True friendship love and trust (episode 7)

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Now let’s begin?
Dhani and raj Iakshmi were talking just then they heard the sound of bell. All students came out from their respective camps.
Sir: Well-done champs, very well u all have done ur first work.. now it’s time to announce second work.. so boys u guys have to collect the woods and give them to girls and girls here are some pots and vegetables.. you guys have to cook food.. teams are same. Start ur work?
Viplav: (in mind “yahoo!! I think my destiny also wants to unite me and dhani?”)
Dhani smiles seeing viplav drowned in his thoughts
Viplav comes to raj lakshmi and dhani
Viplav: I am bringing woods and u guys will cook food
Dhani: (laughs) yeah we know that?
Raj lakshmi: oh wait please I am not interested in cooking food, u and dhani do this work. I will go and find some woods
Dhani: (shocked) what ? Are you mad. This work is not for girls.. u can lost in jungle
Raj: no dhani, I will take raj Iakshmi with me
Dhani: oh acha so Romeo and Juliet want to spend time together.. right ?
Raj: (stretches his hair) bhabi jee stop teasing us please
Pankaj: very bad yaar all are doing masti and romance but I am single?
Viplav: arey don’t be sad.. ur friend is here naa I will find a perfect girl for u
Pankaj: (happy) ok guru
Then they trio left from there to find woods.
Dhani starts cutting vegetables and viplav was looking at her lovingly?(ai jai dil teri janib song plays)
Dhani: Don’t stare me like this. Take this (she give him some tomatoes) and cut them nicely
Viplav: ok .. I will captain?
Dhani was cutting onions that’s why tears were rolling down from her cheeks whereas viplav was continuously doing bak bak and then suddenly he looks at dhani because she was silent from 5 minutes.
Viplav: (shocked) aray dhani why are u crying ?
Tell me
Dhani: (wiping off her tears) wow it’s good yaar first hurt someone and then ask what have I done, nice
Viplav: What ? Have I hurt u ? But when ?
Dhani: I don’t know (she was about to go)
Viplav: (holds her hand) dhani first tell me please (and this time viplav also have tears in his eyes)
Dhani can’t control more and laughs harder holding her stomach?
Dhani: oh my hero wipe ur tears.. u didn’t hurt me at all.. actually I was cutting onions that’s why tears were falling
Viplav: oh God!! U are impossible.. u know how much I was scared because of ur silly joke
Dhani: (laughs) I am sorry baba .. sorry naa acha don’t be angry young man please vipu?
Viplav: (shocked) vipu ?
Dhani: han from now on I will call you vipu it’s ur nick name..
Viplav: oh shoo sweeeet
Just then raj and raj lakshmi came and give woods to dhani
Dhani: thanks I will put on fire?
Viplav: no, no I will do this work.. if u get hurt then who will be responsible
Dhani: ohoo ok as ur wish
Akshay saw this and to himself: ” so viplav wants to help dhani, ok as ur wish but this will be the last help for dhani from ur side”
He sprays some drops of petrol on woods so that viplav get hurt. Afterwards viplav was about to put on fire just then pankaj called him for some help and he goes to him dhani saw this and to herself ” oh God this boy naa never finish any work on time”
She starts to put on fire and suddenly the fire got too high and catches her duppata. Dhani shouts whereas everyone was shocked. Akshay was also stunned as his plan got failed and because of him dhani was hurt..
Viplav comes there and was shocked to see dhani in this condition. Sir and other students were throwing water on her duppata while viplav was frustrated because fire was not blowing off so he started to extinguish fire from his shoes and finally he succeeded. Dhani was numb as she was hell scared.
Viplav: Dhani are u okay ? Who told u to do this work ? I told u not to do this but u never listen me (and he started to scold her)
Dhani gave no response but suddenly she started to cry loudly
Dhani: (while crying) viplav I don’t know how this happened.
Viplav hugs her. He was also having tears
Viplav: ssshhh!! Dhani no need to cry. I am here naa. I will never let u hurt.. sorry it was my fault I shouldn’t leave u alone
Sir: viplav take care of her as she is very scared
Viplav: (nods in yes) raj Iakshmi take her inside the camp. I am going
Afterwards viplav shouts sir..
Sir: what happened viplav ?
Viplav: sir someone has done this purposely as petrol’s smell is coming from these woods
All get shocked
Akshay: why someone will do this .. This can’t be true
Viplav: why are u scared .. it looks like u have done this
Akshay: are u mad why I would do this.. don’t blame me
Viplav: I am not blaming anyone but u only jump in this matter .. so stay out of it
Sir: stop fighting and viplav I think this is only an accident nothing else..
After awhile all started to finish their works. Dhani was sleeping in her camp whereas viplav was lost in that accident and was blaming himself for leaving her alone
Screen freezes on viplav’s sad face?

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  1. Angel20

    I wanted to read more and more?? Next time please make it more longer! And I could imagine everything in front of my eyes… It was so lovely, loved it very much! Post the next part soon…

    1. Thank you so much Maria and it was quite long but I will make it longer next time?

  2. Sujie

    Next time a longer one dear…. Honestly I enjoyed it thoroughly….m??????

    1. Thanks Sujie.. will make it longer next time?

  3. Shruthy

    ViDha ?? No i am not crying, it’s the onions too…
    I just wished it to be longer but however it is, it was just perfect! ?❤️?? In fact thank you for that small accident, it made Viplav cry and Vidha hug ?? and haan, Viplav and his instinct are just ??? please Viplav, you have to prove your professor wrong and show Akshay made this.
    ?? and that last scene, where Viplav was feeling guilty for Dhaani’s condition. Poor baby!
    Cant wait for next parts. Post it soon ?

    1. Oh thank u so much for such an appreciation shruthy? Glad to know that u liked each scene?

      1. Shruthy

        Thanks to you for such a great episode actually! ??? I didnt like but I LOVED each of them. And actually I am loving ViDha in your story that I think I am going to read again the previous episodes today ??

    2. Oh that’s soo sweet itne tareef mat karo i am on cloud 9 now 😀 .. but seriously thanks alot keep loving like this love u

    3. Shruthy

      Praises are not enough to define it darling. ? No problem, that’s my #1 duty! ?

  4. Love ❤ it

    1. Thanks vavachi?

  5. Amazing.. keep it up .. can’t wait for your next part

    1. Oww thanks ansa? keep reading and supporting ansa churail?

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow Maha loved it just read two parts together too good love vidhaani

    1. Thanks Fatarajo.. keep supporting:-)

  7. nice epi liked it….

    1. Thanks dreamgirl.. keep reading

  8. Arshdeep

    Episode 3
    Maha you are a wonderful writer..
    Mrs dhani tripathi..haha??
    Hero & princess?
    Thanks to your sis too for an amazing episode??

    Episode 4
    Maha you are giving us such beautiful doses of vidhani romantic moments??
    Never ever worry for comments
    Keep going..god bless you..
    And thanks once again to you and your sis for giving us this lovely fan fiction??
    Phone conversations are sooo good❤
    And dhani teasing viplav..awww….i loved it totally?
    Is the song by nusrat fateh ali khan??

    Episode 5
    Maha i wondered dhani did not mind raj calling her bhabhi?
    And dhani is naughty teasing our hero..
    I am loving this camp a lot❤

    Episode 6
    Very very cute episode???

    And finally this episode 7
    Thank you so much for this bday party?? although it is very late? but its okay?
    Episode was again very nice??
    Dhani hmare viplav ko boht tang karti h??
    Keep going maha?
    Lots of love to you??  big big hugs??

    1. Thanks alooooot Arshi .. mujhe itneeee khushi hoe hai u ka post dekh k that i can’t even tell u .. and “yeh jo halka halka suroor hai” is by farhan saeed.. Thanks once again for encouraging me. love u <3

    2. Thanks alot Areeb. Glad u liked it!! I thought it was quite long but now will try to make it longer next time

      1. Oh God!! sorry Arshi ek tw mujh se mistakes bohat hote hai by mistake I have posted her comment

  9. Areeb

    Another lovely episode Maha!! ? Wanted to read more but it ended. ?

    1. Thanks alot Areeb. Glad u liked it!! I thought it was quite long but now will try to make the next one longer

  10. Renu di I am really missing ur comment where are u ?

  11. Lakshmi

    Maha really enjoying it…. i am speechless because i don’t have any stock of dialogues to tell you….. all others stealed my words…keep going

    1. Oh thanks alot laxshmi? .. but u are also a brilliant writer. I love ur ffs?

  12. i just love it maha, keep writing…….

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  14. Thanks pethusri.. keep supporting?
    And I think ur real name is Kavya.. right ?

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