashi: u send it pic to ur sister???

Sona: no mom… I thought to send after d boys
family go…

Rashi: no dear .. after they go v will be very tension abt Thier ‘yes’ or ‘no’…

Sona: mom😓

Rashi: come on give me a pose.. I will capture Ur pic… 📷 📷


Rashi: s d pic?

Sona(Seeing pic): mom.. it s awesome👌👌

Rashi: oh..

Just them some one…

Raj: Rashi.. where r u(coming towards sona room)… U r here (seeing sona) sona😋😋 u r very pretty….

Sona: thanks dad..

Raj: ok they r waiting.. let’s go…

Sona comes down.. n sit after jhanvi..

Bcoz of her nervousness n shyness she didn’t c any1…. N not d groom too☺

Pinky(seeing sona nervousness): beta.. Dev s not here… U don’t need to be shy…

Sona(hearing pinky words saw pinky) she was shocked to c only elders…

Raj: where s Dev???

Shakti: he s in office.. he say he will come.. Donna where does he gone..

Suddenly someone..

Dev:. Dad I m here😎

Raj: Dev beta… How r u?

Dev: I m fyn uncle… Sorry. I was busy in meeting with client..

Pinky: dekho sona… Dev has come.. now u shd b shying… (Laugh)

Rashi: sona… Say hi to Dev…

Shakti: what rashi ji.. how can they talk when v r here😇

Jhanvi: so u wanna say that they shd talk in private🙂

Shakti: yes🤐

Raj: sona.. show Dev house 😝

Sona: yes.. dad😓😫

She goes forward…. Just then..

Pinky: Dev jaaao😯

Sona was walking forward n Dev her back…

They come to garden🌼🌻🌺💐🌸💮🏵🌹🌷🌱🌲🌳🌴🌵🌾🌿☘🍀🍁🍂

There was a pin drop silence…

Dev: so.. tell me something abt u..

Sona: mi.. mi..mee🤔

Dev: yes.. u🖕

Sona: I m sonakshi malhotra… Daughter of Raj
n rashi.. I have 5 sister(stop by Dev words)

Dev: hmm.. I didn’t u ask ur bio data🙃😕

Sona: ooops.. sorry😲

Dev: I m asking u abt Ur Hoby.. ambition.. like n dislike..

Sona: ooooh🙁 I m a doctor…

Dev: doctor😬 wow!! That’s great😝

Sona: yeah😩

Dev: what doctor cardiologist, dentist,
gynecologist,(stops by sona words)

Sona: I m.. I m just a nutritionist..

Dev: nutritionist 😱

Sona: yup…

Dev: not bad😩 u will be saying mostly of eating healthy or unhealthy..

Sona: that’s d work of nutrients…

Dev: Ur dad s a business Tycoon.. then Ur a doctor??

Sona: it’s my dream😊 I treat patients in WhatsApp.. I have my own group.. and there r more members.. they ask me abt eating this or not.. how to manage body.. how to lose weight..
I answer in group only..

Dev: u mean online treatment.. patients..😥😌

Sona: just like that.. tell me something abt u??

Dev: I m business Tycoon as u know..

Sona: hmm😃

Dev: u have any bf??

Sona: no😶 what abt u??

Dev: no not at all😒

Sona: so u r going to marry me from Ur wish or ur family wish😟

Dev: I love my family😎 yes.. it’s by my family wish.. they will choose some1 better for me🤗

Sona: same..

After sometymes they were talking lyk tat…
Just than.

Maya: di… Everyone is calling you guys??

Sona: yea..

The mehra family goes after sometymes…

PRECAP: what wil be the mehra family answers🗣

Authors note…

So guys thanks for ur precious comment🙆
But yeah I thought more than 30 but it was in 20🙍

But I have a hope that u wil comment after reading d first chappy😍😍

So guys.. a gud guy for sesha…

# Neil – naamkaran..

#Arnav – ipkknd..

#Karthik – yrkkh..

#Rishi – kasam…

Plz vote any 1 of dis 4🤗


# I can’t post always.. I wil post when I m free.. actuary I m studying in 10 STD… There s tons of studying 😑😐

# sorry for spelling mistakes n grammatical mistake😫😓

# plz.. do comment me in every chappy😮 so that I can write d another chapter🤐

Plz.. plz.. put Ur reviews in d comment box📮📮

Till then bye✋🖐👋

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