True friendship love and trust (episode 3)

Hey guys? .. thanks for liking my ff. Now have some popcorn ??don’t forget to imagine? and please imagine eisha as dhani it’s my request as I have wrote each scene keeping eisha in mind

Recap: vidhani becomes friend and have some conversation.

Now Let’s begin,

They both ended the call and lay down on bed. Dhani was feeling very light as someone close to her was there who will protect her and will become her guard ? (agar tum sath ho plays).
Here in AN viplav was thinking that ” I don’t know when it happens but the day I saw her first time I fall for her deeply. I want to tell her about my feelings but not now as she needs a friend right now … we were studying since 4 years never have courage to tell her but now I will wait for the right time and will tell everything to her and I am sure she will accept my feelings.. oh!! My love is love at first sight? (man mast magan song plays) and thinking this they both sleep?
In morning dhani wake up take shower get ready and went to dinning table for breakfast. Her bhabi as usually taunt her for no reason. She ignored her thinking of viplav’s words. Today she was feeling very light. She was smiling reminiscing conversation between them. In evening dhani went to her room she saw her mobile blinking she quickly jumped on her phone in excitement because she thought viplav has messaged her but it was from her college ” Dear students for ur enjoyment the staff has decided to keep a camping program for one day. Kindly come tomorrow by sharp 7’o clock in college then we will go ahead from there ”

Dhani was too much excited after reading the message as she loves to go on picnic or camping but her happy face and smile on her lips fade because she was confirmed that her bhai and bhabi will not agree on this just then her mobile rang it was viplav’s call. She picked the call in first tone
Viplav: hellow dhani.. amazing u picked my call in one go.
Dhabi: yeah because I was having cellphone in my hands.

Viplav: achaa.. umm!! How r u ?
Dhani: I am fine actually very happy.. today I completely ignored them and my day went awesome.. anyways how are you ?
Viplav: I am fit as usual.. good to know that u are happy today.. be happy like this always ?
Dhani: thanks
Viplav: no need.. acha u don’t have any sister naa ?
Dhani: no .. I have only one brother.. u tell ?
Viplav: I have no siblings.. that’s why I am the most pampered child and my parents love me alot..
Dhani: hmm !! You are lucky to have parents
Viplav: dhani I didn’t mean to hurt you I am sorry and don’t be sad my parents are yours too dhani: oh really ? how ?
Viplav: bus !! Will tell you later
Dhani: u r totally weird ? acha viplav did you get any message from college ?
Viplav: yeah I got that message. Dhani it will be fun we both will enjoy there
Dhani: but I can’t come?

Viplav: (shocked and sad) why dhani ?
Dhani: because my bhai and bhabi will not allow me (tears fall from her eyes)
Viplav: hey why are you crying. Wipe ur tears when viplav is here so why all these tears ?
Dhani: because I wanna come
Viplav: acha naa princess stop crying first
Dhani: ( feeling happy after listening princess from viplav) you know what viplav my parents always call me by princess ( tears fall from her eyes )
Viplav: dhani please don’t cry because when u cry my heart cry too and ur parents are always with u. They are always in ur heart u can feel them and they are watching u every moment. They will feel bad seeing u cry so from now on be happy for ur parents. Now smile Mrs. Dhani tripathi ?
Dhani: what ?? You have changed my sur name (smiles and blushes)
Viplav: (Pat his head) oh sorry dhani my mistake

Dhani: it’s ok and smiles
Viplav: acha.. dhani listen to me carefully now, I have a plan
He told his plan which was muted
Dhani: wow !! U are my hero viplav (suddenly she realized what she had said and beat herself from pillow)
Viplav: aray dhani don’t beat yourself (laughs)?
It’s ok and yeah I am ur hero
Dhani: (shocked) how do u know that..
Viplav: because I know u more than yourself
Dhani smiles just then her bhai called her.
Dhani: talk to u later viplav I am going to have dinner
Viplav: ok bye ?

Dhani: bye, thanks for the idea hero
Viplav gave killer smile☺
Precap: dhani getting ready for camping

I think today’s episode is kind of short and boring but the next one will be full of masti so don’t forget to read it. Do drop ur valuable comments and yeah I have took my sister’s help for today’s episode because I am too busy with my studies so credit goes to her also.
And I hope u guys remember that this is a flashback it all happened one month back.
Now at last keep smiling? and keep watching ikrs daily✌?

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