True friendship love and trust (episode 8)

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After some time food was ready. All were having their dinner but viplav was waiting for dhani as she was sleeping. Viplav goes to her camp and saw her sleeping so he thought to leave. Just then he heard dhani’s voice.
Dhani: where are you going viplav ?
Viplav: No actually you were sleeping so I thought not to disturb you
Dhani: (cutely) Ok fine u also leave me like others (and turns her face)
Viplav: (sits besides her) look at me dhani, and listen it carefully, I will never ever leave u.. do u get that, till my last breath I will always be there for you.. because u are my….
Dhani: I am your what ?
Viplav: you are my best friend
Dhani stares him lovingly (agar tum sath ho plays) She hugs him and started to cry
Dhani: u know how much I am scared of fire
Viplav: (teasingly) why dhani u are strong naa
Dhani: Yup !! I am, but my bhabi use to scare me from fire and after this accident my all bitter memories have refreshed
Viplav gets hurt and tears came in his eyes. After few minutes dhani realizes and they break their hug. They both remained silent for awhile.
Viplav: (to divert her mind) u know dhani I am very hungry
Dhani: why ? Haven’t you eat ur food ?
Viplav: (cutely) no I was waiting for you
Dhani: owww !! How shweet. Acha come outside I will serve you food
Viplav: no need.. u stay here, I am coming in 2 minutes

After 5 minutes,
Viplav: see, what I have brought
Dhani: dinner?(laughs)
Viplav: ha ha!! hasna tha?
Dhani: yeah!! but I can understand u are sariyal that’s why didn’t laughed
Viplav: very funny!! Dumbo?. Now come fast I am very hungry
Dhani: Ok baba!! How many times u will tell me.
They had their dinner and then they went out as sir had called them. All sits on their places.
Sir: dhani are you fine now ?
Dhani nods in yes
Sir: Good, take care of yourself. Ok
Dhani: Ok
Sir: you all have done a great job and now you all must be tired so go and take some rest. Meet u guys in morning.
All nods and were about to go suddenly Sonia stopped them by asking a question
Sonia: sir, what is this (pointing towards a flag which was so far on hill)
Sir: oh it’s a temple.. according to some old people if u go and pray there, your prayers will never go waste but there are ghost or something as many people went there but didn’t return. Anyways good night.
All were scared and went to their camps.
Dhani: (in mind: “if there is really a temple and whatever sir told is true then I am going there for sure but it might be a scary place. Dhani it’s ok nothing will happen to u, so temple I am coming”)
She waits for raj Iakshmi to sleep and when finally she slept dhani gets ready for going.

Afterwards dhani was on the way it was a scary place.. bushes, trees were spread all over the way. Suddenly dhani heard some noise.
Dhani: who’s there ?
But she didn’t get any response just then she feels someone’s hand on her shoulder which was enough for dhani and she started to shout loudly. That man puts his hand on dhani’s mouth.
Viplav: dhani.. u here ?
Dhani: (while beating him) u idiot, don’t u have manners.. u scared me yaar and what if I died because of heart attack
Viplav: (angry) how many times I have told you not to talk about these disgusting things but u never listen to me naa
Dhani: (cutely) viplav acha don’t be angry yaar. I was really very scared. See my heart beats (she puts his hand on her heart)
Viplav: (realizes) oh !! I am sorry drama queen? but I didn’t know that it was you. Acha what are you doing here in late night
Dhani: The same thing u are doing over here
Viplav: oh so you are also going temple
Dhani nods in yes
Viplav: I didn’t notice that our thinking is same. It means we are made for each other?
Dhani: stop it viplav? we are over here to pray not to discuss our future?
Viplav: I didn’t say anything about our future. I only said we are made for each other oh it means u want to……
Dhani: (pushes him) shut up!! Viplav u are very shameless and I didn’t say anything. Ok
Dhani: Ok. Shikayte puriya
Dhani: (widens her eyes) which puriya ?
Viplav: (laughs aloud patting her shoulder) shikayte puriya?
Dhani: whatever ?
Viplav: acha.. let’s start our mission, find the temple
Dhani: Oh yes

Then they started to walk. After half an hour
Dhani: viplav please wait yaar I am tired and can’t walk further
Viplav: what is this dhani ? We had walked only half an hour and u are tired
Dhani: yes because I am not a super women
Viplav: ooh !! So I am a super man
Dhani: (teasingly) No, akshay is a super man
Viplav: (angry) okh !! Now sit for sometime, we will proceed our journey after 5 minutes
Dhani: atleast ask me why I said this
Viplav: no I am not interested
Dhani: (fake tears) u always shout at me, get angry on me, u are not my friend.. I don’t wanna talk to you
Viplav: (in mind: “aray what have you done viplav.. u are really a jerk”) No dhani, nothing like that.. ok tell me why u said him super man
Dhani: because I don’t like super man (laughs loudly)
Viplav: (also laughs) so u don’t like akshay
Dhani: yeah I don’t like him much, u know he talked with me like urgh!! I don’t know but he is totally confusing to me
Viplav: (in mind: “yes because he likes u but I am very happy, u didn’t like him. Yahoo !! Viplav u are very lucky”)
Dhani: where have you lost vipu ?
Viplav: no.. nothing !! Tell me, so why u talk to him ?
Dhani: because he was my class fellow and my friend too otherwise I don’t have any keen interest to talk to him
Viplav: so to whom u wanna talk every time
Dhani: (dreaming) you (then bites her tongue)
Viplav: (smiles) really
Dhani: no, no I mean.. u please be quite for sometime.
Viplav: (smiles) as ur wish your highness
Dhani drinks water and suddenly a question came in her mind
Dhani: viplav can I ask you something ?
Viplav: yeah dhani sure
Dhani smiles
Viplav: aray ask naa
Dhani: umm !! Ok I am asking as ur friend don’t take me wrong
Viplav: ohoo don’t clarify just ask.
Dhani: (takes a deep breath) ok tell me that…….
Screen freezes on dhani’s face☺

Precap: surprise??

I hope u liked this episode too my previous episode get very good response.. I am very happy. Thanks alot?
Acha tell me what question dhani will ask ?

Do drop ur valuable comments as it really energized me.. and 3-4 episodes left for their love confession.. so keep reading
At last keep smiling?and keep watching ikrs daily✌?

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  1. Angel20

    Wow loved it! Loved it! Loved it!????
    I guess Dhaani is asking if Viplav loves her?? please don’t be late in posting otherwise I will not talk to you kutty??? please post if soon??

    1. Thanks Maria for loving and will post the next one ASAP but yeh bhe mai na rocket speed sey post kar de 😛

  2. Sujie

    Maha….. Lovely….
    I think the question is do you have any girlfriend…or what do you think about me…..
    Waiting for the next part dear

    1. Thanks Sujie for loving and will post the next one ASAP .. and ur 1st answer is correct :-*

      1. Arshdeep

        Ohh i was wromg?

  3. Wow loved it❤
    I guess Dhani is asking if he has any girlfriend

    1. Thanks alot Ashwariya .. and ur guess is right 🙂

  4. Shruthy

    Wooow it was long man. I like that ??? ok let’s comment the episode now.
    Viplav & Dhaani’s sparks moment being with each other. ? I swear we don’t even need confessions, they are already in love and the number they have told it to each other. ? Such cute lovebirds ❤️ And YES! Dhaani dislikes Akshay THANK GOD ?? i just cant wait to know what will happen in the next episode. Can we expect something romantic? ?

    1. Oh thanks shruthy.. and u can expect something romantic I guess?.. confession tw hoga? actually our dhani didn’t accepted her feelings u know heroins are quite dumbo they realize their feelings after long time?

      1. Shruthy

        Can we? ?? Acha theek hai! Btw I won’t mind having a confession part at all ? Oh I see! Haan that’s true. Pyaar ke maamle mein ladkiyaan are behind ladke. At least, naming their relatinship “friendship”, they are loving each other… ??

  5. Arshdeep

    Lovely lovely episode??
    I read it twice seriously❤

    Maybe she will ask that what viplav thinks about her??

    1. Thanks Arshi .. keep loving?

  6. Arshdeep

    And yeah it sounded a bit like YJHD.. One of my favourite movies <3

    1. Angel20

      Yes it sounds like YJHD my fav movie also?

    2. Yeah we took some idea from that movie but dialogues are completely different

  7. Pls update next part soon. Soo interesting

    1. Thanks vavachi will update the next one ASAP keep supporting

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