True friendship love and trust (episode 6)


Hey lovely people??.. Have some popcorn?? and don’t forget to imagine?

Recap: dhani was hurt in bus viplav took care of her☺

Now let’s begin?
Sir called everyone in the ground. Viplav and dhani also come. They both were looking each other with lots of love.?(kuch na kaho song from kuch na kuch kaho plays)
Raj coughs looking at this and they come back to their senses..
Sir: okh.. now here we are, as we all reached our destination so we will start putting tents. Listen me carefully champs in each 2 girls and 1 boy….(all boys start hooting) boys listen me first I am saying so because girls can’t put tent by themselves so each boy will help them.. but boys and girls tents will be separate..
All boys get sad whereas girls were laughing?. Then sir announced the names of boys and girls who will help each other.. dhani, Raj laxshmi, Tina, Suwarna, Viplav and Akshay were left..
Akshay: sir I will help dhani and Raj laxshmi.
Viplav: akshay let sir decide
Dhani: sir please let viplav help us as he is my best friend
Sir: really ? You both have become best friends?
Dhani: yes sir?
Sir: ok then viplav go with them and akshay you will help tina and suwarna
Viplav jumped in excitement but then controlled himself seeing everyone shocked while dhani was smiling☺. He made an excuse that there was an ant that’s why he jumped? all laugh on his innocent excuse?
Akshay: (fumed) but sir ?
Sir interrupts akshay by saying no more arguments and quickly go to ur works. Dhani viplav and raj lakshmi and viplav go one side while others went to their sides.
Dhani and raj lakshmi were trying to put camp whereas viplav is busy in staring at dhani (yeh fitoor mera song plays)
Dhani: viplav why are u staring at me .. help me u lazy?
Viplav: (dreaming) let me do my work. It’s my favourite?
Dhani: (blushed) viplav are you mad ?
Suddenly she got an idea?
Dhani: Ahh !! My head is spinning
Viplav: (concerned) aray sit over here don’t move from here .. take this, drink some juice u will feel better and who told u to do lot of work.. take some rest
Now it was enough for dhani she starts to laugh loudly?
Viplav: (shocked) what happen wait u were acting naa?
Dhani: (while laughing) yeah u are 100% correct?
Viplav: you are such a drama queen?
Dhani: (teasingly) oh really akshay also used to call me by this name?
Viplav: (angry) oh really!! So I am going and sending him.. ok ?
Dhani: (holds his shirt) you are leaving me, your friend, your……
Viplav: your what ?
Dhani: (laughs) ur drama queen?
Viplav: dhani ke bachi.. acha so u need my help and can’t do any work without me (smiles)
Dhani: oh hello!! Who told u this ? It’s not like that.
Viplav: oh really ? U know girls can’t do anything thing they can only do bak bak?
Dhani: oh Mr. Over smart.. I will show u now (starts to put camp alone)
Viplav was smiling and come towards her. He ask for the net so that he can place it on camp’s door then mosquitos will not disturb her.. but dhani refuse to give it.
Viplav: dhani I am asking you last time. Are you giving me ?
Dhani: No, No, No?
Viplav snatched net from dhani’s hand and start to run but dhani is still standing and looking him angrily.
Viplav: what ? Can’t you run (laugh loudly)
Dhani: you.. I will not leave you?
Viplav: catch me if you can?
Dhani was running behind viplav suddenly he stopped but dhani can’t control her balance and fall on viplav? they share a cute eye lock? (tere bin song from wazir plays).. but her hair was disturbing her so he gently locked them behind her ears (do dil mil rahe hai song plays).. just then raj and pankaj come (always disturb them?)
Raj: Guru and bhabi jee please if you want to do romance, go inside the camp it’s not good here?
Pankaj: yeah viplav get up
Dhani feels embarrassed and run from there while viplav was beating his friends. Finally dhani was succeed in putting her camp whereas raj Iakshmi was peacefully sleeping behind the camp.
Dhani: (pushed her) here I am doing all work alone and you are sleeping lazy girl?
Raj lakshmi: han so what, u were also not doing work, you were busy in romance
Dhani: kuch bhe mat bolo we were fighting with each other
Raj lakshmi laughs?
Scene shifts to camp where dhani and raj lakshmi were sitting and drinking juice?
Raj lakshmi: can I ask one thing ?
Dhani: sure
Raj lakshmi: nowadays I am watching that you are getting very close to viplav and before that you guys never talk with each other
Dhani: hmmm because he never talked to me but on the day of result he came to me asked for friendship.. that’s it and from that day we become best friends☺
Raj lakshmi: really only friends ?
Dhani: yup only friends?
Raj lakshmi: you love him naa don’t hide this fact from me atleast
Dhani: umm!! I don’t know but whenever I am with him i just forgot all my problems. I feel something special my heart beat get raised.
Raj lakshmi: pagalo that is called love❤
Dhani: I don’t know but please don’t tell this to anyone.. promise me
Raj lakshmi: promise dhani?
Screen freezes

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Credit to: maha

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  1. Superb maha i always like the natural conversation between vidhàni. Lazy rl??

  2. Friendship is just their relation’s name, otherwise all what they do and how they behave is called love. PYAAR!
    I am loving your story a lot man. Cant wait for next. Post it fast <3

  3. I also agree with Shruthy.. Friendship is only a name and they love each other..?? This was so cute episode I am going to read it once more… Loved it post the next part soon!!

  4. maha..a lovely cute episode…keep going 🙂 🙂

  5. Such a cute episode. Even I agree with Maria and Shruthy. They call it friendship but it’s actually called love. They love each other. Just waiting for their confession.

  6. Thanks Renu Shuruthy Maria Sujie and Louella.. keep reading and yes friendship is their relation’s name but they love each other very much.. this love was love at first sight and they will confess it soon?

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