True friendship love and trust (episode 4)


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Recap: viplav told some plan to dhani which was muted

Now let’s begin?
Dhani was sitting at dinning table.
Dhani: bhai actually I got college’s message that tomorrow our campus is going for camping but don’t take tension I have refused them
Bhai: Good
Dhani: haan bhai u know what they were saying that there will be different games and the winner will get prizes like 500 or 5000 Rs depending on games. But as u know I refused it. Acha I have done.. Good night?
Bhabi: sahil (dhani’s brother) don’t do this I mean let her go naa she will definitely win some prizes after all she is so talented. Dhani u go and pack ur stuff .. enjoy and haan win all prizes
Dhani gets happy but she was also sad on her bhai and bhabi’s mentality? anyways dhani thanks her bhabi and went to her room. She called viplav.
Viplav: hey done ur dinner ?
Dhani: (sadly) yes
Viplav: why are u sad ? They didn’t give you permission ?
Dhani: No?
Viplav: chalo leave it I will also not go then.
Dhani: (laughs) my hero I am coming tomorrow
Viplav: are u serious ? Yahoooooo !! ( And he starts dancing on his bed ) I am great, I am smart, I am genius? oye say thanks to me
Dhani: ur welcome? Bye see you tomorrow
Viplav: u are very badmash?
Dhani: and u are maha badmash?
Viplav: what ? Because of me you are coming tomorrow and instead of thanking me u are saying me badmash.. not fair
Dhani: who said first ?
Viplav: ok princess.. maaf kar do mujhe (forgive me please)
Dhani: ok forgiving this time?
Viplav: thank u so much now may I sleep ?
Dhani: yeah sure. Good night take care.
Viplav: u too☺
Then they both ended the call and sleep excitedly?
In morning
All are in college viplav is waiting for his dream girl (not me dhani??)
Just then she saw dhani coming she was looking cute. She was wearing jeans with pink top. Viplav was thinking that she will come to him first and that’s why he was smiling broadly. But just to tease viplav dhani changed her direction and went to akshay (dhani and viplav’s class mate). Viplav’s smile vanishes as he was feeling jealous. Dhani and akshay have a talk for awhile just then sir announced to sit in bus. All proceed to sit in bus whereas dhani was trying to find viplav as she wants to sit with him. She finally finds him and sits besides him.
Dhani: hello viplav.. where were you I was searching u
Viplav: I was only here. By the way why were u searching me go and sit with akshay
Dhani: acha ok ( she was going but viplav holds her hand)
Viplav: don’t u dare leave me. Sit over here.
Dhani: (laughs) ok baba I was just joking and akshay is also my bf
Viplav: (shocked) what ?
Dhani: I mean best friend (laughs) do u think that only u can joke see I can also do even better than u?
Viplav: haha very funny?
Dhani: acha naa.. sorry (holding her ears)
Viplav: it’s ok?
Dhani: acha can I ask u something will u give that to me ?
Viplav: yeah u can ask anything dhani. Infact no need to ask just order me?
Dhani: (innocently) that window seat please please viplav
Viplav: (smiles at her innocence) yeah of course u can.
They exchanged their seats
Dhani: thanks viplav☺
Viplav: my pleasure
After this they all starts to play different games dhani was participating in every game which makes viplav more and more happy (kuch kuch hota hai song plays)
After some time viplav didn’t listen her voice and he turned his face to see dhani who was sleeping peacefully but because of strong winds her hair was moving which was disturbing her alot so viplav put her hair strands gently behind her ears and was smiling widely (yeh jo halka halka suroor hai song plays… guys it’s a Pakistani song and I know most of u haven’t listened it but it’s an awesome song do listen it and tell me about ur views)
Raj: ehm ehm… what are u going to do ? Taking advantage of her sleep ?
Viplav: shut up!! Let her sleep don’t make noises and haan don’t dare say such things in front of dhani.. now go let me see her.. I mean let me sleep ?
Raj: yeah.. yeah !! Carry on ur silent romance?
Pankaj: shh !! bhabi is sleeping.
Raj laughs loudly which made dhani awake
Dhani: Ahh!! What rubbish yar?
Viplav: what happen ?
Dhani: oh God !! Who is laughing on my ears
Viplav: That joker (points towards Raj and beats him)
Dhani: aray don’t do this leave him it’s ok
Viplav: Hmmm.. ok if u are saying so I am leaving him but say sorry to dhani
Raj: acha guru u have changed ur party
Viplav: Raaaj ?
Raj: soory bhabi jii (laughs)
Dhani: oh soo sweet I mean Raj is very sweet naa so leave him?
Screen freezes☺
Precap: dhani gets hurt in bus.

Enough for today naa.. hope u guys like it. Don’t forget to drop ur valuable comments and again thanks to my sister she helped me alot?
Keep smiling☺ and keep watching ikrs daily✌?

Credit to: maha

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