True friendship love and trust (episode 22) *LAST Episode*


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Let’s begin,
Dhani and viplav are in hugging position suddenly they heard the voice “uhmm! uhmm! Love birds sorry to disturb u”.. they both breaks the hug and looks behind.. both gets surprised as well as happy seeing raj, pankaj, tanya, raj lakshmi, suwarna, piya, sameer and some more friends and cousins.. All rushes to vidhani and gave a tight hug.. After greeting each other.. All started teasing vidhani..
Raj lakshmi: u both are always busy in romance because whenever I came here I always saw u both in this position..
Dhani: shut up! Raj lakshmi kuch bhe mat bolo
Raj: bhabi jee! She is saying truth only.. Viplav safe some romance for wedding too
Viplav: (pats on Raj’s head) don’t worry raj.. I have full stock
Tanya: tobba hai viplav! From where u learned these dialogues
Viplav: umm! From dhani (winks at her)
Dhani: (surprisingly) what ? U have learned from me ? When did I say this ? U have again started naa
Viplav: (laughs) acha, acha! Sorry.. (looks at tanya) tanya I myself is enough so I don’t need a teacher to learn something.. now Ok dhani ?
Dhani: yeah! First time u said something true
Viplav: first time ? Oh hello madam I don’t lie..
Dhani: see, this is the biggest lie.. yesterday u lied to maa, remember or shall I tell everyone ?
All are silently listening their arguments..
Viplav: that wasn’t a lie.. I was just hiding the truth to save u…
Dhani: (interrupts him) hey! Don’t include me and…
Pankaj: (interrupts her and shouts) stop fighting! Before some minutes u were so sweet with each other but now u are acting like enemies..
Viplav: Ae pankaj! How dare u to call us enemies
Pankaj: u are behaving like that only..
Viplav : we are not fighting silly.. these are called nok jhoks
Dhani: yeah and u know these nok jhoks always starts because of viplav’s lame jokes
Viplav: lame jokes ? u know girls are mad to listen my jokes but u become khurat after listening them
Dhani: which girls want to listen them.. tell me their names I will take them to doctor and how can u call me khurat ?
Viplav was about to say something but raj interrupts..
Raj: (crying face) stop it u both please! Otherwise we will start crying
Raj lakshmi: let it be raj.. I am enjoying this a lot as where there is love there is fight
Viplav: (side hugs dhani) fight not nok jhoks! And yeah that’s true..
Piya: and that’s why u are in so hurry to marry her that u have planned sangeet and mehndi on same day
Viplav: so! I was waiting for this moment since three years
Sameer: I can understand! But now that u are marrying and only one day is left than u will convert into husband from bachelor so why not enjoy this day.. let’s have a bachelor’s party! What say guys ?
Raj: Awesome idea bro
Tanya: we will also come
Pankaj: girls are not allowed as this is our means boy’s party u can have ur separate party
Viplav: pankaj wait! Dhani do u want to come, if u want than u can we will enjoy ur accompany
Raj: viplav she doesn’t want to come.. Haaiinaa bhabi jee!
Viplav: from when u changed ur name from raj to dhani ?
All laughs

Raj: this was my indirect insult.. right ?
Viplav: noway raj this was ur direct insult
All burst into laugh while raj pouts
Suwarna: My goodness! Viplav u and ur answers are just amazing..
Sameer: dhani please answer him otherwise he will not go
Dhani: no u guys go.. I have to check my dresses, jewellery and all
Viplav: Ok but if u want anything than call me
Pankaj: bhai u are not going for a year and than she is not alone anty is with her
Viplav: yeah but then also it’s my responsibility.. tum nahe samjho ge
Pankaj: kyun ? Kuch kuch hota hai
All laughs
Dhani: u guys don’t know he calls me more than 5 times whenever he is in office..
Tanya: and when he is at home than he must be in ur room
Viplav: (blushes but composes himself) haan tou.. do u have any problem
Raj: no we don’t have, and leave all this now that dhani has given u permission so we can go..
All starts hooting in excitement
Raj lakshmi: come on dhani I want to see all ur dresses
Dhani: yeah but after that u all will show ur dresses
All nods
Raj: girls have no work only gossiping on dress and jewellery.. (does mimicry) yeh dekho kitna acha dress hai, yeh kitna khubsoorat hai..
All boys laughs whereas girls rolled their eyes.. Girls were about to leave from there but..
Dhani: (turns back) viplav don’t drink..
Viplav: (smiles) yeah! Don’t worry..
Dhani smiles back and left from there
Viplav: so let’s go
Raj: where ?
Viplav: are u ok ? We were going to have bachelor’s party naa..
Sameer: yeah but who does party at this time..
Pankaj: I can understand ur excitement but wait some hours more.. we will go at night
Viplav: arey than I can’t come because I have some plannings for tonight
Raj: which planning ? Tell us!
Viplav: that’s private actually..

All together said, ooooooooh! Private..
Pankaj: we know, u want to take dhani for outing.. right!
Viplav nods
Sameer: Ok then let’s go as far as we are with each other no matter what time is it, we will enjoy
All have a hi-fi and leaves for club.. whole day passed like this girls showed their dresses to each other and passes compliments.. they all decided about songs and all whereas viplav and his fellows enjoyed at club.. they all danced and does lots of masti..
Now it was night.. all are in their rooms and taking rest as everyone was tired because of all masti.. Dhani was watching tv, at around 12’o clock someone knocked her door..
she looked at wall clock and to herself: who might be woh bhe at this time..
She walks towards the door and opened it.. viplav was standing in front of him with a broad smile.. he walks inside the room
Viplav: go dhani and get ready fast
Dhani: are u fine ? Why I would get ready at this time
Viplav: because we are going outside
Dhani: (widens her mouth) what ? Are u mad tomorrow is our sangeet and…
Viplav: (interrupts her) and mehndi! I know dhani but then also we are going to watch a movie than we will eat ice cream.. hurry up! Go and get ready.. bohat maza aiga
Dhani: are u out of ur mind ? We will watch movie at this time.. no! I mean if u want to than u can watch it on tv..
Viplav: dhani u are so boring yaar.. I don’t want to watch it on tv, I have booked tickets yaar
Dhani: but viplav who goes outside at this time look at the clock, it’s 12’o clock every respectable person used to sleep at this time and then which cinema used to open at this time ?
Viplav: (sighs) dhani, my darling! Cinemas are opened for 24 hours.. no need to worry about that now please dhani go!
Dhani: u have spent ur whole day outside phir bhe dil nahe bhara
Viplav: haan tou, spending time with u is something different plus special.. (slightly pushes her to washroom) now go and get ready fast, I am going downstairs, and waiting for u.. come fast.. Ok
Dhani: Ok now let me go

He smiles at her than went from there.. After awhile both were seen in cinema.. they were holding each other’s hand
Dhani: wait viplav! Which movie we are going to watch ?
Viplav: Rustum! Achi hai naa
Dhani: what achi ? U know naa I only watch animated movies on cinema.. if some adult scene will come than what will we do.. u can watch that movie on Tv also at least we can swipe channel but here.. noway I am not coming..
Viplav: dhani grow up yaar.. it’s first time we are watching any bollywood movie here we have always watched animated movie.. oh God! U don’t know how boring that is.. please dhani come naa please
Dhani: but if any cheap scene may come than what we will do ?
Viplav: we will think about that afterwards.. abhe chalo
Dhani: no wait I will come on one condition promise me that u will close ur eyes if that situation may come..
Viplav: yeah done.. now come
Dhani: (holds his hand) no first promise me
Viplav: (crying expression) promise baba.. please chalo otherwise movie will start
Then they both enters the cinema hall and sits at the middle chair on 2nd row.. viplav ask her to wait as he was going to bring some snacks later he came with some popcorn and burgers plus drinks (soft drinks).. dhani takes some snacks from him just then movie starts.. they both were enjoying it but suddenly an adult scene appeared..
Dhani: (closed her eyes) viplav close ur eyes
Viplav: u close I will close afterwards
Dhani: what ? U have promised me..
Viplav: (engrossed in movie) afterwards dhani
She fumes keeps one hand on her own eyes and other on viplav’s eyes
Viplav: dhani what is this? Let me watch yaar
Dhani: how can u forget ur promise ? U will not watch that scene matlab u will not watch
Viplav: Ok I understood ur meaning why are u repeating again.. but let me check naa may be that scene is finished now
Dhani: no u can watch after this song finishes
Viplav makes a crying wala face..

After sometime both comes out of the hall..
Dhani: have u enjoyed ? I have enjoyed alot
Viplav: yeah enjoyed little bit as at majority scenes u kept ur hands on my eyes
Dhani: haan tou how can I let u watch that
Viplav: my all scenes have missed
Dhani: oh hello! Not all scenes only bad scenes
Viplav: acha meri maa.. now come and sit
Both sits inside the car just then an ice cream wala passes by them..
Dhani: viplav stop the car please
Viplav: what happened ? (She points to that man) wants to eat ice cream (she nods) me too.. come on let’s go..
They both comes out of the car and ask that man for two ice cream.. he handed them while viplav pays for it.. after that both walks towards the car and stands beside it
Dhani: I think it will rain
Viplav: hmm! May be
Dhani: (looks at him) viplav if u get a chance to wish something than what will u ask ?
Viplav: so simple dhani I will ask God to give u all happiness
Dhani: (smiles) I knew it but viplav u have already given me all happiness now think about urself
Viplav: u are there to think about me and then if u are happy than I am double happy..
Dhani smiles at him with teary eyes
Viplav: (cups her face) tomorrow is a very big day.. our lives will totally change after tomorrow
Dhani: hmm I am too excited
Viplav: time flies so fast.. 2 years passed in rocket speed
Dhani: those 2 years were so amazing.. I enjoyed each second of it..
Viplav: yeah because we were with each other naa.

She looks at his eyes both share a cute eye lock just then rain started.. viplav looks at her and gave u were right type of sign..
Dhani: dekha.. I am always correct
Viplav: now come on! Let’s leave from here otherwise our clothes will get wet however they have already become wet
Dhani: noway I am not coming.. u always ask me to enjoy rain, remember u proposed me in heavy rain that time I used to hate rain but now because of u I love it so let me enjoy
Viplav: how can I forget that beautiful moments and u can enjoy but for only…
Dhani: (interrupts him) half an hour.. I promise than I will go home like a good girl
Viplav smiles suddenly all children come out from their homes to enjoy that beautiful weather.. she played with those kids, jumped and danced in short she lived that time whole hearted while viplav was looking at her childish behavior with a broad smile
“Kaha isharon mein nigahon se dil ne naye khuwabon se saja le zindagi
Kisi ke chahat de k dil ko rahat de zara shiddat se tu kar le aashiqui
Abhi abhi ehsason ke naye subha ai hai lagi jiya ke kehti jeene de plays”
Dhani signs him to come but he resist then she walks towards him holds his hands takes him towards children.. he too enjoys with them splashes water and played with children
“Rut sapnon ke chaai hai rang dua bhe lai hai lagi jiya ke kehti jeene de
Jeene de iss dil ko jeena de, jeene de har pal ko jeena de
Jeene de dedar ko jeene de, jeene de iss ko ab jeene de
Jeene de jeene de jeene de yeh pyara sa lamha jeene de
Jeene de jeene de jeene de mujhe plays in bg”
After sometime both reaches home and enters the hall.. they were about to leave for their respective rooms but..
Viplav: dhani don’t sit in front of tv until u change ur clothes
Dhani: yeah viplav by the way I will not watch tv now.. I will jump on my bed to sleep
Viplav: (she was about to go but he again stops him) so dhani don’t sleep until u change ur clothes otherwise u will get cold
Dhani: yeah alright.. now may I go
Viplav: yeah no wait wait
Dhani: now what ?
Viplav: have u enjoyed ?
Dhani: (smiles) enjoy is a very small word.. thanks for making that moment beautiful in fact I always love to spend time with u..

Viplav becomes too happy after listening those words and thinks himself as a most lucky guy.. Then they both wishes good night to each other and went to their rooms, after that they lay down on their bed and were lost in each other thoughts that how they become friends then they reminisce those camping moments slowly both closes their eyes and sleeps..
Next day it was afternoon, dhani comes out of washroom and was drying her hair she stares her dress which was placed on bed happily then stands in front of the mirror.. just then kanak came there who was full ready
Dhani: maa u are ready
Kanak: yes but why u didn’t change till now
Dhani: I was just going to change
Kanak: guest have started to come there viplav is having problem with his dress, u know his sherwani is too loose and now he is eating shambu’s brain I have asked him to try once but no, ab he has to wear some other dress.. dhani have u tried ur dress
Dhani: (bites her tongue) yes maa I have tried my bridal dress but forgot to try this one but don’t worry it will be perfect
Kanak: u both are totally same.. now go and change as u may need my help
Dhani nods and went to washroom after that all girls came and ask kanak to don’t worry and go as they are here to help dhani in getting ready actually they also want her to tease which they can’t do openly in front of kanak.. kanak smiles and ask them to call her if she needs my help and goes from there.. later a hall is shown full decorated guest were coming and enjoying.. a boy in orange sherwani and white shalwar was sitting on sofa which was specially decorated for vidhani.. he was surrounded with all boys
Raj: u are looking handsome in this one.. don’t worry, bhabi jee will go flat on u
Viplav: chup kar! I should try that one but koi nahe I look handsome and charming in every dress.. but where is dhani..
Pankaj: lo here she is.. now waiting time is over
Viplav stands up and looks at her who was descending stairs with her friends lovingly.. she was looking amazing (she was wearing same dress like rani mukherjee has worn in shava shava song) he goes to her and forwards his hand.. she smiles and placed her hand on his hand then they both walks towards the sofa all girls makes her to sit than viplav sits beside him..
Viplav: (whispers in her ears) itna time lagaya dhani..
Dhani: aray kahan I have only taken hardly three hours to get ready
Viplav: (widens his eyes) three hours are less ? U know I am ready in 20 minutes only
Dhani: so what u have to do only change the dress and comb ur hair thats it but we have to change than have to apply some makeup than wear some jewellery than have to set hair which is the most difficult task and then have to give a final touch up
Viplav: Ok baba I can understand.. (holds her hand) u are looking beautiful
Dhani: thanks u too are looking amazing

He smiles at her then sameer goes on stage
Sameer: Good evening! As u all know that this is my bro, viplav’s sangeet so it will be filled with dance performance and who is excited to watch our love birds vidhani’s performance.. (All starts hooting) hmm! So all are excited but u have to wait for that as there are many performances yet to come..
Meanwhile dhani: (whispers in viplav’s ears) I will to perform, if I did some wrong steps then what will happen ?
Viplav: dhani its Ok yaar this is not jhalak stage that if u may did wrong than u will disqualify and then in future what we will tell our kids that we didn’t danced in our wedding they will think us boring
Dhani: uff viplav!
Raj: what important discussion are going on?
Viplav signs him to look front raj pouts while dhani giggles than its time for performances first all girls comes on stage excluding dhani and danced on “ban k tera jogi” later all boys comes on stage and danced on “kaala chashma” now it’s time for vidhani to come on stage.. All invited them on stage with a huge applause, viplav holds her hand romantically and both comes on stage, light goes off and a beam of light focused on vidhani..
Viplav holds her hand and placed it on his own shoulder, he keeps his one hand on her waist while holds her hand from his other hand while this song plays in bg
Sajde kiye hain lakhon lakhon duaien mangi paya hai mai na phir tujhe
Chahat ke teri mai na haq mai hawaien mangi paya hai mai na phir tujhe
Tujh se he dil yeh behla tu jese kalma pehla chahun na phir kiyun mai tujhe
Jis pal na chaha tujh ko us pal sazaien mangi paya hai mai na phir tujhe
Both were lost in each other’s eyes.. he twirls her and then she landed in his arms both continue their cute dance
Chahat k kajol se qismat ke kaghz pe apne wafaien likh zara
Bole zamana yun mai teri jesi hum tu bhe tou mujh sa dikh zara
Mera he saya tu hai mujh mai samaya tu hai har pal yeh lagta hai mujhe
Khud ko mitaya mai na teri balaayen mangi paya hai mai na phir tujhe
Ho chahe tu chahe mujh ko aise adaaien mangi paya hai mai na phir tujhe..
All claps for their beautiful dance and compliments their couple.. They come down and again sits on their place
Raj: waah viplav tum tou chaa gae
Pankaj: and bhabi jee u were also not less
Dhani shies and viplav smiles

Afterwards whole family dances on salam-e-ishq song.. later kanak ask dhani to change as now it’s time for haldi and then she has to apply mehndi on her hands.. she nods and goes to change.. later she comes down wearing a yellow shalwar kameez while viplav was already sitting on a chair wearing white shalwar kameez.. he gets mesmerized seeing her simplicity (note: it’s a combined ceremony) she comes down and sits beside viplav.. All came one by one and applies haldi on her hands and face then applies same haldi on viplav’s hands and face.. After that dhani was sitting in the middle of two girls, both girls were making henna designs on her hands.. she was feeling as if her hands are freezed and was too tired
Dhani: yaar my hands are paining now..
Just then a strong hand support her arm.. she looks at him and smiles
Viplav: now is it Ok
Dhani: hmmm! (Smiles) U are always present to give me support
Viplav: yeah thats my job..
Both smiles while girls ask for the name which is to be written on her hands with henna.. she replied with lots of love “V”.. he smiles, later vidhani are on stage all boys are cheering for viplav because he was finding his name on her hand while girls were on dhani’s side
Viplav: yaar where is it ? Strange hai I am not able to find my own name
Dhani: even that girl was writing in front of u
Viplav: yeah but that time ur hands were quite empty and now they have become over populated with designs.. acha do u know where my name is written
Dhani: of course I know
Viplav: no u don’t know.. don’t lie dhani
Dhani: arey I know, here…
All girls starts shouting no dhani
Dhani: cheater u are too much but I am not less.. find it like a good boy
Viplav: yeah yeah finding..
Then with much difficulty he finds his name and jumps in happiness.. later all guests gets busy in eating food while kanak ask girls to take dhani in room as she is sending meal for her and she must be tired.. they nods and leaves from there with dhani.. later she comes to viplav
Kanak: u also go and take some rest.. (he was about to leave when she stops him) go straight to ur room don’t disturb dhani she is very tired let her take some rest
Viplav: kia mom ap bhe.. I will not go promise, now can I go ?
She laughs and nods, later it’s late night vidhani are laying on their respective beds

Viplav Pov: tomorrow is our wedding our lives will change tomorrow.. this room is waiting for her since three years but now waiting time is over.. oh God! I am not able to control my excitement..
“Dekha hazaro dafa ap ko phir beqarai kesi hai
Sambhale sambhalta nahi yeh di kuch ap mai baat aise hai plays”
Scene shifts to dhani who was sitting on her bed and was remembering all sweet moments of the whole day..
Dhani POV: tomorrow I will be with viplav at this time.. I am so excited for that beautiful moment..
Then she shies and hides her face through her hands..
“Le kar ijazat ab ap se saansein yeh ati jati hain
Dhoonde se milte nahe hain hum bus ap he ap baqi hain plays”
Screen gets blur than slowly slowly screen clears on a room, it’s next day’s evening a girl is getting ready.. kanak is making her wear jewellery bangles and all..
Raj lakshmi: u are looking beautiful dhani.. viplav will get mad at u
Kanak: haan tou my daughter is like that
Dhani: (shies) are all ready ?
Tanya: dhani why are u asking indirectly we know u want to ask that is viplav ready..
All girls laugh and gave a hi-fi..
Kanak: chup karo and go may be boys need ur help to receive guests..
All nods and goes downstairs.. after that kanak places a chunri on her head and she was ready.. she makes her stand and applies a black dot behind her ears..
Kanak: u are looking too beautiful meri he nazar na lag jai
Dhani smiles, at the same moment her parent’s soul appeared with teary eyes and smile on their faces.. they walked towards her and keeps their hands on her head and blesses her.. dhani feels their blessing, tears automatically came in her eyes.. she looks left right but finds no one
Kanak: (noticed this) what happened beta ?
Dhani: don’t know maa, it seems like someone blesses me, some one close to my heart was here (in slow tone) it seems like my parents were here
Kanak: (smiles) they must be here to bless u and they must be so happy to see u in this attire because they are always with u, u can’t see them but u can feel their presence just like u felt now
Dhani: (smiles while tears fall from her eyes) maa baba was here, they blessed me
Kanak: Arey why all these tears.. u should be happy (wipes her tears) no more salty water otherwise ur kajol will spread..
She smiles then kanak along with all girls takes her down.. viplav was standing beside mandap.. he stares at her with lots of love and was adoring her beauty, she looks at him while he signs him u are looking beautiful she shyly looks down..
Raj: (noticed this) ankhon ke gustakhiyan maaf hun.. kia ho raha hai yeh ? What are u doing
Viplav: kabab mein haddi.. don’t u have shame, u are keeping eye on a couple..
Raj laughs later vidhani are standing in front of each other.. both exchange vermallas with a huge smile then sits in mandap while pandit starts reciting mantras.. raj does ghat bandhan being her brother then they both stands up and takes vows and was repeating all those promises which pandit was saying
“Ek din ap yun hum ko mil jai ge phool he phool rahon main khil jai ge mai na socha tha plays”

After completing rounds both again sits down.. viplav grabs a pinch of vermilion and filled her hair dhani closes her eyes and feels that essence then he makes her wear mangalsutar..
“Ek din zindagi itne hoge haseen jhoome ga asmaan gai ge yeh zameen mai na soch na tha plays”
Pandit ask them to take elders blessings.. they both stands up and takes blessings all wishes them.. later kanak and all were taking them to their room.. they were about to enter the room but raj lakshmi stops them and blocks their way
Raj lakshmi: itne bhe kia jaldi hai dulhe raja.. have some patience
Viplav: I knew it.. now what do u want ?
Raj lakshmi: wait telling.. actually u have to propose dhani but this time u will not propose her to marry u obviously, u have to ask her to come inside room woh bhe in proposing style..
Viplav: bus itne se baat.. I will ask her right now woh be in viplav’s style (he bends on his knees) dhani now that we are married so would u like to come with me in our room..
Dhani smiles and nods while viplav jumps in happiness..
Raj lakshmi: kia yaar dhani.. u agreed so easily
Pankaj: that’s because she also wants to spend some time with viplav..
Kanak: chalo now enough of masti let them take some rest..
They enters the room and viplav was about to close the door but raj stops and said “All the best” dhani shies while viplav smiles and replied “thank u now please go” saying so he closes the door.. he goes to dhani who was standing with a smile..
Room was fully decorated with flowers and candles it seems like they were standing in heaven
Viplav: (stands in front of her and holds her hand) they are too much but now finally we are alone.. we are now husband and wife it seems like a beautiful dream
Saying so he leans close to her but dhani moves from there stands before window..
Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq
Ishq-ishq, Ishq-ishq..
Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa
Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa
Raha na main phir apne jaisa
Ho raha na main phir apne jaisa
Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq (x3)
Mera naam, Tera naam
Mera naam ISHQ!
Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq
Ishq-ishq, Ishq-ishq
Viplav walks towards her and hugs her from back she closes her eyes and feels his touch.. he kisses her shoulders and makes her turn to himself.. both looks at each other’s eyes

Apna naam badal dun
Ya tera naam chhupa lun
Ya chhod ke saari aag
Main vairaag utha lun
Bas ek rahe mera kaam ishq
Mera kaam ishq
Mera kaam ishq
Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq
Mera naam, Tera naam
Mera naam ISHQ!
Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq
He leans close to her and was about to kiss but she keeps her hand on her lips and was about to go but viplav holds her hands pulls her back.. she falls on his chest viplav slightly lifts her face both were lost in each other.. he lifts her in his arms and gently placed on bed and sits beside her then he removes her jewellery and bangles while she was staring at him lovingly

Ye kaali raat jakad lun
Ye thanda chand pakad lun
Din-raat ke bairi bhed ka
Rukh mod ke main rakh dun
Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa
Raha na main phir apne jaisa
Raha na main phir apne jaisa
Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq
Mera naam, Tera naam
Mera naam ISHQ!
Ye laal ishq
Ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq
Ye bair ishq
He leans close to her and unties her hair then kissed on her eyes and cheeks just then candles blows off.. both took their marriage to next level..
Voiceover: couples are made on heaven but they consummate on earth..

It’s morning
Dhani comes out of washroom and was drying her.. she stands in front of mirror suddenly someone hugs her from behind and kissed on her hairs
Viplav: good morning sweetheart
Dhani: good morning! Now leave me.. I have to go maa must be waiting for me
Viplav: Ok u can go but first give me a morning kiss
Dhani: (shies) what viplav ? Last night… (Bites her tongue)
Viplav: last night! What happened tell me..
Dhani: (slightly pushed him) nothing by mistake these words slipped from my mouth
Saying so she was about to go but holds a pillow and throws it on him while viplav laughs
Screen freezes
After 8 months
Viplav is sitting in lawn just then dhani comes with a plate full of fruits she sits opposite to him on a chair
Dhani: what are u doing?
Viplav: umm! I am deciding the interior of my kids room
Dhani: hmmm I think blue will be perfect for boy and pink will be perfect for girl
Viplav: yeah I am also thinking the same by the way are u taking medicines, multi vitamin and fruits on time
Dhani: yeah don’t worry
Later it’s night dhani wakes him up
Viplav: kia hai yaar let me sleep
Dhani: viplav I want to eat gol gappa
Viplav: Ok I will take u tomorrow and will feed u with my own hands
Dhani: (shakes him) no I want to eat now
Viplav: (gets up) dhani its 1’o clock who goes to eat gol gappa at this time
Dhani: all were correct they were saying husband used to change after marriage u are also changed.. remember u took me for outing at late night before sangeet but now u don’t care about me (makes fake crying face keeps her hand on her tummy) baby see ur dad is not taking me out
Viplav: baby ask ur mom to get ready.. dramybaz come on let’s go! I am not at all change
Dhani giggles then both leaves to have gol gappa
After 4 months
Dhani is struggling and screaming in pain while viplav was holding his hand tightly later nurse came and handover a baby boy to dhani and baby girl to viplav.. they were too happy but both were having tears in their eyes
Hum pe sitaaron ka ehsaan ho
Poora, adhoora har armaan ho
Ek dusre se jo baandhe humein
Baahon mein nanhi si ik jaan ho
Aabaad ho chota sa ghar
Lag na sake kisi ke nazar

Viplav: (sits beside her) we have become parents now.. I am their father they will call me papa
Dhani: (smiles) thank u viplav for giving me the honor of becoming mother
Viplav: no thanks to u for giving me all happiness of this world
Mere dil mein jagah Khuda ki khaali thi
Dekha wahan pe aaj tera chehra hai
Main bhatakta huaa sa ek badal hoon
Jo tere aasmaan pe aake thehra hai plays

Just then kanak and shambu came and congratulates both vidhani hands over the babies to them
Kanak: baby girl is same like dhani
Shambu: and baby boy is same as viplav..
Vidhani smiles
Kanak: but now what we will call them..
Viplav: vidha and vidhan, humare pyar ke nishani
Then viplav side hugs dhani
Screen freezes
After 7 years
Dhani is helping two kids in getting ready for school
Viplav: are they ready
Dhani: yes! But viplav ask them not to do any naughtiness in school
Viplav: yeah vidha, vidhan don’t do old naughtiness try to something different something new
Kids nods
Dhani: (widens her mouth) viplav u are also becoming kid.. what are u telling them, don’t know when u will grow up
Viplav: dhani don’t scold me in front of children they will get wrong impression that their mama scold their innocent papa.. chalo leave all this, kids close ur eyes
Both closes their eyes while viplav gave a peck on dhani’s cheeks.. dhani smiles
Viplav: come on today we will eat chocolate before going school
Dhani: no, I am telling u all.. don’t eat chocolate
Vidha: mama please naa
Viplav: (smiles naughtily) mama promise this is last time
Then all three starts requesting, she had no option left so she gave permission
Vidhan: mama u are the best
Dhani: but promise me u both will not ask me daily and papa u too promise
All promises together then they were about to leave but trio turned back and gave her a flying kiss.. dhani smiles and signs them to go now..
Scene shifts to a small house where a woman was badly treated by a girl and that women was dhani’s bhabi she is now living with veer who is now married but his wife used to treat her in the same way like she used to treat dhani..
Then a mental hospital is shown where a man is sitting on a bench and that man is Sahil he is now mentally disabled as his wife demands for divorce because of financial issues and after separation he became like this..
Voiceover: God has given them punishment because they used to hurt a girl who was so pure heated who loves her brother dearly but they didn’t care of her feelings though dhani didn’t want them to suffer from pain but God is watching everything and at a particular point He show His justice just like He showed in this case.. dhani is living happily with viplav but they are living their lives full of pain..

After 20 years
A beautiful couple is shown walking on sea shore holding each other’s hand yes that beautiful couple is of viplav and dhani
Viplav: dhani it has been twenty years but u still looks pretty
Dhani: well thanks for the compliment but viplav u looks quite old
Viplav: what? (Touches his face) from where I look old.. tell me
Dhani: (laughs) Aww my darling hubby u looks cute till now
Viplav: dhani not again yaar I am…
Dhani: (interrupts him) I know my prince charming u are too handsome
Viplav: (smiles) yeah yeh hoe naa dhani wale baat..
Dhani: viplav thanks for coming in my life for making me realize the feeling of love thanks for everything
Viplav: dhani no thanks today only say three magical words I love u because today is our wedding anniversary
Dhani: I love u so much and Happy wedding Anniversary
Viplav: I love u too our love story was difficult though but our love was strong I like all love stories but ours is my favorite and may we both fall in love in the same way till our seven births..
Both smiles then viplav side hugs dhani and both began to walk, cool breeze was blowing slowly both start to disappear from our sight..
Ishq ishq rang rang plays
Voiceover: love is not about how much u say I love u but its about how much u can prove that it’s true and viplav proved his love for dhani through his every act
Then camera focused on sky which was looking too beautiful because of shinning stars..
——–THE END——
In this way my story ended on a happy note..

I know it’s toooo long and I am sorry for that.. I hope u enjoyed and loved the last episode.. I hope u enjoyed the journey of True friendship love and trust.. it was about how a boy become friend of a beautiful girl than how he knowingly fall in love with her than how he confessed his love and lastly how he proved his love for her..

Thanks for ur support Arshi, Areeb, Renu di, Sujie, Joyee, Shruthy, Latha, Lakshmi, Vavachi, Dream girl, Aiswarya, Louella, Avijit, Nima, Sri, Megha and Maria (how can I forget u re as u were the one who always used to say “please please please please post the next one soon :-D”) I am sorry if I am forgetting someone’s name.. Thanks to my cousins who encouraged me to write and appreciated me last but not least thanks to all my silent readers.. aj dil khol k comment karen as because this is the last episode of my first or may be last fiction so I want my all silent readers plus old commenters to comment.. Meet u all in comment section!
Keep smiling!
With lots of love and respect!

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  1. Hai Maha thanks for giving Maha episode. Wow Maha it was simply superb . The way you portrayed the story from beginning was awesome???????? and ended it nicely and happily????????? you are always having positive thoughts I liked it. No words to say Maha such a wonderful, awesome and superb superb episode. Love you dear??????

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks Latha for reading my writing and for appreciating it! Love u too :-*

  2. AanyaSingh

    Hi Mahi?. Excellent and Perfect last shot??. The most aptly chosen title and the way u shaped the story and ended it does absolute justice to it??✌. True friendship as the story starts with Vidhaani becoming friends

  3. AanyaSingh

    Hi Mahi?. Excellent and Perfect last shot??. The most aptly chosen title and the way u shaped the story and ended it does absolute justice to it??✌. True friendship as the story starts with Vidhaani first becoming friends, then true friends, then Love as the friendship gradually progresses into love and Trust making its place alongwith love. Superb yaar. Fantastic ff u have given us ??????????. I feel like going on &on to give u compliments but smtimes it happens na that u wanna say lots but suddenly feel urself falling short of words. I hope u will understand what all i want to say.?. And one more thing, please don’t say that this is ur last ff???. It is just the beginning. And i’m sure there is a lot lot more to come. No, actually it WILL come??. So we will always stay tuned for ur nxt one?????. Great job?????????. Love to u????. I pray to God to fulfill all ur wishes??.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank u so much! Glad that u liked my title, ur compliments are really heart touching and these are enough for me.. Yeah I will try my best to come with a new story but not now may be on January as I have to prepare for my exams now however I will try to post OS because it takes less time and u are not bound to post it.. Thanks a lot! Love u too well please pray that my dream of joining Pakistan Army or Air force full fill because once my studies will complete I will surely join it..

      1. AanyaSingh

        Sure yaar i will definitely pray that God grants u whatever i wish for. And yes, concentrate fully on ur exams, there is no hurry for ff, u take ur time and write at ur own pace?. God Bless u always??.

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks a lot for ur wishes as all I need is ur prayers and wishes <3

  4. Shruthy

    Dear pyaari pari,

    I am in the sad situation that I am dying slowly.
    The reason for my death? Because your story is now finished. :'(
    I am just so sad because I am going to miss it. However, more than sadness, my happiness is just more making me excited and happy.
    TO be honest, I had to read the episode 21 because I have realised I havent read it entirely :/ I dont know why, but I got to miss the 3/4 part of the episode. O_o When I started reading the episode 22, I was like “why do I feel I missed something?” Like I didnt understand what was happening, when marriage preparations started and all. But then understood I really missed something…
    ANyways let’s come to the point!
    This episode was just SUPER DUPER MEGA GIGA AMAZINGGGGG <3 ViDha finall got married.
    OMG 22 episodes waiting for this man xD And finally it happened.
    But then it went so fast. Like speed leaps and all… ViDha ke bache… To ViDha's undying love, stronger than death. The way you just showed they were walking on the seaside, holding each others' hand, with only so much of love with them, and then you actually made us understand they were no more and it was their souls that proved their love.
    I am really feeling happy and glad for having read such a wonderful work, and for having witnessed its wonderful progress. Thank yu so much for having shared your beautiful imagination and creativity. We might miss it so much as you say you might not write anymore. But Please, don't ever fade away from here. We already miss your writing, we don't wanna miss you completely too.
    Last but not the least : I LOVE YOU TOO ! <3

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      My goodness ur words are making me cry :'( don’t be sad yaar!
      Really that means u haven’t read it fully so did u read it again ? Thank u so much for liking my fiction and for supporting me πŸ™‚ Yeah I also felt so that it went so fast however I tried to define each scene and dialogues in detail but phr bhe I missed something I guess.. while writing it I decided to give an epilogue for ending but then I jerked my idea.. Wait! they didn’t die it was after 20 years then they held each other’s hand and walked away that’s why they disappeared from our sight but they were not their soul actually.. Sorry if I have confused u.. Thanks a lot! Don’t worry I will try to come with a new thing on January may be, but till than I will try to write OS as it takes less time yeah will never fade from here as this site furnished my talent and gave me such a lovely fellows.. Love u loads!

  5. Okay……. I must say now….. You are a ROCKSTAR… rocked…really really rocked…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
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    You depicted the relationship goals really well….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Thank you for this lovely story yarr …… I am gonna miss this…..
    Every ff on IKRS takes me to a different world….. And same goes When I sit back to write my ff on IKRS…..
    Maha…… Thank you so much for the lovely ending…..
    Enjoyed this journey of VIplav and Dhaani from being friends…… Lovers….. Not only lovers ….ETERNAL LOVERS …
    LOVE YOU FOR THIS….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank u so much! OMG itne tareef hazam nahe hoti πŸ˜€ Glad that u loved the ending songs and all.. No, thanks to u for supporting me from first to last episode..
      Love u loads! <3

  6. Angel20

    You rocked it Maha! I loved this ff to the core.. From the first episode to the last.. How their friendship began… Their lame jokes?? their picnic.. Each and every thing.. That confession.. In the rains awww?? that was how romantic. I must say you are a creator of scenes.. I could imagine each and everything in front of my eyes..
    The way Viplav supported Dhaani at every step.. I loved it! Loved it! Loved it!!!
    Haha?? I always tell you to post soon.. But today I can’t?? but please don’t say that this is your last ff!! I will always wait for you to come back!
    And it was awesome journey with you my friend! Love you❀❀

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      I am really very overwhelmed by reading ur comment, thanks for liking my fiction to the core! hmm! u made me remember all past episodes πŸ˜€ Nahe yaar I am not that much good in defining scenes but u guys are really very good in imagining but phr bhe thanks if u felt so <3
      Don't be sad yar as I will come with a new story on January but till than will try to write OS on vidhani as I love them a lot! Thank u so much for ur entire support.. Love u too

      1. Angel20

        Who is it in your pic??

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      U also don’t know.. don’t tell me u don’t know about Sanam Baloch yaar she is Pakistani actress and my favorite too.. she has played the role of Maryam Mukhtiyar shaheed who was a Pakistani fighter pilot. She is Pakistan’s first and only female fighter pilot to die in the line of duty as her plane was crashed on 25th November 2015 then she was awarded with tamgha-e-basalat so to give her honor a telefilm named Ek thi Maryam was made which was aired on 6th Sept in which she played the role her role.. u also watch it!
      Well some day in fact once my studies complete then I will also join army or air force aur phr mai apne picture lagaun ge iss uniform main☺

      1. Angel20

        Ohh great! You also wanna become a pilot?

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah may be! I want to be an army or air force officer after doing MBA.. let’s see what fate decides for me!

      1. Angel20

        Ohh all the best!

    4. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank u <3 and all the best for ur career too!

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      Thanks Lakshmi! Yeah tabdeli agae naa but was missing ur comment hope ur exams went well by the way in which class do u read ? OMG! How many episodes u have to read ?

      1. Lakshmi

        ok yaar…me too was missing u all….yep it was superb by all your prayers….
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    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Really! I am in 13th ( what’s ur faculty ? I didn’t get ur point (I want to ask something else) what ? Please explain.. only three that is not a big deal then!

      1. Lakshmi

        oh leave it….so u r doing…actually I also want to go for after 12th

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Acha but have u taken commerce in inter level ?

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      Acha then u can easily do or opinion of BBA is also present.. well after that what’s ur plan.. u will do MBA or something else ?

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      Yaar because of my exams which will be on december that means they are on my head so have to prepare well as they are board exams but will not stop writing will come on January if I get a fair idea on something good and new till then will try to write OS as it takes less time.. thanks a lot!

      1. Lakshmi

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    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks a lot! Yeah sure will never vanish from here.. I am studying in

      1. Lakshmi

        yeah…now feeling happy…

  9. Aiswarya

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    Thank U soooooooooooooooo much for the long episode when yesterday when I wake n just opened the TU page I saw ur ff’s name I was sooo exited to read it as I know it is going to become a very special episode ??i sat down reading n typed my comment n it was my longest comment till now but it got deleted ?
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    I used to wait for Saturday to read ur ff ☺di don’t say this is ur last ff it should be ur first ff n we are expecting more n more ff’s from ur side ??
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    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks sweetie! I am really very happy that I crossed ur expectations <3 well thanks a lot for loving my fiction in this extent πŸ™‚ Aww! that was sad πŸ™ but koi nahe I just need ur opinion in face of comment no matter it is long or short and after reading ur comment I am really very overwhelmed <3 Oh my cutie pie I am happy for u that u got a brother, we will soon meet each other than u can tie him rakhi (yehi hota hai naa ?) That's so sweet of u actually yeah will surely come up with a new thing .. Love u loads <3

      1. Aiswarya

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    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Amazing! I am waiting for u then.. Thanks but actually joining Army or Air force is not my dream it’s my aim of life.. Thanks anyways for ur wishes!

  10. Areeb

    Hey Maha. Was quite sad before reading, knowing that it’s the last episode. But still, enjoyed it and loved it as usual! ? The whole wedding functions & rituals were perfect! ? After wedding I thought it would end but then, the chain of leaps! ? Hardwork indeed! ViDhaani with their grown up children! Behtreen! ? And last after 20 years, very well presented their eminence love. ? Loved the ending! ❀ Thank you for giving such beautiful example of friendship and love! From start to end! You maintained the suspense and the curiosity for us to read further. ?
    I’m already feeling sad that one story ended. By the way, I would say you should not stop here. Give us more of such cute short stories. But after your exams, obviously. I’m also expecting my final exam by the end of November or December. So best of luck to you! Hope you do well in the exam! ?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh don’t be sad! Thanks a lot well I was having a fear while writing wedding rituals as I don’t know much about Hindi customs but as we all have seen in various movies or serials I got a fair idea.. Yeah actually I love to watch these kinds of endings as it was shown in ZGH or HS or IKRS I don’t like incomplete endings that hero heroin ek hoi and story finishes as in Mann Mayal.. huh! I love to watch complete ending jis mai kuch years baad ka dekhai.. but thanks a lot for loving and supporting me! Yeah will come back with a new thing may be on January till than u can read this which I have written some months back
      Because I think u haven’t read it as u were not available those days in TU..

      Well sorry to ask u an out of topic question but I am too curious to know have u watched ek thi Maryam telefilm which was aired on 6th Sept based on a true story of a fighter pilot Maryam Mukhtiyar shaheed?

      1. Areeb

        Oh ya! ? Don’t talk about Mann Mayal yaar! βœ‹ Extremely disappointed with that! ? From start to end I stuck to it in hope that it will vet better but Alas! Or kasar pori kardi last episode ki surat me. ? Ajeeb episode tha koi. ? Khair, oh yes! I have watched ETM! ? Who can miss that. Such a wonderful work with very talented Sanam Baloch. That’s your display picture no. ??
        Oh Thanks Maha. Yeah, when I came back.. I caught up all fictions which I left. This was not there that time may be. I will surely look up to it!

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah it was like that I was only watching it for hamza but he was looking ajeeb as in majority episodes he had worn black.. bohat ganda sa lag raha tha though he is good looking and was looking stunning in pyare afzal but in this Huh! However manahil was looking too beautiful her acting was amazing! Literally ETM was extra ordinary amazing story.. it’s ending brought tears in eyes and it’s title track my goodness such an inspirational song.. I really fall in love with that song! Yeah sanam Baloch did perfect job in that plot.. she nailed her character btw she is my all time favorite actress and yes she is in my display picture! No thanks re ;-*

      1. Areeb

        Oops. There’s the clash time. Okay! He looks stunning in black. And mostly wears black, in Rally.. Media conferences.. Award shows.. Almost everywhere. And I disagre with you here. ? He slayed it with his jameez shalwars! ? Like Always! Me too was watching because of him and rest of the cast was too.. Was like dream cast; Aisha, Gohar, Maya.. ? But story was a crap! ? Na sar na pair! ? And yes, PA stays on top! Forever n ever! ❀ Khair, You saw Sanam’s teasers? It’s going to replace Mann Mayal. Looking forward to that. OsMaya! ? Hopefully, it’ll be a good show!
        Yes! ETM was a really good work indeed! Sanam as always did pure justice to the character. Yeah was too emotional being a biopic. ? Before that I was watching documentary on Maryam Mukhtiyar. I was in that zone only when I watched ETM. Our believe and love for the country and armed forces deepens more with such things! Much proud on our Armed Forces! ?
        You like Sanam Baloch.. Haan, she is really good! ?
        Ary Maha I read your OS! And No Offence but your that OS is best! Mean better than this fiction! I can’t tell you how much I loved that much real and sensible story! You have done excellent work! And And with it’s first line.. It says PECHS college. Do you live in PECHS?

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Well it depends on the choice.. u love him that much that’s why u like I mean love him in each attire but I am not his die hard fan like u.. actually I only love Mishal! So can understand ur feelings.. yeah story was Ok till jeena wasn’t there but after that it became boring..
      Yeah I have watched it’s promo but in that Osman was with hareem.. is Maya also part of that serial if yes than I am surely gonna watch it because I love their couple!
      Yeah hope so! Actually Bin roye serial is also on the way though it was a movie but don’t know how it had converted into serial and how they will show it anyways I thought it will replace Mann Mayal but… Well excited for both serials now..
      ETM was amazing yaar.. oh yes our faith love support and respect increases more after watching it! Absolutely correct she is too beautiful and innocent I just love her and aiza Khan these are two are my favorite!
      Acha baaton sey aik aur baat nikal ai, have u watched dastaan serial of Fawad Khan and Sanam Baloch ?

      Oh thank u so much! Yeah it was better than this as that was a moral based story! Actually I study in PECHS college and yes we used to live there but we are living there temporary as waiting for Bharia town to complete it’s construction!
      Umm! Where do u live ?

      1. Areeb

        Oh ya, from Pyarey Afzal I have became Hamza’s fan. ? But just of his acting and looks keeping aside his political and social believes ( that doesn’t go with my thinking ). ?
        Oh that’s good! I had not knowing Mishal before. I just started liking his presence on screen while IKRS and then the magic happened, I started becoming fan of him! ? His everything! Acting, Looks, His talks n views ( through interviews ). ❀
        Yes there are three to four ( if I’m not mistaking ) teasers of Sanam. Maya is also in the leads. It’ll be an interesting show hopefully. As OsMaya are shown befriends but then Obi is married to Hareem. So quite excited to watch. ? This Monday the show will be breaking in at sharp 8!
        Yes Yes!! Bin Roye will also air as a tv serial, dunno why so. But will be catching up that too, as I didn’t get to watch the movie earlier! ?
        Me too! ? Aiza Khan, Sanam Jung, Sanam Baloch, Sana Javed!! ? Sari hi behtreen hein!
        No yaar, I haven’t watched. Actually it was aired in 2010 and I have never been associated with Daramas particularly. I have started watching serials when I pass out my school. Vacations thin naa, ? so started bonding up to the drama faculty. Though, I have seen Hassan-Bano scenes on some fan pages! LOVED THEM! ? And I know the main plot of the story too. Delicate and emotional. And coincidentally today morning only I was going through the channels when I saw Dastaan on Hum Sitarey! I watched it. πŸ™‚ Tremendous acting by Sanam, that miserable Bano.. Mentally week met Hassan again. ?
        Nope, I’m not a Karachiate. My Nanu lives in PECHS so I asked.

    4. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah same goes with me! Well I don’t have interest in politics so don’t know about his views.. Yes yes same here by IKRS I have started following Mishal and become his die hard fan before that my mom used to watch LTL but I didn’t know anything about him at that time but after watching IKRS I came to know that he is such a talented guy..
      Acha I haven’t watched it’s all promos.. will watch it right now! Hmm! I too didn’t watch it on 2010 because at that time I wasn’t allowed to watch drama serials actually the serial which I watched first was ZGH then Hum re telecast HS that was also superb mahira-fawad chemistry was amazing then my college friend asked me to watch Dastaan so I watched it on youtube yaar but that was really a painful story of Baano I guess after episode 9 it became emotional such a heart wrenching story one can’t stop her tears while watching it.. Even after watching all episode I wasn’t able to come out of it’s story and dobara himmat bhe nahe hoe dekhne ke.. Not only sanam baloch each and every person nailed his/her character
      Oh acha! well we will meet one day if we get a chance, one thing which came on my mind was that we are talking here so why don’t we catch each other on private chat ?

      1. Areeb

        Haha. Yes, that’s better. ? Will catch up in inbox.

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