True friendship love and trust (episode 2)

And here comes the next episode of my ff have some popcorn ?? and don’t forget to imagine ??
Recap: vidhani convo in college.
Let’s begin
Viplav asking what’s ur opinion about me do u lov.. I mean like I mean I wanna ask am I good by nature and heart?(curious expression)
Dhani: it’s hard to decide because it’s our first meeting but we can become friends.. Ok!!
Viplav shouts yahoo and hugged her in joy.. she was surprised on this sudden reaction but were happy inside, then viplav realised and break the hug .. they both were blushing and smiling inside but remained silent for awhile.
Viplav controlling his smile: so ??
Dhani: so ??
Viplav: so ur number .. I mean don’t take me wrong but we can’t communicate without cellphones as we will not meet daily because college is finished and don’t know when university will start.
Dhani: hmm!! I see..
Viplav: Thank God you can see.. I didn’t know that thanks for telling and he starts laughing ?
Dhani: very funny??
Viplav: sorry !! Anyways can I have ur number ?
(In mind ” please say yes because without it our friendship story can not change into love story❤”
Dhani: yup! Here is my number 03******** but I hope u will not miss use it.
Viplav: you think me as a cheap boy that I will miss use it.. any ways do u want my number.. of course u want !! How dumbo I am ?
Dhani: uff u r so weird ?
Viplav makes funny face and gave her the number. They have a talk for awhile then they bid bye to each other and reached home.
After reaching home she quickly told her bhabi about result happily but she spoiled her mood by taunting that it’s not a big deal. Her bhabi said that she is thinking to fix dhani alliance with her brother. Dhani hurriedly say that she is talking about that brother who always drinks and who is a gambler her bhabi gave her an angry look and ask her not to utter a word against him as he is an apple of my eye. Dhani ignored her and went to her room and cried alot ( koi na dakhy mery anso song plays? ). Meanwhile someone called her and he is none other than our viplav but she didn’t receive it. In evening her bhai came she told him about her result half hearted because she knew about the fact that her bhai will also say something bad any ways her bhai congrats her but her bhabi came and talked with him about fixing dhani alliance. Dhani quickly forbid and said she want to study rather than marry, her bhabi started her drama that dhani misbehaved with her and bhai harshly asked her to apologize. She have no option left, she apologized and went to her room and was crying miserably☹ just then viplav called her. She didn’t picked up the call first (but our hero is so stubborn?) he called again. Dhani picked it this time because she want someone to whom she can tell her sorrows.
Viplav: hi !! Viplav here… is dhani speaking ?
Dhani: yeah (wiping her tears)
Viplav: thank God you picked my call this time by the way why u didn’t picked it early ?
Dhani: I was busy in some work ?
Viplav understands that dhani is lying and thinks something is absolutely fishy
Viplav: Dhani!! Are u crying ?
Dhani: No why will I cry ?
Viplav: I know dhani u r crying tell me why otherwise I am coming to ur home
Dhani can’t control her emotions and blurts out everything cryingly. She told everything, each problem and he listened silently. After dhani finished her talk
Viplav: dhani! Please don’t cry. I can’t watch u crying
Dhani: ( wiping her tears) I have told u everything, what have I done, I ruined my respect?
Viplav: it’s ok dhani.. we r friends and there is no privacy in friendship atleast u have lighten ur burden
Dhani: by lighten the burden my problems, my loneliness can’t finished
Viplav: you r not alone dhani from now on I am with u I will protect u from all sorrows and ur problems can finish if u will start to ignore them and show them that u are very happy and don’t care about what they say
Dhani: but they want me to marry that cheap guy.. how can I show my happiness on it
Viplav: it will never happen.. I will never let this happen.. I promise ?
Dhani: but what will u do ?
Viplav: bus!! Kaha na.. have faith on me.. don’t worry and smile
Dhani: thanks
Viplav: no need and from now on be happy as I don’t like tears pushpa?
Dhani: pushpa ?? Who is pushpa ?? I think u r forgetting that u r talking to dhani and not pushpa?
Viplav: ooo!! Meri maa!! It was a funny dialogue.. dumbo ?
Dhani: what !! U called me pushpa first and now dumbo .. u know ur name is gabbar.. oh yes !! It’s suits on u ?
Viplav: what u called me gabbar? ?
Dhani: (laughs ?) no u r my sweet friend ?
Viplav: liked ur smile it’s beautiful and lovely.. it should never vanish☺
Dhani feels something special like she is the princess of a kingdom
Dhani: ok and I will try to ignore them
Viplav: Good.. that’s like a good girl.. it’s too late sleep well now and forget about everything.. good night take care?
Dhani: yeah .. good night sweet dreams ?
Viplav: please u don’t come in my dreams than my dreams will be sweet otherwise they will become a horror movie ?( laugh loudly)
Dhani: what ?? Very funny ?? u r such a jerk
Viplav: no! no! Sorry u r very cute u know naa i like jokes but seriously u r very lovely ?
Dhani: ok ok now stop buttering ? bye?
Viplav: bye take care?
Screen freezes on their happy faces ☺

No precap coz I don’t know how to write a precap and I think episode is quite lengthy so there is no need of precap ??
I hope u guys liked this episode too as I did my best to make it entertaining.. share ur opinions, do drop ur valuable comments
Keep smiling? and keep watching ikrs daily✌?

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  1. I loved it maha and Viplav’s lame jokes??? keep writing and post the next one soon…. Waiting for it and please try to write precap???

    1. Thank u Maria ? and I will try to write precap in next episode..

    1. Thank u vavachi ?

  2. Maha as i had said previously u have great writing skills. Liked the sweet conversation of our vidhani. Excited for next.

    1. Thank u Renu keep supporting?

  3. Maha superb episode. Viplav’s jokes r worth reading.

    1. Thank u Louella keep reading?

  4. Maha… Viplav’s jokes lighten my mood… I am telling you…carry on dear

    1. Thanks sujie keep reading?

  5. That was a cute one! Imagining ViDha reading was even better. Poor Dhaani btw. When none of your family cares for you, it becomes harder. But she is blessed as she found Viplav ❤️? Keep up the good work Maha. We all are waiting for the following.

    1. Thanks shuruthy keep supporting?

      1. Always 🙂

  6. Superb and a very cute one maha
    Loved the conversation❤ and viplav supporting dhani?
    You have very good writing skills i must say?

    1. Thank u arshdeep keep loving?

  7. maha its so cute…loved your sense of humour…..dumbo…gabbar…pushpa….hahaha

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