Episode 2

Everyone turn back and saw swara standing with the help of sanskar. There were bandages in swara’s head,hand and leg. Before shomi and dida go to swara, ragini being a very innocent and good girl she went and hugged swara and asked,”Swara what happened to u??? If u r not interested in this marriage u could have told us na?? Y u ran away from ur marriage?? Even now nothing is wrong. If want i will give divorce to laksh and u both get married. I don’t have any problem.” hearing this everyone are shocked. But swara didn’t show any reactions. She just moved to her ma and dida with sanskar’s support.

“Dida r u fine???”

“Yes shoru i am fine and now i won’t leave u. But what happened to u shoru??? Sanskar tell me what happened to her???”

“Ma,dida i am feeling tired shall we go home?”

“Yes shona come inside. Ma lets talk after going home.” shomi said and dida nodded and both held swara from either sides. Sanskar too went back of her.

“Sanskar where r u going???” sujatha asked angrily.

“Mom i am not answerable to u!!” saying this he went back of them. Sujatha is shocked to hear the rude reply from him.

“See my laadoo how big heart she has. She didn’t consider her marriage breaking but she wants her sister to be happy but see that swara she didn’t even have a courtesy to talk. How will she face my laadoo after she did this much sin???” parvati shouted.

“Just stop it. U don’t have any rights to talk about my shona. Ragini is just doing drama do get good name. I am assuring u truth will come out soon very soon. At that time i will see u. Come shona.” shomi said but swara stopped hearing ragini.

“Ma y r u behaving like this?? If i am ur own daughter u wouldn’t have blamed me. I consider u as my own ma but for u only swara is ur daughter not me that’s y u r blaming me to hide the mistake of swara. Y ma??? I will do anything to prove i am innocent. Just tell me what i have to do ma??” ragini said and shed fake tears. Before shomi could answer Swara turned and went to ragini and said,”U said u will do anything na and also u said u will divorce laksh and u will make us get married na. Then do it ragini. I will call lawyer and u divorce laksh and let us get married. R u ready???” hearing it everyone are shocked. Even ragini is shocked as she didn’t expect swara will say this. She didn’t know what to say but before she could say anything laksh said,”What are u thinking swara that i will accept u again??? Then u r wrong!!” hearing this ragini felt happy and smirked seeing swara.

“Y laksh?? U loved me right?? I also loved u. Then y we shouldn’t get married??”

“Love??? If u love me then y did u run from the Marriage???”

“Laksh i think ur eye have some problem. It’s okie can’t u see me?? I have bandages in my body. Do u think i ran away from the Marriage??? If i don’t want to do the marriage then i wouldn’t preponded the date. Even u didn’t wait for me just married my sister. Great. Okie when ragini is ready to divorce then y we have to hesitate??? But i want to give the reasons laksh. When i went to temple i slipped into the river while doing pooja. Someone saved me and admitted in hospital. Now only i got conscious and sanskar brought me here.” swara said and everyone are shocked not knowing whether to believe or not.

“Then the video???” laksh asked in shock.

“Which video laksh???” swara asked and laksh played it and showed to her.

“Ma r u believing this video???”

“No beta. I know my shona is brave. She will face the problems. She won’t run away.” shomi said and swara side hugged her and said,”This is love laksh. What u had on me is not love. If u truly loved u wouldn’t have doubted me. Okie u had doubt atleast u would have waited for me to give explanation. But u didn’t laksh. So i won’t give any explanation. And one more thing i just said ragini to give divorce. If she truly cared for me she would have accepted immediately when i said to give her divorce. But no she hesitated. So Mrs.Parvati Gadodia this is evident that ur grand daughter doesn’t have great heart. Enough. Now let me go home. I am tired.”

“Swara she is ur dadi. How dare u call her with name??”

“I am sorry i didn’t understand what u r talking. Names are kept for calling then what wrong i did???”

“She is ur elder. U can’t call her with name. How can i expect respect from u when u r brought up not under ur father’s shade.” shekar said angrily.

“Ya u r right. But u know what i am very happy that i brought up under my ma and dida’s shadow. Not under a coward. My father is just a coward who don’t have guts to accept his own love in front of the society. If i brought up by him i would also be a coward like him only.” swara said and shekar raised his hand to slap her but swara held his hand and pushed him. Shekar is shocked.

“I am giving u respect just bcoz u r my ma’s husband. My ma love u. That’s y i am respecting u. Otherwise i would have done something to u for raising ur hand on me.”

“Ur ma’s husband??? No way now we don’t have any relations between us. She chose u against me. So there will be no relation between us. The reason is u. Keep that in ur mind swara.” shekar told.

“One day truth will come out. At that time u will come and call ma. I will wait for that moment. And i will bring the truth out and ma will live with u bcoz u r her love. But at that time u will be just my ma’s husband not my baba.” swara said and shekar is shocked.

“Shona r u mad?? Do u think i love him??? No shona my love for him gone when he refused me to accept before whole world. U will be shocked then y i married him. Then the reason is not bcoz i love him i married him for u. I wanted u to get father’s love and name. That’s y i married him. Not bcoz i love him.” shomi said and everyone there is shocked. Even dida is shocked but she understood and is happy as she doesn’t like shekar.

“Sharmistha what r u saying???” shekar asked.

“Yes. I am saying the truth. Now everyone know u r my swara’s father. It’s enough. But that doesn’t mean i will let swara carry the bad name. I will make sure swara’s name is cleared and will prove her innocence. Come shona.” shomi said and took swara inside. Everyone there are in shock. Dadi is happy as shomi won’t come back. Ragini is frightened that her truth will come out. But swara,sanskar,shomi and dida went inside bose mansion.

“Leave them. They will just talk but can’t prove anything as truth is on our side. Come we will see the rituals.” dadi said and everyone went back of them.

In bose house everyone is sitting in the sofa. Shomi asked,”Shona what happened???”

“Ma ragini pushed me into the river. I don’t know what happened after that. When i open my eyes i was in hospital and sanskar was beside me.”

“Aunty after i went from here i asked my men to search swara. They found swara in hospital. So when i went there doctor told someone admitted swara there. That’s all i know.” sanskar said.

“Ragini became violent just for her love. I didn’t even think that innocent ragini can kill her sister just for love.”

“Shomi love is precious. Sometime the love will make a person good at the same time it will make a person bad also. Love has that much power.” dida said and everyone accepted.

“Okie lets don’t talk about the person who don’t relate to us. Swara i don’t want u to carry bad name. So just prove ur innocence any how. Now i will bring anything to eat.” shomi said and went inside.

“Shoru shomi is right. U have to prove u r right. I want to show the world that my brought up is good. So think of anything.”

“Swara ur name is spoiled just becoz of me. So i will help u in bringing the truth. I am with u” sanskar said and swara thanked him.

“But dida how can i prove it??? I am here and maheswari family doesn’t allow me inside and one more thing ragini is there and i am here then how can i dida???”

“Sanskar u will do any help for my shona na???” dida asked sanskar.

“Yes dida i will do anything. Pls tell me what i have to do dida.”

“Shona u are also ready right???”

“Yes dida do u have any plan???”

“Yes i have a plan. But for that u both should accept.”

“Dida just tell the idea. Sanskar is ready to help me then i also don’t have problem. So surely we will accept.”

“It’s very big shoru. I hope u guys won’t reject my idea. And also there is no other way. I have thought this a lot and only saying.”

“Dida pls don’t create suspense. Just tell us what we have to do???”

“Sanskar shoru u both should get married.” dida said and both are shocked.

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  1. This is fab… It’s one of the fav plot of mine from the show….
    The story is getting amazing with time and I just can’t wait to peep in further…
    U are an mind blowing writer with stupendous potential that reflects in ur work….
    So keep giving us regular updates and yaa… It’s good to see u back with new story…
    Keep writing
    Stay blessed ???

    1. Abirsha

      Aww thank u soo much!! Really i am overwhelmed seeing ur comments. Thank u so much once again ??? keep supporting me like this. ??

  2. awesome loved it

  3. Awesome dear…..

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  5. Mars

    Ohhh god this ragini is a big dramebazzz I just want to slap her?? but the way swara answered and shut her mouth just superb???
    I’m so happy that shomi didn’t love that spineless shekar?
    This is best swasan track from serial and dii you are describing it so beautifully????
    And your dp is as always????
    This epi was awesome I loved it.
    Continue soon
    Take care???

  6. Its my fav track. Thank u so much for writing in that track. Todays chap was just awesome. Cant wait. Pls post next one soon.

  7. Independent

    That was awesome but plz in this don’t fake their marriage let it be real

  8. This nagini only knows how to do drama with her innocent face????
    And shekar ????
    My most fav track from SR..
    Swara gave perfect reply to everyone??

  9. AnuAnn

    I second what marssu said.. best ff based on swaragini track… Loved it

  10. Awesome

  11. Super duper awesome

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