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Episode 1

A girl is lying unconsciously in the shore. People are standing there and just seeing the girl. None is ready to come and help her. At that time a car came and stopped there and a man in mid 20’s came out and saw the crowd and went there and saw a girl lying unconsciously. He just glared everyone and went ahead and carried the girl in his arms and put her in the back seat of the car and sat in the passenger and asked the driver to start the car. He took her to the hospital and admitted her there and asked the doctor to treat her with care. After talking to the doctor he came out and called someone and said,”AD don’t worry swara(s d girl is swara) is safe. I have admitted her in hospital.” the man said.

“Okie Vikram(ha ha it’s not sanskar) do inform me everything then and there.”

“No need to worry AD. It’s my work and i will do it correctly.” Vikram said and the AD cut the call. At that time Vikram saw doctor coming out. He kept the phone in his packet and walked to the doctor and asked,”Doctor how is she???”

“She is fine Mr. But as she drank many water she is unconscious!! It will take some time to get conscious. Nothing more than that.” doctor said.

“Thank u so much doctor.” Vikram said and went inside and saw swara lying in the bed. He sat near her and wait for her to open her eyes.

In badi ragini and laksh got married. Sanskar tried to stop and make everyone believe but no one listened him and gone ahead with the Marriage. Dida became conscious but didn’t tell anything about ragini at the same time shomi and dida fought that swara is right and she is in danger. But shekar told sharmistha that swara is wrong and won’t accept her as his daughter and also asked shomi to choose between him and swara. Shomi being a good mother chose swara. So shekar break every bond with sharmistha. Sanakar became sad seeing swara missing and he went to search for her everywhere. But he didn’t find her. In bose mansion sharmistha and dida are waiting impatiently for swara. They are sure swara is not any coward who run from the marriage. They are scared that swara might be in danger. At that time sanskar came there. Seeing him both shomi and dida got angry.

“How dare u come here??? Swara from the first had the doubt that u r not mad. But i didn’t listen her. See her doubt became true. And now her life is spoiled. It’s all becoz of u. Now can’t u leave us happy??? I know u might have kidnapped swara. Now tell me where is she???” shomi asked angrily and held his collar. Sanskar held his head down and said,”Aunty i know u r angry on me. But pls believe me i am changed. The reason is swara bcoz she find me i am not mad and made me understand that what i am doing is wrong and even i assured her that everything will be good and her marriage will happen. But in the last minute ragini changed the whole game. I think she might have kidnapped swara. Believe me aunty.”

“How can i believe u haan??? And now after spoiling my one daughter’s life u r keen to spoil my other daughter’s life. How dare u???” saying this shomi raised her hand to slap but is stopped by dida. Shomi looked shocked.

“Shomi he is saying true. Ragini is also involved with him. When i came to know this i thought to tell everyone. But before that she pushed me from the stairs and i became unconscious.” dida said and even sanskar is shocked as he didn’t know this.

“Ma what r u saying??? Ragini pushed u?? But y ma??? Y she wanted to hurt swara ma??? She is her sister na??”

“Shomi she is obsessed with laksh. She wanted laksh. She doesn’t want laksh to marry swara so she did everything. And all the things which swara did during the rituals are bcoz of ragini and sanskar only.” dida said and sanskar nodded his head. Shomi is shocked. She sat down in the sofa sadly. She didn’t even think in the dream that ragini will do like this. Sanskar went and sat near shomi and held her hand and said,”Aunty what i did is wrong. I didn’t realize in my revenge on bade papa and laksh i am hurting an innocent. But now i assure u aunty swara’s name is spoiled by me now it’s my work to prove swara is innocent. I will do this aunty. I promise u. Swara accepted me as her friend. I will bring the truth of my friend aunty. Pls believe me aunty.”

“Sanskar now i don’t care whether swara’s name is spoiled or not. But as of now i just want my daughter. After she comes we will think of what to do. But now i want my daughter.” shomi said and cried.

“Aunty don’t worry. I will bring swara here.” sanskar said and took his phone while going out. He called someone and at the same time he sat in the car and started it. Now he is driving. The other person took the call,”Haan sanskar tell me”

“Sahil swara is missing. Send all our guards and find her soon. Try to trap ragini’s mobile and check whether she did something. Be quick Sahil. Whatever sin i have committed is enough. I don’t want to increase my sin bag.”

“Sanskar relax. I will ask our guards to search. You don’t get hyper. Surely we will find swara. U be cool.”

“Okie Sahil. I am also going to search her. Be quick Sahil.” saying this he kept the call and went to the temple where swara went. He went and inquired everyone there but none of them has seen swara. With sad face he took the car and went to search.

In the hospital swara didn’t open her eyes still. At that time vikram got a call. He went aside and took the call,”Ya AD tell me.”

“Vikram what is the condition of swara?? Whether she got conscious???”

“No AD swara is still unconscious. As she drank many water it will take time for her to get conscious AD. Also nothing to worry about swara. U don’t stress urself AD. After she get conscious i will inform u AD.”

“Ya. Just inform me soon. I am waiting. U know right swara is important.”

“Ya i know AD. U don’t worry.” saying this vikram kept the call.

The day turned to night but sanskar didn’t find swara. He is just searching for her but didn’t find her. Sanskar became frustrated and at the same time he became angry on himself as he is the reason for all this things. With frustration and anger he went to maheswari mansion. He parked the car angrily and went inside the mansion. Dp,ram and adarsh are sitting in the hall sofa. While sujatha and ap are talking with ragini who is aside. Parineeta is doing some work. While laksh is standing in the corner thinking how his life is changed.

Sanskar came inside and shouted,”Ragini ragini where r ??” everyone saw him and ragini,ap,sujatha,parineeta and laksh came there. Seeing him there laksh got angry and he went and hold his collar and asked angrily,”How dare u came here??? After doing everything u came here??? Don’t u have shame???”

“Laksh leave me. I am already angry. If u didn’t leave me then u have to face the consequences.” sanskar said and tried to remove his hand but laksh didn’t leave. Sanskar got angry and with full strength he pushed laksh such that he fell down with a force and got a wound in his hand. Everyone are shocked. Sanskar showed his forefinger to laksh and said,”I told u right to take ur hand. And one more thing don’t come in my way. Next time even ur life will be at risk. Keep that in ur blo*dy mind.”

“Sanskar what is this??? Behaving like a rogue. How dare u came here??? After betraying us how can u have guts to face us??”

“Enough. I didn’t come here to talk u or to have relation with u. I came here for some other work. So it would be good if none of them here interferes me.” sanskar warned and everyone is shocked to see sanskar like this. He neglected those looks and went to ragini and asked,”Ragini where is swara???”

“Sanskarji y r u asking me??? I don’t know where is swara.”

“Ragini don’t show ur this innocent face to me. I know how much innocent u r. Show ur acting to others. Just tell me where is swara??”

“Sanskarji y u r talking like this??? Really i don’t know anything.”

“Sanskar what is this??? Y u r asking ragini???”dp asked.

“Bcoz she is the one who has the motive to harm swara. Ya ya right i forgot to tell one thing. This ragini also involved with me. The weird behavior of swara in all those functions is due to us. I gave the drugs to ragini and she mixed it with swara’s food. Thats the reason swara behaved weirdly. When i back out at the last minute she did something to swara. Tell me ragini what u did with swara???”

“Shut up sanskar. Don’t blame ragini unnecessarily. She loves her sister a lot. And listen ragini is not like swara to stoop low. Swara might have run with her boyfriend. Who knows where she went?? A characterless girl. I am feeling ashamed to love her.” laksh finished and sanskar slapped him hardly. Everyone again became shocked. Laksh try to hit him but sanskar stopped him and pushed him.

“Keep ur hands away from me otherwise i will break urs and also listen one day the truth will come out. At that time i will see how u face me.” sanskar warned laksh and went to sujatha and asked,”Mom y r u silent tell them everything. U know right. Ragini was also with me in our plan.” hearing this all are shocked again.

“What r u saying sanskar?? I don’t know anything and also y r u supporting that bengali?? Stop creating fuss here sanskar.” sujatha said and sanskar smiled seeing her.

“Wow thank u mom. Thank u soo much. But ragini listen one thing if at all anything happened to swara i won’t let u live happily. I know what to do to crush ur dreams and smile. I will do that definitely. Pray to god that swara should be safe.” sanskar warned ragini and went from there. Ragini is scared but didn’t show it out. Everyone is stilled as they don’t know what to do. At that time sujatha asked everyone to do their work and get ragini and laksh ready for their special night. Everyone went from there.

Sanskar searched everywhere and didn’t find swara. He even called sahil but he too didn’t find any info about swara. Sanskar became sad and guilty. He is afraid now that nothing should have happened to swara. The night to turned to day and the sun started to rise. At that time he got a call from sahil,”Ya sahil tell me.”

“Sanskar we got a info about swara. Actually she was lying unconscious in the shore and someone admitted her in the hospital. Swara is there only and she is fine. Nothing to worry. She is in the KL hospital.”

“Very good Sahil. I will go and bring her.” sanskar said and relaxed as nothing happened to swara. He started the car and went to the hospital. The hospital is 10km away from the badi. He took an hour to reach the hospital. He entered inside and inquired everything in the reception and went to see swara. He entered the ward and saw swara lying unconscious. He went and called her but swara didn’t wake up. At that time doctor came there and saw sanskar,”Excuse me who r u???”

“Doctor swara is my friend. What happened to her???”

“Nothing to worry. She is just unconscious and will get her conscious in few hours.” doctor said and checked swara and went from there. Sanskar sat near her. Vikram who saw all this hiding went to doctor and thanked him for not telling sanskar about him. Then again he came and stood near swara’s ward. After an hour swara gained her conscious. Sanskar saw this and became happy. He called doctor and the doctor too checked swara and told,”Now she is perfectly alright. She will feel some weakness in her body. It’s bcoz her body is in water for many hours. But nothing to worry.”

“Doc..tor i w..a..nt t..o g..o hom..e” swara said..

“Okie. I will give the prescription to u. Just take those medicines at time.”

“Don’t worry doctor we will take care.” sanskar said.

“Okie then pls do the discharge formalities and can take her.” doctor said and sanskar nodded his head and went to do discharge formalities. Vikram saw this went and sat in his car. Sanskar after finishing the formalities he came to swara’s ward and made her sit in the wheel chair as she can’t walk. Then he took her to badi. Vikram who saw this followed them till badi. After they reached badi vikram went from there.

In the badi mm family came there for rituals. Dadi and shekar welcomed ragini and laksh. Ragini to show her goodness to everyone she went to bose house and knocked the door. Shomi and dida thought swara came and went and opened the door only to find ragini standing there. Both became angry.

“Ma i want u and nani also to bless me. Pls ma come to our house.”

“Just stop it ragini and don’t call me ma from ur filthy mouth.”

“Sharmistha dare to talk to my daughter like this i will kill u.” shekar shouted.

“Do u think until then my hand will pluck a flower??? I have hands and i too know to kill u. If u keep ur hand on me i will broke it. Remember that.” shomi warned shekar.

“See after giving birth to a characterless girl how boldly u r talking. Have some shame.” dadi told angrily.

“Don’t talk anything about my shoru. Ur granddaughter is looking very innocent but she is not. One day u all will know at that time i will see where u will keep ur face.”

“Dida,ma i respect u both but u r insulting ragini unnecessarily. The guilty is swara. If she is true where is she??? I know its tough to accept that. But that’s the truth ma.” laksh finished and got a hard slap from shomi.

“Sharmistha.” ap shouted.

“Just shut ur mouth. And laksh now i am very happy that my shona didn’t marry you. U don’t deserve my shona. U and shekar are not worth to be a male. U both are coward. It’s my shona’s goodness she didn’t marry u. I am very happy.” sharmistha said and laksh and shekar felt insulted. Before anyone could say everyone hear a voice,”Ma”. Everyone turn back and saw swara standing with the help of sanskar. There were bandages in swara’s head,hand and leg.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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