True friendship love and trust (episode 5)


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Recap: All are sitting in bus and heading towards their destination

Now let’s begin?
Dhani: oh soo sweet I mean Raj is very sweet naa so leave him
Viplav: yeah Raj akshay no wait all boys in this world are sweet except me (give angry look)
Dhani: what yar I didn’t say like this.. you are very cute
Viplav: don’t call me cute I am handsome
Dhani: oh really ?
Viplav gave an angry look
Dhani: aray my hero I was just joking.. you are handsome, cool and dashing for me in the whole world?
After hearing that viplav was on cloud nine?
Viplav: ok leave it you sleep now
Dhani: no yaar I am not feeling sleepy now
Viplav: ok then let me sleep
Dhani: no viplav what I will do then I will get bore naa don’t sleep
Viplav gave no response and was acting like he is sleeping
Akshay: aray dhani if viplav is sleeping then come here naa you will be getting bore there
Viplav: (after hearing this) not at all, I am not sleeping who said I am sleeping?
Dhani: (control her smile) aray u were sleeping just now?
Akshay: haan.. dhani let him sleep
Viplav gave sad expression?
Dhani: no no akshay now he is awake if I will come there he will get bore naa so I am here with him. You all continue. I am with viplav tripathi the most handsome guy in the universe? (laughs?)
Viplav was now flying in air after hearing all such complements whereas akshay was feeling jealous.
Akshay: but dhani I was ur friend first and now u completely forgot me, and do u remember he is the same viplav who didn’t talk to u ever
Viplav: (gets angry) yeah because I thought she will not accept my friendship or she will not like me
Dhani: I am agree with viplav. Akshay we both didn’t talk with each other so u can’t blame him and I haven’t forget u so please stop complaining.
Akshay in mind: “do what ever you want to do viplav, dhani will be mine only”.
Viplav: (noticed akshay) what happened akshay ?
Akshay ignored him
Viplav: don’t know what happen to him
Dhani: leave him he is overreacting
Raj: (whispers in viplav’s ear) guru I think he loves bhabi jee
Viplav: yeah I also think so any ways leave him dhani is with me naa so I have no tension let him feel what he wants to
Dhani: what u both are whispering.. tell me ?
Viplav: nothing dhani.. Raj is just eating my brain.
Raj: what ?? Viplav..
Viplav: go from here Raj ?
After 2 minutes driver put an emergency brake due to which all were shaken and by this dhani got hurt on her head. It was a little scratch but it was paining alot.
Dhani: (holding her head) Ahh !!
Viplav without wasting a single minute turned his face towards dhani and get shocked
Viplav: what happen ? Oh God it’s bleeding
Dhani: aray relax I think this window rod had hurt me. Viplav beat this rod.
Viplav: see situation first dhani. Stop joking.
He take out his handkerchief and tie on her head. Dhani was looking lovingly at him (tumhe dekho na song from kabhi alvida na kehna plays)
Tina (dhani’s friend): dhani viplav if you had done ur romance then come out of bus we had reached
Dhani gave death glare to viplav and ask viplav to come but she feels dizzy because her head was spinning. Viplav sees this, hold her hand and ask her to come now. Dhani was staring at him with lots of love (kahin pyar na hojaye song plays)
Viplav: dhani I know I am too much handsome but please don’t stare me like this it is making me crazy
Dhani: (blush harder) shut up viplav
Viplav: acha don’t blush all will think that we were doing something inside?
Dhani: (pushed him) don’t talk with me now.
And she runs from there.
Viplav gave a killer smile and to himself: oh God this girl is making me more and more fall on her.
Dhani was looking at him hiding behind the tree just then viplav sees her she made an excuse and run from there. Viplav smiles at her antics (achi lagti ho song from kuch na kaho plays)
Screen freezes.

Precap: dhani is trying to put the camp whereas viplav is staring at her with love?

Hope u guys like today’s episode and songs also as I love songs that’s why there will be number of songs in my ff.. anyways do drop ur valuable comments as the number of comments are less which is disappointing me alot.
At Last keep smiling☺ and keep watching ikrs daily✌?

Credit to: maha

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  1. OMG this was so cute. They are behaving like they were dating each other but hain only friends. But I am really loving this side. They look cuter <3

  2. maha….this is superb ….go on….

  3. And cover pic….. Dhaani’s dream awwww ??????

  4. This is simply Superb yar

  5. Maha it was such a romantic episode. Very cute. Even I love songs. Enjoyed a lot. Plz post the next one soon.

  6. Good one. Kafi jaldi frankness barhti ja rahi hai. ?

  7. Thank-you so much shuruthy sujie ashwariya Louella and areeb for liking.. and areeb frankness barhy ge tw pyar hoga naa infact pyar tw pehly he hogaya hai actually this love was love at first sight??
    And sujie thanks for liking the cover?

  8. Umm. ? Songs sy yaad aya, waiting for a Fanfic!!! Desperately!! ? Mahira Aapi come soon. ?

    1. Yup we all are waiting for her ff because she writes too awesome?

  9. Maha u write so naturally cud imagine all. Lovely n c.??ute

    1. Thanks Renu actually viplav and dhani are so cute and lovely which makes my story more beautiful??

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