True friendship love and trust (episode 21 – Second last)


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Let’s begin,
Sahil: (shouts) I am not ur brother.. we have no relation with each other so stop blaming me..
Dhani and viplav gets shocked
Viplav: now u are cooking a new story.. Wow! U and ur wife are master in cooking stories
Sahil: this is not a story.. me and dhani are step brother and sister when I was of 6 years old my mom died than for giving me a mom he married again.. dhani was not my dad’s daughter, her mom was expecting when she married to my dad actually her husband died in a road accident.. in this way she has no relation with me and my dad but then also my dad gave her more love than me.. he treated u like u are his real daughter and this was not enough he associated this house to u he always took me for granted
Dhani: (with teary eyes) why are u forgetting that my mom gave u more love than me she always took care of u like u are her real son, she didn’t make me realize that u are my step brother.. we all loved each other like a family than how come hatred come in between us ?
Sahil: (laughs) family ? Yeah family filled with fake relationships
Dhani: bhai I am feeling pity on u.. but talking with u is useless, tell me why u didn’t reveal all this before ?
Sahil: because I want the power of attorney of this house, for that we treated u nicely…
Dhani: (interrupts him) till the day I signed those papers after that u showed ur true colours
Sahil: yeah because this is my father’s home so legally it was my right to be owner of this house but my dad again did wrong with me..
Dhani: bhai if u had told me before than I would happily gave u this house.. I don’t want anything
Sahil: and I don’t want to beg in front of u.. I know how to snatch my right
Dhani: u and ur wife only knows snatching happiness but I am not getting that after u got this house than why did u allow me to stay here.. u can’t even tolerate me a one single minute then also u kept me here.. why ?
Sahil: that’s because I want u to marry veer actually it was decided that he will pay me 8 lac once he gets u but this viplav ruined everything.. he ruined my dream of starting my own business..
Viplav was listening all this silently..

Dhani: waah bhai! What a plan u both made, man’na pare ga u both are too intelligent but bhai don’t u feel pity on me.. when u were planning all this didn’t u remember all past moments we spent with each other though u are my step brother but then also I can’t think bad about u than how can u do this bhai.. I have no complaint with bhabi as she is an outsider for me but…
Sahil: (interrupts her) u shouldn’t have complaint with me too as I am also an outsider for u.. don’t forget we have no relation with each other
Dhani: yeah I know.. (wipes her tears) actually u are right.. why I am crying for u, u are no one to me.. I have no complaint with u too, (frustrated tone) just go to hell!
She was about to collapse but viplav holds her..
Viplav: dhani sambhalo khud ko.. come on let’s go from here,
Just then veer arrived there
Veer: oh so u both are here.. I knew it already that dhani must be with u
Viplav: get lost! We have no interest to talk with u
Veer: hey, hey! Wait this is my sister’s house so who are u to ask me to go and dhani is mine.. (looked at Sahil) Sahil don’t u need money..
Sahil: I need yaar but now..
Veer: (interrupts him) then no ifs and buts
Saying so he goes towards dhani who was holding viplav’s hand tightly, seeing veer coming towards her, she holds his hand even more tightly..
Viplav: dhani no need to scare.. he can do nothing, (looked at veer) and u, to whom u are scaring.. just keep ur styles with u
Veer silently walks towards them pushed viplav and holds her hand..
Dhani: leave my hand veer..
Viplav burst like a volcano holds his collar and punched him hard on his face which makes him fall on floor then he side hugs dhani..
Viplav: I warned u not to touch dhani but u didn’t listen now u will pay for it..
Then veer with much difficulty stands on his feet but viplav gave him a tight slap on his face and holds his collar
Dhani: (holds his hand) viplav leave him please don’t waste ur anger on them calm down please! tumhen mare kasam
These words forced viplav to stop..
Viplav: we are leaving from here but never show us ur faces again otherwise results will be worst as u urself had said that u are an outsider and have no relation with her that means she has no space for u in her life
Sahil: yeah even we don’t want to keep any relation with u guys..
Dhani: viplav take me from here I don’t want to see their faces
Viplav nods holds her shoulder and brings her towards the place where car was parked.. he makes her sit inside

Scene shifts to AN where kanak was walking here and there with a worried face
Kanak to herself: don’t know where are they.. why they didn’t come yet hope everything is fine
She was thinking all this just then she saw vidhani entering the hall.. kanak smiles and runs toward them
Kanak: where were u both.. u know how much I was worried even u were not picking the call..
Viplav: maa we are fine don’t worry
Kanak: dhani I am so happy seeing u in front of me
Dhani faintly smiles and feels dizzy.. she holds viplav’s shirt and speaks “Viplav” with less energy and falls unconscious..
Viplav: (holds her by her waist but couldn’t understand what just happened and start panicking) dhani! What happen ? (Sits down and keeps her head on his lap) mom what happen to her
Kanak: stop panicking viplav.. take her to room I will call doctor
Viplav nods, holds her in his arms and takes her to room.. he places her on bed and starts rubbing her feet than hands, tears were falling from his eyes continuously..
After awhile doctor comes and checks dhani.. he checked her nerves and all then writes some medicine
Viplav: what happened to her doctor ?
Doctor: she has become very week from both mentally and physically because of numerous shocks.. try to keep her happy from now on otherwise she will become mentally ill
Viplav: (with teary eyes) doctor! How can u say that ?
Kanak: calm down viplav! Thank u doctor, we will take care of her
He hands over the prescription to kanak and left from there..
Kanak: I will ask Melvin to bring this medicine.. u stay here with dhani
Viplav nods and sits beside her.. he holds her hand and kisses it gently.. he thinks his past moments with dhani.

-A flashback is shown-
“viplav is doing bak bak then looked at dhani who was in tears he asked her the reason then she said, it’s good first hurt someone than ask the reason saying so she stands up and was about to leave when viplav holds her hand and plead to tell him with tear eyes, seeing him in that condition she burst into laughter and said, I was not crying dumbo tears were falling because of these onions.. viplav angrily says, u are too much always made me scare with ur acts”
-flashback ends-
Again a flashback is shown
“They both are seen in car dhani is continuously doing bak bak whereas viplav is making faces then finally he said, dhani please stop it my ears are crying now.. dhani widen her month then said, what u are getting irritate ? He replied, no I am not getting irritate but my ears do.. she pouts and makes a fake crying face.. viplav noticed that and apologies after awhile she laughs and said, viplav u are so sweet always comes in my trap.. he gives u are wired kind of look.. she innocently looked at him and said, kia karun sab ko ati nahi aur mari jati nahe.. darane ke aadat.. viplav laughs at her antics”
-Flashback ends-
Viplav smiles with teary eyes..
“Zindagi mein thi tujh se khushi
Chiraghon mein thi tujh se roshni
O meri har khushi tujh se joore
Ab kahin nahe chain do ghari
Tujh ko dhundun mein kahan
Janan Janan Janan plays in background”
Tears fall from his eyes which drops on dhani’s hand.. she slowly moves her hand viplav noticed that movement and with smile says “dhani” she slowly opened her eyes and smiles back seeing him in front of her
Dhani: (with less energy) viplav I scared u again naa ?
Viplav: (smiles while tears were falling from his eyes) yeah but this time u scared me to death.. don’t do that again!
Dhani tries to get up while viplav forbids her but she insist so he helped her in getting up and placed a pillow behind her back then he sits right next to her.. dhani smiles and wipes his tears through her hands.. he holds those hands and gently kisses them..
Viplav: Are u Ok now ?
Dhani: yup! I am perfectly fine
Viplav: fine ? U have grown too week because u eat less from now on u will eat parathas and healthy food.. clear!
Dhani: no, I don’t like it..
Viplav: I am not asking from u dhani I am telling u or u can say I am ordering u..
Just then kanak comes
Dhani smiles at her
Kanak: how are u now ?
Dhani: I am extremely well now
Kanak: Good! Now forget each bitter moments only remember good things because ur family is with u now.. u have a maa and a dad and a bro.. (bites her tongue)
Viplav: (interrupts her) maaa what are u saying ? Instead of husband u are saying…
Kanak: sorry beta by mistake.. change the topic.. Anyways just be happy now
Dhani: (smiles) Jee maa
Kanak: hmm! Take care

She gives him medicines and left from there
Dhani: I always gave u tensions naa.. I have become burden on u
Viplav: dhani why are saying so.. now u are part of this family then why this burden word is coming between us ?
Dhani: (sobbingly) but viplav why always injustice happened with me ? They were everything for me but they betrayed me.. first my parents left me now I lost my brother too
Viplav: dhani ur parents are with u, they are watching u from heaven and they will feel bad seeing u cry u have to be strong and then why are u wasting these tears for them who never ever loved u.. (wipes her tears) actually I am sorry I shouldn’t take u there..
Dhani: no viplav, u did good by taking me there at least I have seen their true faces they are no one for me now.. I hate them
Viplav: (hugs her and strikes her hairs) dhani now allow me to bring something..
Dhani: (breaks the hug and looked at him in a confused way) what thing ?
Viplav: wait naa.. just close ur eyes
Dhani: but why ?
Viplav: dhani no questions.. do it (She closes her eyes) now don’t open them until I come and no cheating
Dhani nods
He left from there and after awhile appeared with a beautiful cake.. he places that cake on bed
Viplav: tand tandan.. now u can open ur eyes
Dhani opened her eyes and saw that cake in which “happy Valentine’s day” was written.. she smiles reading it then looked at viplav with teary eyes
Viplav: how is it ? I hope u like this flavor..
Dhani: yeah I loved it and I am sorry I didn’t remember it
Viplav: Ahaan! It’s ok.. tum yaad rakho mein yaad rakhun baat tou ek he hai.. and then I want to make this day special
Dhani: but me and my so called family ruined it
Viplav: no, nothing is ruined as far as u are with me everything is perfectly fine.. now come let’s cut the cake
Dhani nods viplav fires the candles on cake.. both blew them and cuts the cake.. viplav makes her eat a piece of cake and said “happy Valentine’s day” so does dhani..
Dhani: thanks viplav.. u are the best
Viplav: no u are the best because u give me that kind of feelings on which people write novels about..
Dhani: and u proved that those novels and those stories are true..
Viplav: (smiles) but I have a request for u
Dhani: what request ?
Viplav: dhani please throw all negative thoughts and bitter memories from ur life and start thinking positive only just remember good things in ur life..
Dhani: I also want to forget everything viplav but it will take time
Viplav: I know and I am with u at least we can try naa.. now take some rest in fact have a tight sleep
Dhani: u also take some rest because u must be tired more than me
Viplav: but first have ur medicine
He gives her medicine then helps her in laying down wishes her “good night” gave a peck on her forehead and left from there.. both were in there respective rooms thinking about day’s incident then soon they closes their eyes whole night passed.. both slept too peacefully as because viplav was relieved that dhani is with him safe and sound and dhani was also tension free as now viplav is with him..

It’s morning, both comes down from upstairs and walks towards dinning table.. kanak smiles at them, dhani sits on a chair and he sits beside her
Kanak: Good morning beta (Both wishes her back) I hope u sleep well dhani
Dhani: Jee maa.. and now I am much better
Kanak: yeh hoe naa baat I knew that my daughter is very strong
She smiles then all gets busy in doing breakfast.. suddenly kanak looked at shambu and nods
Kanak: umm! Beta I want to talk with u at very important matter..
Viplav: everything is OK naa ?
Kanak: yeah don’t worry.. actually we have decided that first u both complete ur studies than we will get u both marry
Viplav: but maa what people will say they will badmouth about her that she is staying here illegally
Kanak: no they can’t.. she will live as a part of this family.. she is our daughter.. beta we have decided this because u both are quite young right now and then after wedding u both can’t concentrate on studies so finish ur studies get some qualification than u both can marry
Viplav: but maa that means I have to wait for two years
Dhani: (giggles) maa I agree with u.. and what u have decided is for our betterment so don’t worry we will complete our studies first..
Kanak: (smiles) we only want ur happiness
Viplav pouts whereas dhani smiles
Screen freezes

After two years,
A house is shown full decorated with flowers and all.. inside three persons are sitting on a dinning table waiting for someone..
Voiceover: Yeah that house is AN and those persons are Kanak Shambu and Viplav.. nothing is changed.. everything is same.. same love, same family, same bonding and same care only one thing is changed that is viplav and dhani has completed their studies.. dhani is now changed person she has forgotten her past and has started thinking positive.. viplav is helping out his father in business and kanak stays at home now because she loves to spend time with dhani. But wait is dhani and viplav gets married and what are they waiting for.. have a look
Viplav: maa I am feeling hungry..
Kanak: wait beta.. she is cooking naa
Viplav: don’t know what she is cooking I am really afraid of her.. I hope it taste well
Shambu: same condition was mine when ur mom cooked first time
Viplav: how did she made that dish ?
Shambu: bus guzare like tha
Kanak: what ? On that day u were praising me and today u are changing ur statement..
Shambu: haan tw I am saying it was delicious
Kanak frowns.. just then a girl came with a plate and on that plate a cake was placed..
Kanak: Lo! Here she came
Viplav: thank God madam u have came otherwise I would have eaten this empty plate
Shambu: u and ur dramybaze
The girl giggles
Viplav: madam please serve me first.. (then thinks something) no, no serve them first (points to kanak and shambu) I mean they are elder naa so they should…
Girl: yeah yeah I know.. no one is giving u before
She serves a piece to them and sits beside viplav..
Kanak: dhani its delicious.. very well done!
Shambu: yeah u are so talented.. humare tou bhaag khul gae aise beti paa kar
Yeah that girl is dhani.. she smiles
Viplav: dhani please serve me
Dhani: are u sure ? I mean soch lo
Viplav: dhani yaar please
All giggles.. then she filled his (viplav’s)empty plate with a piece of cake.. he tastes it and gives a dirty wala expression
Viplav: yukh! What is this.. it’s so bad in taste
Dhani: what ?
Kanak: viplav we have eaten it too.. stop ur overacting
Viplav: maa it is like that
Dhani: (with teary eyes) I have done so hard work and it didn’t..
Kanak: (interrupts her) no beta.. he is saying just like that, I know him.. u urself taste it
She taste it realized that viplav is acting.. she hits her foot on his foot
Viplav: ouch! Dhani..
Dhani: kia bura hai iss mein.. tell me it’s yummy..
Viplav: (laughs) I was just pulling ur leg.. it’s good in fact amazing
She glares her than looked straight..
Viplav in mind: viplav beta now she is upset and angry with u.. u bhe naa viplav can’t u stop ur overacting
Kanak: where have u lost ? Don’t u wanna go office
Viplav: office ? No office woffice! Tomorrow is our sangeet and mehndi function in fact I will not come office for one month I guess.. Ok naa dad
Shambu: no beta.. have u submitted application or something
Dhani giggles
Viplav: dad what is this yaar! I am ur son.. MD of that office than why I would submit.. Ok fine I will give u right now.. wait!
Shambu: beta this is not office u have to come there
Viplav: now u are doing wrong dad.. u always did injustice with me, mom u know he is too strict with me if I would have ask a leave that he will not agree but if some other will ask for it than jhat se teyar hojai ge..
Kanak: I can understand beta but he has to be strict with u otherwise u would take leave for a year to spend ur time with dhani
Dhani shies
Viplav: ab aisa bhe nahe hai I am not that much irresponsible and than dhani is not that much good who will allow me to take leave for one year and I think she has asked u guys to be strict.. haiiinaa dhani
Dhani: don’t talk to me
Kanak laughs
Viplav: maa please ask dad naa
Shambu: Ok don’t cry.. we were just pulling ur leg to take revenge from dhani’s side
Kanak and shambu laughs and gave a hi-fi to each other while dhani smiles
Viplav: (frowns) dad now go.. u are getting late for ur meeting naa
Shambu: yeah I should leave.. this sahab is not coming so I have to manage everything alone
Viplav: I am sorry dad please manage as it’s the matter of one month only
Shambu: yeh larka kabhi nahe sudhre ga
Kanak: I also have to check the arrangements Melvin! Clean all this

Saying so they left from there leaving viplav and dhani alone..
Viplav: ab.. woh dhani (Dhani rolled her eyes and stands from there) dhani sorry naa I was just joking..
Dhani: I don’t like cheap jokes.. u should praise me but..
Viplav: u don’t like cheap jokes right! But u love me naa so please forgive me.. I won’t do this again.. I will always praise u
Dhani: (smiles and pulled his cheeks) it’s ok! I can’t be angry with u for long as u are too cute
Viplav: dhani I am not cute u can call me handsome or charming but not cute
Dhani: Ok charming man..
Viplav: yeah yeh hoe naa baat.. tomorrow is our sangeet and mehndi I am too excited after that we live together
Dhani: I am double excited but we are already living together naa
Viplav: uffho! Dhani u are dumbo
Dhani: (lovingly) viplav ?
Viplav: hmmm! Do u want to say anything ?
Dhani: yeah my life is perfect.. thanks for filling my life with happiness
Viplav: and thanks for making my life beautiful.. u know God has send u in my life so there would always be love in my heart.. (saying so hugs dhani) and then it is u to whom I can share my lame jokes..
Both laughs while hugging each other
Screen freezes

Precap: wedding functions later they are in room viplav gets close to her while bol na halke halke plays in background

I don’t know whether u all liked this episode or not and I think u guys are not enjoying my fiction that much or my writing is not that much satisfying but I am trying my level best to give good episodes so keep commenting and sharing ur views
Keep smiling!
Love u all!

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  1. Angel20

    Who told you that we are not enjoying! I’m loving it!! Today’s episode was awesome!! Those flashbacks?? and why are you ending it??? Please don’t end it! I love your story!! Looking forward to the functions… It will be fun.. Please update it soon!! I’m so eager to read!! And don’t think about ending it!! Pls???

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Actually I thought many of u are not enjoying that sahil’s track. My bad sorry! Thanks alot! U are too lovely re but I have to end it naam as all mysteries are solved vidhani will get marry than what else left.. I don’t want to drag it by bringing those villains again in their lives to ruin their happiness because if I would do this then it will become boring as in reality if u don’t want to keep relation with someone than the opposite person can’t do anything plus my exams are starting on december woh bhe board exams so I have to pay full attention on it.. Don’t worry if possible I will come again with a new story may be in January but thank u so much!

      1. Angel20

        Ok dear.. All the best?

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      And I will try to give a perfect ending than u will become happy..

  2. Aiswarya

    Di why are u saying we are not enjoying
    I’m loving it sooooo much . Today’s epi was awesome
    Precap is sooooo interesting ??
    Di post the next part soon??
    Love u ??

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Aww! U are my cutie pie.. Bus I thought sorry.. Thank u so much! Yeah will try to post the next or last part soon.. Love u loads

  3. Shruthy

    Poor Dhaani, she is completely broken. THe bhai she has always loved is revealed not to do so vice versa, just because she is not of the same blood and he felt being more loved than himself by his dad. His insecure childhood and desire to feel his father’s presence made hatred increase in his inside and since, his heart always took a wrong picture of what Dhaani is. She is only a hurdle into his life, and she has even been an issue on getting his rights of properties. His father loved her as his own daughter, and so her mother loved Sahil as her real son. But insecurity was too big that it blinded the little Sahil’s eyes. And now he doen’t consider her as a family.
    Thank God Viplav was there as her support, otherwise she would have been in such a dilemma alone and facing such ego monsters. ViDha’s love is strong on and true that none can or might interfere in it, not even family.
    I am really sad to know this was the second last episode, I was really attached to this story re. But well, every good thing has an end, and so I can accept it.
    Post the last one soon, as I am really excited for the following scenes and for ViDha’s happiness to increase through their love, and also want to know if Veer will again interfere between them and if so, how both will face him.
    Btw, we are on the first week of IKRS’ ending. SO hard to believe, time flies so fast…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks for commenting.. Yeah it has to end one day so… Actually my exams will start on december so have to concentrate on studies well veer will not interfere in their lives again..

      1. Shruthy

        Haan I know 🙁 Yeah I can understand 😉 oh THANK GOD!! <3

  4. Sujie

    Kaun kambakht kehta hai we are not enjoying your writing….
    I toh enjoy each and every part….this episode also I enjoyed…..
    Those flashbacks…those cute romantic leg pulling….awesome dear….
    Every bit of this story sweeps us away in the dreamland …emotions glood like never before….keep going dear….
    Amazing writing over ViDhaani in the page of IKRS feels lovely

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Aye haye koi nahe kehta I thought u guys are not enjoying sahil’s part but that was essential part of this story.. Thank u so much. Ur appreciation means a lot to me!

  5. Areeb

    Finally! Final major confrontation amid Dhaani & Bruh! ? Good their truth came out! Viplav stood by Dhaani! ? Loved it! And you add Jannan Title Track! ? Thori der k liye distract ho gaey thi me.. movie k trailer pe chali gae thi. ? Khair, rocket speed! Two years flew away! ? Ary waah! Wedding bells for them , finally!! ??

    And Maha, will you pliss explain why do think that we are not enjoying the story? ?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah finally all are problems are solved! Oh its OK I can understand but this song is just amazing.. Actually I thought u guys are not liking that sahil part or may be something is missing in my fiction.. Sorry! Anyways thanks a lot

  6. Meghs

    Wow otis perfect one well so nice written first part was emotional. .. n nxt how stry forwarded well good one yaar..

    Don’t u say so ur writing is quite good yaar n who said ur ff not interested i enjoy ur ff so much we all does.. end imaging itself is hard as i attached to it…

    Love ya tc

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks a lot re.. Glad that u loved my fiction, keep reading as next one will probably be last one <3

  7. Renuverma

    Mahi kahi se bhi boring nahi tha. It is very interesting.
    ? dhanis brothers true face revelation was very shocking n it explains their rude behaviour towards her. Just because that his father loved dhani moretgough she was not his own blood sahil was filled with revenge ti the extent that he had done a monetary dealforher marriage. Disgusting.
    ? kanak’s worrying for dhani n doctors diagonosis was well narrated.
    ?Viplav’s caring attitude n telling her to eat more n nutritious was ???
    ?loved the foashbacks n background song.
    loved viplavs request to forget old n bitter memories.
    ? vilav n dhani sleeping peacefully as both were now together was great

    ?liked kanak n shambhus decision to postpone marriage till the competition of studies.

    ? loved to read post leap n had guessed that dhani has to be in kitchen when all 3 r on table
    ? loved their leg pulling
    ?looking forward for sangeet n mehandi

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank u thank u thank u sooooooo much di u don’t know I am so happy after reading ur comment.. Glad that u loved those scenes! I have submitted the next or last one u can read it soon
      Love u di

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