True friendship love and trust (episode 9)

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Dhani: (takes a deep breath) I want to ask that do you have any gf. I mean do u love someone ?
Viplav: (coughs) you.. I mean why are you asking ?
Dhani: Awai !! Actually u are my friend naa so I should know which type of boy you are.. but if u don’t wanna tell then it’s ok
Viplav: {naughty smile (in mind: “right time to tease her”)} yes I have one and she is too beautiful?
Dhani: (shocked and tears came in her eyes) Oh!! Okh!! That’s good?.. viplav I think I should go now
Viplav: where ??
Dhani: Temple
Viplav: I am also coming with you naa so what happened ?
Dhani: No I will go alone .. thanks for your help. You should go with ur dream girl?
Viplav: (laughs loudly) jealous !!
Dhani: why would I ? Ur life.. I don’t care what’s ur future plan ..
Viplav: what ? Future plan ?
Dhani: yeah !! With ur dream girl?
Viplav: oh yes !! How can I forget?
Dhani: you are like others who… who.. bye !!
Viplav: (holds her hand) what’s wrong with u dhani.
Dhani gave no response
Viplav: you are getting jealous
Dhani: no.. I am not
Viplav: Really ?? Acha listen angry young girl? I have no gf .. I was just joking
Dhani: what ? You are too weird?
Viplav: Thanks? So u were leaving me alone because u thought that I love someone it means u were feeling jealous
Dhani: No, no I was saying that because…
Viplav: because ??

Dhani: (pushes him) we are getting late, come fast
Then after too much searching they finally found temple. They went inside and pray to God
Dhani: please God finish my all problems and please send someone who truly loves me?
Viplav: God u know naa I am here for dhani, she is a very nice and lovely girl but I don’t know why her family always insults her please remove all sadness, troubles and sorrows from her life and fill her life with happiness. One more thing God, please give me courage to express my feelings❣
They both opened their eyes together and smiled
Dhani: I am feeling very light now
Viplav: yeah me too now come on we have to leave
They both left the temple and were confused now
Viplav: from which way we had come ?
Dhani: I guess from this way we should go.. no, no wait from there.. oh God !! Viplav do something I mean say something
Viplav: I am very confused drama queen.. all ways are totally same and it’s night naa so..
Dhani: so.. oh my gosh!! U are scaring me now
Viplav: oh come on.. I am with u naa, don’t be afraid. Come this way
Dhani followed him. There was a pin drop silence
Dhani: Oh God please say something viplav this silence is going to hunt me
Viplav: dhani..

Just then they heard some noise. They both get scared
Viplav: see that’s why I was silent. It’s a jungle not a park and jungle is a dangerous place where wild animals live..
Dhani: thanks for your long parvachan but I know that
Viplav: oh really.. oh I just forget that wild animals must be ur friends as they are khurat like u?
Dhani: what ? U called me khurat.. (shed fake tears) u always hurt me by ur talkings
Viplav: oh I am sorry dhani actually I didn’t mean that.. I was just joking
Dhani: (laughs)oh viplav again I made u fool?
Viplav: (rolled his eyes) u are such a drama queen.. I should be used to it now?
Dhani laughed. After awhile
Viplav: I think we should take left
Dhani: umm !! No, not left we should take right
Viplav: why ? Any solid reason ?
Dhani: yes because that time we took left so this time we should take right. Left right seems to be good but left left seems to be bad
Viplav: we are not playing dhani. Our wrong step can make us food for animals
Dhani: (innocently) ok
Viplav proceed to go left while dhani stopped him
Dhani: first listen to me. I was saying that u go left but I am going right
Viplav: are u mad ? I said naa, follow me
Dhani: no, no, no
Viplav: ok .. then bye

Then they both went to opposite direction. But after taking 3 steps viplav cursed himself for leaving her alone and starts running towards her direction
Viplav: dhani wait I am coming
Dhani: you here ? Wow !! I thought u are very brave but no I was wrong?
Viplav: very funny? I came here because I can’t leave u alone
Dhani: why ?
Viplav: umm !! Because..
Just then they heard some barking noise
Baoh !! Baoh !!
Dhani was now hell scared and she hugged him tightly
Dhani: v.v.viplav run dogs are coming
Viplav: (laughs loudly) relax dumbo relax it’s my mobile alarm
Dhani: (shocked) what ? Are u stupid. Alarm woh bhe in dog voice. Oh u are nuts
Viplav: (laughs) I love dogs. I have one in my home also
Dhani: oh God !! U are too much. Now leave this and start searching the way otherwise some wild animals will eat us
Viplav: oh yeah come
They start searching the way. After some time
Dhani: I am too much tired now. I can’t walk further (sits on rock)
Viplav: dhani even I am tired but we can’t sit naa. It’s a jungle and here is no one to help us so we have to do by ourselves
Dhani: vipu please. See even my foot is bleeding
Viplav: oh really ?
Dhani: yup see
Viplav: so come I will lift u?
Dhani: stop there I was just joking, see there is no blood
Viplav: I knew it. Now tell me what was that ?
Dhani: when u were eating my brain I saw some roses and squeezed it on my foot?so that..
Viplav: so that I will allow u to sit.. right ?
Dhani: yeah right
Viplav: u know u are really a dramy baaz
Dhani: I want to sleep
Viplav: me too but it all happened because of ur stupidity
Dhani: (shocked) what ?
Viplav: yeah I told u to take left but no u wanna play game naa so because of ur stupid game we both are suffering
Dhani: (holds her ears and kneel down in front of him) sorry viplav.. I am really sorry?
Viplav: dhani no need to do that
Dhani: Really ?
Viplav: yes leave ur ears and start doing ups and downs 20 times?
Dhani: ok

She was just going to start but at the same moment viplav stops her
Viplav: what are u doing ? I was just kidding.. why are you getting serious ?
Dhani: because I didn’t listen to u that’s why God is punishing me and because of me u are suffering
Viplav: oh God !! Dhani no one is giving you punishment leave all this and enjoy this time because it will never come again
Dhani: no,no I can’t enjoy this time.. have u seen this place how anyone can enjoy here ?
Viplav: d.d.dhani don’t move
Dhani: what happened ?
Stop doing ur acting
Viplav: snake is behind u
Dhani was numb now her face got pale. Viplav was observing her every expression and starts laughing?
Dhani: (shocked) are u mad ? Help me !! Save me from this creature
Viplav: which creature ? I was just joking.. buhahahha?
Dhani: what ?
Then she starts him beating on his chest viplav holds her hand and they share a cute eye lock? (tera naam doon song plays)
Dhani: (come back to her senses) I hate u.. I hate u?
Viplav: oh so before that u loved me.. tell na u love me ?
Dhani: (pushes him) no I don’t.. because u are a jerk I don’t wanna talk to you now. Come we have to go
Viplav nod in yes
They were walking from 10 minutes but there was silence from dhani’s side so he turned back to see her as well as shocked, suddenly a smile come on his lips. Dhani was sleeping like a sweet obedient child. Viplav also sits beside her and put her head on his lap and stared her lovingly (ankhon ne tumhare meethi baaton ne song plays) after some time viplav also slept??
Screen freezes☺

Precap: surprise??

Huh !! I think it’s too long. Maria u should be happy now and ab kutty mat hona??
Arshi yeh jo halka halka suroor hai song is by farhan saeed
Sujie and Ashwariya gave right answer so huge round of applause for them????
Acha friends in upcoming episode dhani will sing a song for viplav and I am confused between two songs kuch na kaho of abhishek and ashwariya and kahin pyar na hojai so please u guys tell me which song I should select and if u have better song than this please let me know☺

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  1. Shruthy

    OMG I JUST LOVED IT MAN! ??? Gosh this was so brilliantly written and ViDha … ❤️ In love with these two seriously.
    And thanks for having written a lot. Aise hi continue kar ??? we will never mind it.
    Cant wait for next part. I hoped there was any scene where they get drenched and they romance but this is really as good as expected ?

    1. Thanks Shruthy.. and something special will happen in rain? so keep reading and keep loving?
      Please tell me ur opinion about the song as first time dhani will sing a song for our hero so it should be awesome?

      1. Shruthy

        WOOHOOO ?? Cant wait for rain rom… I mean rain scene ?? I will always love it man, yeh koi poochne wali baat hai kya ? ? Oh haan ok. Hmm… I love Sanam Re, and actually I find it so suitable for ViDha since that after marriage wala scene gor telecasted ? Anyhow! So yeah, I think it will be good. Then… the female version of Hasi also steals my heart each time I listen to it. Then… Well, I guess you might know more Hindi songs than me so…

      2. Arshdeep

        Maha i love the female version of song jeena marna of movie do lafzon ki kahani..
        If you find it suitable

    2. Shruthy I will use this song some other time because dhani will sing a song and sanam re is in male voice so it’s not appropriate.. but I hope u didn’t feel bad?
      And Arshi I haven’t listened this song first I will listen then will decide but thanks for telling..
      I guess I’ll use kuch na kaho song it’s best let’s see?

      1. Shruthy

        Arey!! Why would I feel bad ? It’s your story, you are writing it.. I have nothing to do with it ?
        Ok madamji! I will be waiting for rain scene then ?? Very specia? Ufffo then post the next episode sooooon

    3. And shruthy rain scene will not come now it will take some time have patience? actually something very special will happen?

  2. Sujie

    Maha…. This is fantastic….. No actually VIDHAANILISTIC … 🙂 🙂
    Lovely episode …… Go on my dear ….
    Any romantic song will do dear… whatever song you choose… I will love to imagine romance…and love …only love

    1. Thank u so much sujie? .. but phr bhe tell me about ur opinion please naa as I am confused and dhani will sing first time for viplav so it should be special?

  3. Latha

    Lovely episode Maha. Loved it a lot?????

    1. Thanks Latha keep loving and supporting?

  4. Areeb

    Superb episode Maha!!! ? That Alram tone scene was much cute! ?❤ Could imagine it! ?

    Aww, thak gaey itni baten ki inhon ny. ? Wake them up soon! I mean the next episode sooner. ?

    By the way, the song Halka Halka Suroor hai is eventually by the legend NFAK sir. Latter many other singers have sung his Qawali’s as a tribute to his excellence. Frahan has also sung this song. I have also heard couple of lines in Atif Aslam’s voice. But honestly, none can compare that Vocal ,that unique way which NFAK sir had. ?

    1. Thanks alot Areeb :-* and yeah I will make them awake soon.
      I didn’t know that this song is by NFAK sir. I had only listened it in Farhan saeed voice and I loved this song by the way you have said well no one can compare NKAF sir.

  5. Arshdeep

    Oh God ??
    How can you write so beautiful scenes of vidha..i get lost sometimes reading them???
    Super super awesome maha???

    Thanks.. the song is very lovely❤

    1. Thanks Arshi keep loving?

  6. Angel20

    Fabulous episode Maha?? Loved it??

    Waiting for the next update please update it soon yaar.. And yes I am happy butty?? no kutty??

    And I am sorry for the late comment as my college has started

    1. Oh it’s OK Maria don’t be sorry yar glad u liked it .. keep loving?

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